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Metal Shelves

Metal Shelves - Finder Background

A Finder background for your Movies/TV Folder ;)

Size: 805x10608
Settings: [link]


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May i request the template of the shelves only ?

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Can I get a PSD file of the shelve only :please:
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Hey ! I just downloaded your shelves and I see it's a jpg file of 805x10608. As I wanted to apply your settings, I noticed a new update in snow leo which is the ability to display the icons at full size, so you should check it out ! But the bad thing is that when I apply your image as a finder background for my movie libraries, it just can't seem to put it on the right size (in fact, it's more like half size display). Do you know how to fix it ? It's really annoying…
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Sorry but Apple set a size limit in Snow Leopard.
You could try cropping the image and adjusting the settings but if you have a lot of movies it's not really gonna work.
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Well, I tried to resize, but it doesn't work. The view settings don't seem to apply as well as on the previous versions of Mac OS, making the shelves and icons shifted. Too bad !
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Oh I see what you mean. Actually I classified them into genres, so I got a lot but there are not plenty in each folder. I'll do that, thanks for the tip ;)
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Hey I Love the shelves, could I have the PSD to create a SL compatible version?
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+1 for the update for SL
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Can you make a snow leopard compatible version? Thanks
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update for SL please :)
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hey! i love the work

any way i can get the PSD to the shelves?

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hmmm doesn't seem to work with Snow Leopard
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did they remove the option to have your own finder background?
I don't have SL yet.
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no they didn't but it doesn't fit anymore
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Not only best shelves but best finder background so far. Unfortunately unusable for me, Would be great if you could upload a 64x64px version.
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I'm sorry but I don't have the time to make a 64px version right now.
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Perfect just what I wanted :)
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Can you give me the PSD please??
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very nice you think you could make a version (or send me the psd) for font size 12?
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hi hope you can help me????.....

i love these finder background but for the life of me i cannot install them, i know how to actually get the background with shelves but when i click in a finder window and select *show view options* i dont have the option to select a picture as a background...?????

i dont know if it me or my OSX 10.5.7

Please help as im new to mac and this is driving me INSANE!!!!
thanks in advance
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do you have it set to icon view?
go to view > as icons or press this button [link] ;)
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hahaha can not believe i could not work that out for myself
thanks alot for your help mate, much appreciated :-)
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Can you please upload (by note if you want) the .psd file of the shelves? That way I can ajust the shelves to my liking (not changing colors or anything, just the position)

Awesome shelves btw.

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sent you a note ;)
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