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Rules and Regulations

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 3, 2010, 11:23 PM


Yes *nods* I know ...everyone cringes at dreaded that ‘R’ words. Good news for you is that I don’t have all that many and those that are enforced, if you are planning to contribute any art and/or literature here at PNT, is strictly for the benefit of all of us in the long run.

Item #1. Acceptable Undertaker-themed art and literary works. Submitted work may consist of any of the following: Traditional mediums, digital, photography, photo manipulation, customized products, kitbashing, fictional and/or non-fiction literature, graphics, stamps and design.

The material that you provide must be your OWN original creation(s) and you may only use resources which are considered legitimate and legal. Any contributions to the fanclub which make use of works without proper permission or licensing by the original author will not be accepted. Those contributions will be removed from our collections and a written warning given to the offender.

You may not contribute any work that does not belong to you, or was not done by yourself. Also, do not submit any art or literature on someone else’s behalf. Art theft will NOT be tolerated and any contribution suspected of plagiarism will be immediately removed and a written warning given to the offender. Repeat offenses will jeopardize your membership!

You may provide an unlimited amount of work.

Now then. A important issue: The matter of Adult content. There really ought to be nothing here that I should need to say expect that we all please make an effort to utilize some general commonsense. Plots-n-Tombstones is a public fanclub and we are going to have visitors (members) who are minors. It’s not a question of ‘if’ we will. If you contribute suggestive materials, I ask that you take advantage of the DeviantART mature content filter. Aside from this, I would like everyone to also keep in mind that I’ve been doing this for many years now. Many of you are already wholly aware that PNT and its works have appeared on our Uncle Paul's official blog @ Percy’s Post many times now, and in the past. He will have the link to this page and I don’t feel that either of them (or any of their family or acquaintances) would appreciate vulgar depictions of themselves. Again, please use commonsense when sharing art and literature.

Item #2 ..because believe you me, I have actually been asked before and I might as well nip it in the bud right now --NO! PNT does not provide any private and/or personal information concerning the Undertaker, Kane, or Bearer. I furnish only what they themselves have decided to make available online for their fans. For instance, Paul Bearer has an official site @ where he readily welcomes & entertains emails from his fans. As well, I would like to let you all know right now that he has made it very perfectly clear that Mark Calaway does NOT have --nor has he ever had-- a Facebook page, MySpace, Twitter, or other. His character and schedule just simply will not allow for it. This same goes for Kane (Glenn Jacobs)


STOP! You may not use any use any of Plots-n-Tombstones’ art, photos, literature or other exclusive collections off this, or any other officially designated VICIOUS VISIONS site. ‘Windowknocker’; TEXT & ART © 1993, 1994, 1995, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001-2010 Vicious Visions Inc., Shinju Tetsuya. The "Party Animals" design of the Undertaker Fox and all other related animal likenesses © 2010 Vicious Visions Inc., All rights reserved VAU-211-938

The Undertaker copyrighted by WWE Entertainment.

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