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Skyborne color sketches/ concepting
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Skyborne is my first color comic ever. Sure, I do shading for Jikoshia, but Skyborne is the first one that I'm doing all the characters, story, design, etc. It's going to be my aesthetic from the start, and that's been putting me on edge a little. I just didn't know where to start, and I didn't want it to turn into a slapdash nightmare like some amateur comics I've seen.

Oh hell, I'll say it. EVEN MARVEL AND DC grate on my color senses a lot. Pros fuck up color ALL THE TIME. And it makes me nervous.

"OMG, these guys are getting paid with REAL MONEY. How could I possibly suceed when real PROS are fucking up left and right, and getting to keep their jobs? I'm a hack, a failure, etc, etc, /wrists!"

Yeah, I know, enough of the internet emo talk, you say. Well, I finally hit a breakthrough on Friday night while I was supposed to be working on Aspect. Em showed me a "Dream Home" that the home-improvement channel was giving away. They had all sorts of lush lovely photographs, and it hit me:

"I'll make a color palette for each character! For each race, each city, each pertinent area! Then I can be sure each thing has a unique 'feel' to it, as well as making sure I don't get too loud or disorganized when I'm picking colors!"

So that's what you see at the bottom. The people are just preliminary character drawings, and color sketches to see if their palettes work well for them. I'm trying to get anyone worked out who will show up in the first 8 pages or so. Unfortunately, that's like... TEN of the main characters. (the story has a very 'BAM! you're there, in the moment, hit the ground running folks!' feel to it...)
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I'm catching up! I like your ideas here. Your older lady with the cane I find to be quite intriguing. Looking forward to your new work.
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