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Odide The African Phoenix
Odide (Ode-eye)or the African Phoenix
Species information
Eye colour/color
   Gem like Amber
Feather colour/color
   Golden belly
   Silver Grey head
   Greyish black streaked with Emerald Tail Feathers
Related to
Native range
   West Africa
Rebirthing mortal 12 regens unless struck by a killing curse then it will start the count over. Mortal but very long lived.
Ministry of Magic Classification/MACUSA
The Odide or the African Phoenix is a small green bird with a grey feathered head, Amber "(Almost gem quality) eyes, a golden belly, and grey with green streaked tail feathers. While they posses the same powers of healing tears, empowering song, enormous strength (especially for a bird it's size) and long life as the common phoenix (Like the friend of former Headmaster of Hogwarts Albus Dumbledore "Fawkes") the Odide can only r
:iconplokman626:Plokman626 3 3
Percivals Honor by Plokman626 Percivals Honor :iconplokman626:Plokman626 5 4
Turn Back The Clock
"If I could turn back time with tock and tick, Tardis, Delorean, or phone booth take your pick. Back to the days when nothing was impossible, friends, family, in our minds we were unstoppable. Sadly I have not the power of Dialga, great Greek Chronos or Doc Brown, I can only recall days of yor when we all knew the power of imagination and how we saw our town. 
Then the days were all full of skys deep and blue far from the limit, Rain never made us sad we made use of our time depression never heard of it? Magic in stories was real in our eyes, a key and cupboard plastic to life, Powers and forces we never saw before such surprise. 
Dinosaurs, Mythic animals, spirits of Ninja powered heros of many hues and colors, friendly debates over green, blue, red, pink, and white each had a favorite better than no other. Technology's limits we knew nothing, Giants of metal coming together was something, Robots could think and were alive, Just ask Number Johnny Five. Life was good to us ba
:iconplokman626:Plokman626 4 4
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I Heart Thomas Stamp by MeganekkoPlymouth241


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Still waiting to hear back about my Uncle but I got to say thank you to all of you who have been sending me the well wishes for him and my family. You all helped me and I know it have a day this week where I got to hang out with my Poppa, see my stepsister and stepaunt and have dinner with Liz and Pop. The 11th was a good day andI have reasonable hope to hear good things for a change. Thank you I love you all like brothers, Sisters and am glad I got to meet every last one of you. I'll be posting a journal tomorrow on something cool and I'll also be posting a photo of a small toy I'm making for my step cousin for Christmas I'm really proud of it so far. Also small favor to any and all who can help can you guys possibly chop some tree branches down and send them to me (I'll pay you S&H plus a fee of your picking) of some of the more exotic trees such as Rowan, Hornbeam and Hawthorn? I can never have too much of those three as they are woods Pottermore suggested for my families wands. Also Rowan seeds themselves I'd love to get some so I can plant me and my stepsister's Birth tree at the new place.
My friends I must call on you all for something very scary to me at the moment, something I hope turns out all right. My father the other day came by to give me some stuff as usual till I am ready to move in to the new house he had a look on his face of fear I've only seen once like that before the month I lost my mom. Thankfully it was no where near as defeated looking but it was important and this was just after a friend had warned me of the Win 10 update that was originally going live tomorrow actually erasing data and I was trying to warn him to tell Liz and Sandy so they could back up all their stuff. That crisis however is over thanks to Windows doing a true Bill Gates move and canning the update till it is sorted. But here my friends is where I must ask you for help, no not money nothing so selfish. The news my dad told me that day is something we hate even coming up in conversation, my Uncle David recently had a CT scan and just bellow his vocal cords they saw a mass. My uncle is ten years older than my poppa and that is why I ask all of you to send all your positive thoughts, Prayers and whatever you use to wish someone the best to him. I am not loosing my Uncle to that C word if I have to pay to fly him to Iceland it will not win! I have too many Summer fishing trips left with him. So please keep him on your mind and hope with me that it's nothing but a lump.
Feeling blue, like I'm in a crowd but there is a barrier around me. I say hello and then no responce like I'm in a vacuum too. Hard to be heard feeling the most common color on this big marble, not light like the sky on a clear day but more like that you see when in the open ocean. I just feel blue and I love every shade of that lovely color, it just happens to be a color of sadness. Would love to hear that a great friend is ok but I've not heard from him in a blue moon. let's face it at the moment the only thing not blue near me is my puppy Peanut with his fluffy chocolate brown Dachshund self. :| maybe tomorrow will be colorful I'm just hoping for a good day where I actually get what I set out to done b4 I go to bed.


Joey Tripp Nimmo
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Not much to say other than I'm a sprite comic artist, (I consider Sprite comics a form of art) a Claymation Animator, A writer and a friend for life to any who become my friend.

Current Residence: My home
Operating System: PC
Shell of choice: Turtle
Favourite cartoon character: Flicker from Blazing Dragons, Chowder, Ben Ten, Many more.
Personal Quote: "Don't try to stop my dreams! No one can."

A little help, a big favor

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 11, 2018, 10:29 PM
Hey all,
Fist up I recently made someone who was helping me feel unerved by my habit of caring a little too much. Long story short this guy was going to help me grab some tree wood so I could begin learning the art of wood carving and we had most of the basics gone over like how to treat the wood and all.

Then he kind of vanished from the forum, for a week I began to worry. Not over the risk of the wood deal going south but genuine worry about his health. He finally returned to the forums after I asked if anyone knew where he was and to my surprise he felt like I had been stalking him and politely told me to leave him alone and source the wood through someone else I'm lucky he didn't report me as he said I came very close to breaking a rule of the forum.

So I respectfully told him I'd never bother him specifically stating "I will not contact him unless he messages me first." I honestly to heaven never meant to come off as a stalker. You guys know me, would I ever be a creep? I've just never been told not to contact someone because I asked if someone if they were ok.

Honest question guys do I come off as a weird, disturbing or clingy? This is why 99% of my messages warn that I ramble or can unintentionally be annoying thanks to my ADHD, wearing my emotions on my sleeves (Heck that could be better said as "I have no barrier between my feeling's) I guess I care too much for those I've been friends . I always ask to tell me I've gotten a bother so I I am I'll back off.

Now onto the main event of my post I got a huge favor to ask of you all who can do this. As I mentioned I am working on Harry Potter Wand props as well as planing to make Resin coated Lego Wands of the correct wood sawdust and Resin with a touch of attempts to make the wands even have details from the movies, but realized only a few of the tree breeds I need are native to the US, so I wanted to ask those of you that won't mind shipping the wood to me (especially since I'd be paying you both S&H plus a finders fee we can discuss in note form.

I will edit this in the morning with a list of woods I need. I'd do it now but I am worn out (So tired that I nearly dozed off while typing here.) Anyway I will be posting a preview of the progress of my Wand Handle.

Again guys I never want to maid you feel weird, Creeped out, or annoying. Well I'm off to bed night everyone or morning depending on where your at.

As always thank you all for being my friends.

Ok adding in the list of woods I'm after,
Rowan or Mountain Ash this I need a lot as not only is my Pottermore picked wand of this breed it also is my birth month wood and since my Stepsister shares February as a birth month her wand I plan to make with Tinker's feather will be made of Rowan too.
Vine Any tree or shrub with vine growth counts so long as it can have a stick pulled off the size of a handle of a piece of silverware.
Yew… (if you try to gather this to sell me or send be careful not to let it's leaves or berries get near any pets or little kids they are toxic dangerously so. Wear gloves too.)
Hornbeam my dad's wand wood. Though he would have English Oak or plain oak birthday wise.

Those are currently the ones I'm having sourcing problems.

Also unintentionally I forgot to keep these signal boosts on air.

:iconwolf-chalk: is in danger of loosing her home, Can't spare money then signal boost this consarn, dagflabit, dagnabit! I know what it's like to lose a home, mine wasn't a fault of anything but how the laws of physics work, But being stolen from, lied to and saddled with a debt they have no hope of getting resolved alone, This and I know someone is going to hate me but "This is more important than all steam locomotives ever built!" this is a family with a strong bond in danger we rose to save a steam engine in a week we got a month here so let's do it to it!

Spread this like it's a meme!…

Next up on a lighter but still important matter for a friend, :iconmarylizabetha: has commissions open to keep some cash flow going till she can get hired at a new job. So spare what you can and if your not able to Commission at the current time a signal boost goes a long way to help.…

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  • Watching: who knows in the next ten mins.
  • Playing: Minecraft
  • Drinking: Dr. Pepper


I think this has a great concept. Hes both a ecopath and a technopath. A very origanal idea. Also the ability to cook anything sounds i...

Ok Lego Harry Potter Fans here's a question for you Would you like Wands made out of the real wood J.K. Rollowling chose for our heros and Villains? 

8 deviants said Yes Please
1 deviant said Yes if you try to make the wands look like their movie designs as well
No deviants said Maybe it'd be fun
No deviants said Not really into Harry Potter but good luck with the Legos


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