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FAQ and general facts for first time visitors & members

1. What is Plots-n-Tombstones?

Founded on November 18th 1991, Plots-n-Tombstones (PNT) was the title of the first and original international fan club created on behalf of the popular WWE veteren wrestler, ‘The Undertaker’. Although the organization would go on to the internet in early 1999, PNT served strictly as a postal mail only venue for 7 of its 11 years --a traditional service that would continue on despite those new modern upgrades.

In 2010, Plots-n-Tombstones DeviantART was created, along with Plots-n-Tombstones on Facebook

2. How far did the fanclub travel?

Globally. The Plots-n-Tombstones Undertaker Fan club was international and was once available in three languages: English, Spanish and German.

2. How did members join the club?

Pen, paper, and a good old fashioned stamp. Little more than a decade separates the original format of the PNT fanclub from the one that you are seeing today and yet it is already more than well apparent just how very much the way we communicate and receive information has been forever altered by the advent of the internet. I’ve often been asked in the past about PNT’s heyday and what service(s) it may have included. Sadly, it is obvious that these original concepts would never work well with audiences today. With the internet, the days of printed newsletters in your mailbox, stamps and custom stationary is long over with for the most part. Club’s have been reduced to little more than gathering places on the web. But in those earliest days, it had once been the ONLY option available!

In 1991, if you wanted to connect with other fans or to know all of the speculation, news and info regarding a favorite celebrity, singer or sports hero, there were no such things as Google, YouTube or any of the other plentiful websites to browse. You would simply send off a S.A.S.E (Self addressed stamp envelope) to his or her fan club and get updated. Up until the later half of the 1990's, numerous independent and/or other sports wrestling magazine commonly featured pages dedicated to the listing of fan’s seeking pen pals, clubs, groups, games and many other mail-away services.

Plots-n-Tombstones also made common and frequent use of friendship books. (Also known as "FBs" in their abbreviated form) These small booklets served as a regular method of communication with the public for fans to swap and share information, interest and advertisement in much the same way that various blogs and Facebook profiles do today.

3. What services did Plots-n-Tombstones provide?

PNT’s goal when it was first formed has never changed --To provide a visual outlet where fellow Undertaker fans could associate with one another, meet, make new friends and discuss current situations & angles involving World Wrestling Entertainment’s resident ‘Deadman’. PNT held and arranged annual presentation ceremonies throughout its service history in order to delivery any fan mail, gifts (*) and any latest editions of the newsletter that may have been released at the time to the Undertaker, Kane or his manager, Paul Bearer. These official presentations were often the highlight of the club year.

Other services provided an extensive video library, photographs, club exclusives, PNT’s quarterly (published) newsletter, and of course ...the fan club’s numerous trademark original and unique arts & illustrations!

(*) – As a general rule, PNT was prohibited from delivering any food items (edibles) to the wrestlers.

4. How does (will) Plots-n-Tombstones today differ from the original? What are some things I should expect?

Much of what is PNT today is pure nostalgia. As I’ve mentioned, things have changed and fans have much simpler needs. Our priority nowadays is to create a space for all of us to gather, meet, share news and --on PNT DeviantART-- art with other fans across the world. Although the PNT Magazine (newsletter) has since been retired, exclusive UT club merchandise and other special offerings do continue. Those offers (when available) will be announced at all of PNT's online outlets, groups, & domains. On that note (and I’m frequently amazed at how many do not realize this) but, should you prefer it, Plots-n-Tombstones still answers ALL traditional postal mail that arrives here at our home office. Likewise, membership certificates that have been a staple of the fan club since its debut continue to be available today upon request at no cost to you.

Megan Seekings
138 Lincoln Ave.
Dunkirk, NY 14048

5. Who is the Undertaker Fox?

The Undertaker Fox (or simply 'The Fox’ ) is as synonymous to Plots-n-Tombstones as the tag-line, “Rest in Peace” is to the Undertaker. Along w/ his feline manager, Paul Bearer, the Undertaker Fox served as PNT’s official mascot throughout all of the club’s active history. His image was featured on flyers, ads, letterheads and address labels for years, evolving as his real-life TV wrestler personality did on screen.

Little known facts about the Undertaker Fox ....

:bulletpurple: Besides the attributes of their real-life TV personalities, both the Undertaker Fox and his long-time feline manager, Paul Bearer were modeled after the ‘Party Animals’, a grade school comic strip with anthropomorphic characters that I had first developed in the 1980's

:bulletpurple: The Undertaker Fox’s costume always followed the changes and appearances of the wrestler on TV.

:bulletpurple: According to things, the Fox weighs in at 47 pounds and hails from Stephen King’s Pet Sematary. The assumption is that he was once ‘roadkill’

6. What is the Windowknocker?

Its title was meant to imply 'invitation', 'The things we invite' ...Whether or not we really want them. Released in 1993, the ‘Windowknocker’ was a hugely popular series of UT-related gothic-fiction novels. One of several stories offered exclusively through the fanclub, Windowknocker focused on the life (and death) chronicles of the immortal everlasting spirit of the Undertaker, ‘Kandle’, (Kane the Undertaker).

‘Windowknocker’ holds the record as the fanclub’s ‘Largest collection of written work’ and includes many of the original origins of Undertaker's 'brother' Kane who would appear in the WWE just four years later after the first release.


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Original Creature of the Night by Shinjuchan:thumb93303129: The Fox in Black by Shinjuchan

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