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The Stupid, It Burns

By Plognark
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This is a quick sketch I did a while back when I was feeling really god damn aggravated one day. I threw it up on my blog, and shared it with a few people I know on forums, and it sort of took off from there.

People kept begging me to set up a cafepress shop for it, so I did!

Anyway, if you want to buy a shirt of this, it's right here: [link]
I've got a creative commons license on it, so feel free to use it in your own blogs or whatever, but it would be wicked cool if you could just throw a link up to my site ([link]) and/or the cafepress store where you use it.

Welp, thanks for lookin'!
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Happy Borthday!
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This picture is godly, sir!
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I must have linked this image in dozens of comments by now, SO APT!!! =D
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I found this image in the comments of a science article (very fitting) and was happy to be able to trace it back to the artist.  The internet makes me feel like this on a daily basis.
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I have scars to prove this notion xD
The stupid really do make you burn
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Friggin Awesome!!!!!!!!
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Pfft, ain't that the truth.
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I've linked to this image so many times!!! It so perfectly sums up creationists and all manner of other deluded morons! Thanks for saving me from having to type so many words!!!!
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Well, they were the original inspiration, after all :D
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ha ha ha seriously?!! OMG that's perfect, ha ha ha!
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do you approve?
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Someone has uploaded this picture to their DA: [link]

Thought you might want to know.
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Oh wow, thanks for the heads up!
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No problem. :3
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I love, love, LOVE this image.
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are you really the original artist of this? if so, fantastic idea i use it frequently on car forums :D [link] this is a thread about a guy who has been posting the most clearly misunderstood idea about VTECs in hondas. its a 41 page monument to his burning stupidity.

sincerely thanks,
Raven of Dread
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