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Tav - Roleholder wonderland OC by PlotBunnyVictim Tav - Roleholder wonderland OC :iconplotbunnyvictim:PlotBunnyVictim 8 0 Rose - roleholder Wonderland OC by PlotBunnyVictim Rose - roleholder Wonderland OC :iconplotbunnyvictim:PlotBunnyVictim 3 0 Sage - Outsider Wonderland OC by PlotBunnyVictim Sage - Outsider Wonderland OC :iconplotbunnyvictim:PlotBunnyVictim 3 1 WIP Closed Species by PlotBunnyVictim WIP Closed Species :iconplotbunnyvictim:PlotBunnyVictim 4 8
Im Still Here
Broken Down
Worn Out
Tired Am I?
People look on and Smile
Some shake their heads
Few understand
Many Try
Others Just sigh
Who Am I?
What Description do I Put on me,
like a Posting online for the world to see
So Many want to label me, to describe me, to categorize me
like a butterfly pinned to a board, with a title and name underneath
Am I just a specimen to them
Why do I need a description?
Why do I need to be labeled?
I Have Depression therefore they describe me as depressed
I get anxious therefore i am diagnosed with Anxiety
I have experienced five deaths within a I must be broken
People look at me
Those who know me smile, laugh and carry on
Those who just read my description,
the file of my life stored within rumors from the mouths of strangers and professionals
Even from my own lips
See me as a case, see me with pity, see me as an anomaly
I do not fit the label of Society
I do not resemble model
Nor do I resemble Perfection or Sophistication
Do I resent them?
No I do not
:iconplotbunnyvictim:PlotBunnyVictim 1 5
Kaliningrad Request by PlotBunnyVictim Kaliningrad Request :iconplotbunnyvictim:PlotBunnyVictim 4 6 Chester request by PlotBunnyVictim Chester request :iconplotbunnyvictim:PlotBunnyVictim 4 3 Gilbert Request by PlotBunnyVictim Gilbert Request :iconplotbunnyvictim:PlotBunnyVictim 3 0 Terrance and Crystal by PlotBunnyVictim Terrance and Crystal :iconplotbunnyvictim:PlotBunnyVictim 2 0 Roxie by PlotBunnyVictim Roxie :iconplotbunnyvictim:PlotBunnyVictim 5 2
Draco Digenesis North Vale Teacher Application
First name: Draco 
Middle initial: R (for Ragnar)
Last name: Digenesis
Martial Status: Single (widower)
Family: Sage Bonnaire (adopted Nephew), Renee (Older sister), Gertrude (younger sister), Oliver ( Younger brother), Alexander (Younger Brother) , Talbot (father), Olivia (mother).
Birthday: July 17, 1975
Age: 40
Weight: 175 lbs
Height: 6’9”
Gender: Male
Blood type: B-
Subject skill: Science
Room #: 117
Position:  Teacher
Hair color: Platinum Blonde
Eye color: Emerald Green
Body type: Lanky and thin and freakishly tall
Physical description: A tall and lanky man, don’t let his appearance fool you. He has his hair gelled back and dresses almost like a Victorian lord with a white shirt, a green vest with a gold breast pin, and black p
:iconplotbunnyvictim:PlotBunnyVictim 1 0
Sage Bonnaire North Vale Application
First name: Sagittarius “Sage”
Middle initial: (none)
Last name: Bonnaire
Parent/Guardian: Draco Digenesis (Guardian) , Ancelin Bonnaire (Father- N/A)
Family: No Known Biological Family as he was Adopted
Birthday: January 1st, 1997
Age: 18
Weight: 150 lbs
Height: 6’2”
Gender: Male
Blood type: O- (universal donor, but can only receive O blood)
School year: 3
Club activities: Supernatural Club & The Writing Society
Assigned Homeroom: (sadly I don’t know on this one help!)
Dorm #: (Hasn’t been Assigned one yet)
Hair color: Blonde with a blue streak
Eye color: Blue with a dark purple tint
Body type: Pretty normal, lean muscle, nothing too noticeably different
Physical description: Tall, Lean, eye patch on his right eye and other eye is blue/purple. He wears his uniform in pristine condition, often with the ves
:iconplotbunnyvictim:PlotBunnyVictim 0 0
Sage Icon!!!! by PlotBunnyVictim Sage Icon!!!! :iconplotbunnyvictim:PlotBunnyVictim 3 0 My First Love Fai by PlotBunnyVictim My First Love Fai :iconplotbunnyvictim:PlotBunnyVictim 7 2 Ask Percy Question #1 by PlotBunnyVictim Ask Percy Question #1 :iconplotbunnyvictim:PlotBunnyVictim 2 2 Trident headshot by PlotBunnyVictim Trident headshot :iconplotbunnyvictim:PlotBunnyVictim 1 0


Merry Christmas Rachie! by Kreative-Confusion Merry Christmas Rachie! :iconkreative-confusion:Kreative-Confusion 5 2 + Ryan + by MelonNeko22 + Ryan + :iconmelonneko22:MelonNeko22 9 1 Moana and Maui Cosplay by keikei11 Moana and Maui Cosplay :iconkeikei11:keikei11 183 10
Sideways meets Miles and Trent
Normally, he would never talk to the dork. Well, except to call him a dweeb or tease him or give him some kind of hard time. But that wasn't really talking to him. That was more... talking at him. Yeah.
Still, watching his girlfriend- ex-girlfriend, probably, but who cared- climbing into the other dweeb's shitty 'new car', Trent couldn't help but be struck by one thing, something which forced him to break his 'no talking to the dork' thing.
"Dude. Did he just... ditch you?" Trent asked, looking at Miles.
The blond was still stuck looking at the dust cloud, but he answered. "With... your evil jock concubine?"
"Hey, don't talk about my girl that-" Trent stopped a moment later. "You know what? Might as well."
"Hey! Hey, Trent! Your girl ran off, and now you're going to make friends with this looser? Come on, man!" Albert yelled, throwing their ball, not to Trent, but at Miles. Throwing it hard.
Trent reacted on instinct, really, stepping to catch the football. It hit his sho
:iconakzeal:AKZeal 7 11
Sailor Sassy 1 by SenshiStock Sailor Sassy 1 :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 1,079 146 Lexi  - Stock Portrait Reference 17 by faestock Lexi - Stock Portrait Reference 17 :iconfaestock:faestock 225 8
Nickname ( if any )
" Insert some quote / catch phrase that is either their own, or one you find that represents them well ( max one sentence ) "

let's be reasonable, please; if your character is twelve or below, they will not be allowed to fight at all, but they may be used as spies, hackers, make potions or weapons, etc.
month day ( i.e. November 14 )
Species / Race
if species is original to you or has some moderation from an already known species ( i.e. humans , vampires, etc ) please elaborate about the species here as well 
Weight , Height
Sexual Orientation
Main abilities

max 3 general powers , list weapons here as well
Physical Battle Weaknesses

must have somewhere between three to five, and this can just be general powers that hurt them the most, to specific body parts that aren't the obvious ones (
:iconmuted-lies:muted-lies 4 0
Best Pun Ever by Kreative-Confusion Best Pun Ever :iconkreative-confusion:Kreative-Confusion 6 5 Wonder Woman by Hasaniwalker Wonder Woman :iconhasaniwalker:Hasaniwalker 11 2 Snow leopard and mini ronin by XiaTaptara Snow leopard and mini ronin :iconxiataptara:XiaTaptara 70 1 Stay by Kreative-Confusion Stay :iconkreative-confusion:Kreative-Confusion 6 8
[ NAME ]
(Bold one)
[Heart] [Diamond] [Spade] [Clover] [Unaffiliated]
Relationship status:
Blood type:
First language:
Personal Goals:
Relationships (For you to update)
:iconaskpeterwhite:AskPeterWhite 4 0
Fantasy Inheritance AU (Hijack) by KT-ExReplica Fantasy Inheritance AU (Hijack) :iconkt-exreplica:KT-ExReplica 267 13 Walk this Way (Hijack) by KT-ExReplica Walk this Way (Hijack) :iconkt-exreplica:KT-ExReplica 299 21 Insert hilarious Medieval pick up line(Royalty!Au) by KT-ExReplica Insert hilarious Medieval pick up line(Royalty!Au) :iconkt-exreplica:KT-ExReplica 389 30 Sam by Kreative-Confusion Sam :iconkreative-confusion:Kreative-Confusion 6 2


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Rachie Poo
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
((I apologize if this sounds mopey or stupid or such ^^; just apologizing beforehand ))

Hi All,
I am overwhelmed by the love and welcome back messages i have gotten ^^
thank you so much, this i why i love the DeviantArt community!

I have a favor to ask of you all ^^;
I seem ti have lost my muse for drawing...I have regressed so much in artwork (sob)
everyone else seems to be progressing ((and awesome because you all deserve it! youre amazing artists))
while i seem to be failing
I guess i feel out of it and useless right now...again sorry
Can anyone recommend anything?
Artists to look at?
Exercises to do?
Books to look at?
any advice on how to stop feeling sorry and get back in the zone?

sorry again for this but i feel a need to just...ask for help. and nothing bad ever came of asking for help ^^
thanks all of you lovely people!
continue drawing~


Youth by C-91 Youth :iconc-91:C-91 8,011 478



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Thank you so much for the watch! ^.^ I really appreciate the support!
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I adore your artwork!! it's so fun and amazing! I met a friend of yours and she recommended you!
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Not much, finally have been getting back the muse to draw XD
Hbu? c:
PlotBunnyVictim Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Lot of stress and such. Work is hitting me hard with patient after patient
go a you have your drawing muse back
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Hey, whats up?
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