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Undertaker Fox w Paul sprite by Shinjuchan

3/29 - I want to start off by thanking everyone for their patience and understanding as I had to cut a lot of my work load back some in order to deal with some personal and business situations as a result of the earthquake/tsunami in Japan earlier this month. The company I’ve worked for since 2001, ACT, as were so many other businesses and families, was heavily devastated by the tragedy. It’s not over yet, so do please continue to keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Now then ...who’s ready for some WRESTLEMANIA? One of the more popular questions I’ve been asked these past few weeks especially is do I believe that the Deadman going to keep his legendary streak, or will Triple H make a historic upset at the 27th edition of the annual event this year? It’s not possible for me to answer that question unbiasedly. Of course I would want for the Undertaker to win, so I will have to answer that from a strictly business point of view based on what I know.

I was debating last night whether or not I should/could bring this up, but everything about the match this year reminds me of something that ‘taker mentioned to me the year before, one of the last times that I was able to see him again shortly after Shawn Michaels retirement. He knew then that he was already one of the last of his generation standing (if not THEE last) and to be honest, it seemed to bother him to me; as though he had just had a dawning right then and there that time was marching on and was slipping away through his fingers — BTW, I did not realize at the time that this was going to eventually translate into the ‘Last Outlaw Standing’ UT persona. But he mentioned that he was standing at a crossroads in his career and that: “I don’t know if I should go 20 years ...or 20 at Wrestlemania.”

20 years has now come and gone. In fact, we celebrate our own 20th later on this very year here at PNT and I gotta tell you, in my own way, I certainly know exactly what he was talking about. I know that feeling wondering where you fit in everything that is new and not be just a novelty in it. When I came in, I came into a world of magazines, paper and self-addressed stamp envelopes. For many years that had been the only way. While we try and bridge those generations w/ upgraded technology and platforms, such as having the fanclub on Facebook, try as you might, the idea of a fanclub and interaction often boils down to clicking a ‘like’ button. I said, “I’m not sure sometimes if anyone really wants to be a part of anything anymore. To really be a dedicated part of it.” But, a’las, we are still here. We’re still marching on. We upgrade and we transform.

The ‘streak’ was something that I know that no one ever anticipated being the giant that it has become right now. It’s almost bigger than the person responsible for it and it certainly was not in the forefront to the extent that it is today. In fact, only 7-8 years ago, the victories piling up at Wrestlemania seemed to go by without much thought at all. Today, whether or not Undertaker is going to win once more is on par with the headlining main events; even overshadowing them.

Personally, I know that ‘taker has felt strongly, mentioning it numerous times, that should the time ever come to relinquish his perfect record that he wanted it to be only for a legitimate heir to the throne; to a young, rising star who would carry the WWE into the next generation in the way that Hulk Hogan had for him. No offense, and I’m not being bias to any of the great superstars on the roster today, but right now I don’t see that person. It’s no secret to many fans out there that Triple H had stated before that he had no real intention of having another ‘run’ in the WWE. Instead, as Vince McMahon’s son-in-law, he would be taking over matters in the business behind the curtain. That there leaves another issue that I hate to bring up, but since I’m saying this from the business end, let’s be perfectly honest... If Triple H really does defy all that we know and have come to understand, I fear a heavy backlash for him. Hunter is a tremendous athlete who’s own legacy can’t be denied. That said, I doubt very highly that there isn’t going to be one person walking that isn’t going to believe he won the streak simply for being married to the boss’s daughter. I think even he would know how bad that would be for business. That’s my thoughts and until then, it all remains to be seen.

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my choice is none other than The Undertaker as well! He's gotta! He's worked so hard through illness and injury to get this far in his 20 year career.
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