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3/7 - -- Transfer.

Wow ...Who can assess grief? Who can measure its magnitude? Does another feel much more? Is there a position or order that speaks: ‘He deserve more. She love more. They care more. Closer. Further?’ Although circumstances introduced us to this special man all differently and individually —some of us by birth, some by marriage, others by sheer or strange fate, a TV set, we are all brought here together today all united and equal in our sorrow.

I thought hard what I could say here, but didn’t get it out before I left. It could only be in moments such as this where words leave me abandon. How can any of my shared thoughts, saying he was indeed a unique and rare treasure, encompass the broadness of the truth? My heart is cleaved straight clean through. That evening and first day it came in waves all morning and afternoon long ...weep *pause* weep *pause*. I slept about 2 hours Tuesday night and I swear it is the closest I have ever come to having an out-of-body experience. I took two xanax and still was not able to put myself to bed until almost 5:30 in the morning. I was awake again @ 8.

I apologize. If I’ve not yet responded to everyone or missed any comments. As y’all might expect, it has been very busy @ the house. There’s just SO many calls, visitors, and messages. We’re all hurting so bad and I’m trying to reach everyone w/ replies as quickly as I can in this whirlwind rush. Last night a message went up from Percy’s son to inform everyone that he would be turning off his father’s ability to post message on his wall out of respect for now ....Reality never quite felt so firm. I mean you know, yes, but there’s always that one thing to make it ‘final’. For myself it was the plain fact that just might be the last time the phrase: “William Moody has updated his status” will appear in my notifications. I had to step away. I fell to pieces all over again.

Mentioned on my Facebook earlier, many of you are fans. Others are not. Some of you weren’t even aware that was actually him here at all on my Facebook as I never went out of my way to glorify that fact. Obviously, now you do. If you are a fan, or are just simply aware of/member of Plots-n-Tombstones (PNT), I am hard pressed to express to you all the depth of our Uncle Paul’s involvement. PNT turned 21 years old in November. At the risk of what may sound as a boast or gloat, though I swear it is not, it is the eldest, longest-running fan club for Undertaker/Paul’s many fans. Percy went above and beyond dedication to make a lot of things possible in those old school, pre-internet days of the early 90's. He set the meetings, made possible the delivery of fan mail, autographs and photo opportunities. No doubt at all this made PNT quite unique in a very huge universe where so many want to stand out.

And we all want worth ...to have a purpose of worth. We all want to experience value. Each and every one of us want to know whether we truly succeed in touching the lives of others around us, or is the effort just vain? Percy never once failed to make me feel that all I did had incredible value and that was so, so, so deeply important to me. It really was. I’ve often said: “Who was I? Who was I to deserve it? And I was so young and ridiculous *lol*

Those commitments did NOT end when Percy left WWE TV. We were always in contact, involved through the numerous evolving mediums of internet life: First email, then messageboards and blogs, and finally Facebook and Twitter. He was Undertaker’s manager until the very end and so appreciated each and everyone of you all. If you were good to him, you were his friend. I think you all need to know this. He was truly our (my) foundation and cement. Years passed by and he became less a TV character and much more family and treasured friend to all of us. My daughters grew up with him, know him since they were babies ....Poor Jewel is just INCONSOLABLE, perhaps even more than myself. And when I lost my mother to breast cancer in January 2008, he became a surrogate filling that void in my heart as she was also born in 1954. Not that I expected him too, it just happened that way. And when he lost his wife to the same exact thing in the same month only a year later, I completely understood. There were days I survived purely by the honor of his morning hello —the charming gentleman with a smile like the deep sunny south he hailed.


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It is sad to know that we lost a good man but happy to know heaven has gained an angel. Prayers are with the WWE universe and Moody family. RIP :(
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