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SYSMonitor 3.0

System Monitoring Suite with Panel and Circle Skins for Windows WMI system monitoring and HWiNFO / MSI Afterburner / Argus Monitor sensor readings.

>> User Guide << 

Included Skins:
  • CPU1: For your 1st processor (Windows/HWiNFO/MSIAB/Argus)
  • CPU2: For your 2nd processor (HWiNFO/Argus)
  • ProcView1/2: Top Processes list for CPU, GPU, RAM and I/O Tasks (Windows)
  • GPU1: For your 1st graphics card (Windows/HWiNFO/MSIAB/Argus)
  • GPU2: For your 2nd graphics card (HWiNFO/MSIAB/Argus)
  • FPSView: Show in-game framerate and frametimes (MSIAB/RTSS)
  • RAM: Monitor your system memory (Windows/HWiNFO)
  • Mainboard: Show Mainboard Sensors, BIOS and especially monitor your FANs (HWiNFO/Argus)
  • Liquid: Second Mainboard skin to extend monitoring for liquid setups (HWiNFO/Argus)
  • Drive1-8: Monitor up to 8 drives individually (Windows/HWiNFO/Argus)
  • TwinDrive1/2: Disk information for a dual drive setup in one skin (Windows/HWiNFO/Argus)
  • LAN1/2: Network Interface Information (Windows)
  • WiFi: Wireless Interface Information (Windows)
  • FritzBox: UPnP FritzBox Status and Internet Connection details (Windows)
  • Battery: Windows Battery details (Windows)
  • Clock: Time, Calendar and Week details (Windows)
  • Trash: Replacement for Windows Recycle Bin including Temp Folder monitoring
  • Webradio: VLC based stream player

Supported Skin Features:
  • extended Setup included for full individual configuration
  • all HWiNFO/MSIAB/Argus Sensors fully configurable
  • alarm function for most sensors
  • extra Top Process lists for CPU/GPU/RAM skins
  • up to 3 different sub-skins for each Panel and Circle Skin (Macro, Micro, Nano)
  • different options for all skins (enable/disable graphs & bars, sensor positionings, ....)
  • all skins fully scalable (middle mouse button)
  • all colors adjustable with integrated color picker
  • Windows 10/11, 64bit
  • Rainmeter v4.3.1 or newer
  • VLC Mediaplayer for Webradio Skin
  • Optional: HWiNFO (7.x), Argus Monitor (5.2.x) and/or MSI Afterburner with Rivatuner Statistics Server
Skin Details:
  • 28 Technology Skins
  • 146 Sub-Skins
  • 303 different layouts
  • User Guide included

Currently known issues in Rev 3.0:
  • Settings page "Close" button sometimes does not work
  • Liquid & Mainboard Nano-Panel shows wrong Min/Max Values for FAN percentage measure
  • FPSView may not start counting FPS/Frametimes automatically. Workaround: manually refresh the skin after starting a game

Example Setup:
  • Office Mode at 3440x1440 with circles skins and HWiNFO setup
  • Game Mode with Smartphone used as 2nd screen and panel skins showing FPS/Frametimes with MSIAB/RTSS. Screen sharing via wireless connection using free spacedesk App and Windows driver)
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    Hi my friend. How are you? I hope everything is fine with you. I have a doubt. Do you think it would be possible to create a skin that uses analog-style gauges?

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    Hey TZero, as a basic 3rd implementation parallel to Circles and Panels it would overkill the configuration. But I guess as a custom style skin with manual adjustments of the HWiNFO Sensor this would be possible, yes. Maybe I will find some time during christmas holiday season to try something. Any recommendations how it should look like?

    Don't disturb your end-of-year......kkkkkkkkkkkk

    I honestly think LESS is MORE. This style that I put, is used as a skin in AIDA64 (only the pointer and values vary) gives a more sober look and even easier to visualize on small monitors (the new fashion)

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    I guess to prepare the visual style is work of one to two days. If I add HWiNFO and manual configuration to the skin file only, it's not a big deal. I'm looking forward to 3 weeks free over christmas, guess I will find some time do this together with the planned update to v3.1. Stay tuned, maybe between christmas and new year ....

    this is amazing skin work man. wow. i download these things in binges and stuff and you don't see many quite like this. i really appreciate the attention to liquid cooling hardware, i've always had to cobble my own together. this stuff is pretty sophisticated and it all works without any kinds of problems for me. its impressive.

    Hi, I have been using this skin for quite awhile now and love it! I just saw that it got updated. Unfortunately I still use HWInfo 6.42 and can't get this to work properly. Would you happen to still have the previous version of this?

    EDIT: Got it working with hwinfo 7.xx but does this still have the 12hour limit? Also would there be any chance to have more than one clock that gets from windows additional clocks?

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    Hi, the new implementation in v3 is different. The skin is working now with registry option and not with shared memory plugin, therefore it's no 12h limitation and HWiNFO v7 should work fine.

    Regarding clocks you mean different time zones? Thats not implemented, sry.

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    I am using this (great!) skin with Argus Monitor and I guess that with the latest versions (w/ the Data API e.g. versions > 6.0.x), sensors data are being showed incorrectly, as downgrading Argus to v.5.2.08 returns with the same data being showed in Argus itself.

    So, is it the case of I kind request for reviewing the data interface with the new versions of Argus 😇? Of course I could switch to HWInfo but as (happy) Argus customer too, I would like to keep using it.

    PlnkY77's avatar

    Hi Bilobog, yes, Argus changed the data API in v6 and the 3rd party Rainmeter Plugin is no longer compatible. No idea if there is any possibility in future, see the Argus Plugin discussion in Rainmeter Forum.

    I'm following the thread and will update the skin as soon as any new plugin revision is available. Meanwhile please stay on Argus 5.2 or switch to HWiNFO.

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    Hi, thanks for the prompt reply, just a question, you mean the discussion in the HWINFO forum or that one about argus plugin in the rainmeter's forum? If the latter, I hope you and argusmonitor creator could cooperate in a solution, I guess you are the only (of my favorite at least) author using argus 😉

    PlnkY77's avatar

    Correct, I meant the Argus Plugin discussion in Rainmeter Forum. To be honest,

    I guess we won't see any update, the thread starter wasn't online since 2 years ....

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    Updated to v3.0 pretty deleted all I had.

    I trying to redo everything with sysmonitorv3 but I cant get one single HWiNfo sensor to work on this version.

    When I press Index List a notepad note opens saying: "[Variables]

    Index=ERROR: The system was unable to find the specified registry key or value."

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    I got it, I saw you made a guide... I got it to work

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    Great ... yeah it's a bit of work to reconfigure all. In v3 I changed the complete HWiNFO integration for compatibility to 7.x releases. Hopefully everything is working again?

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    Almost, for example the drive part, I can see temperature and space used/free but it can no longer detects read and write activity

    Hello! I love this skin, and I am trying to iron out two issues:

    1. The top-center value for CPU1, Mainboard, and GPU1 are "0%" no matter what index I point to in the HWInFO index list.

    2. The Mainboard fan RPMs are all fine individually, but the SUM seems top be incorrectly displayed in the right-side gauge.

    SysMon3 Problems 1
    SysMon3 Problems-2
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    the second is easy: You need to remove the thousands separator "," in HWiNFO Utility Settings.

    The first issue is a bit strange. Your Mainboard Temperature (32°C) is available in Settings and left roundline. I've no idea why it doesn't show the value. Could you please try any different index for sensors 1 and try other skin layouts (Panel Skin).

    By the way, please let us switch to email discussion, maybe we need to dive in a bit deeper to find out ...

    Thanks! The second issue was resolved with your direction. How can I reach you via email for help with the first issue?

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    Edit: Issue fixed by using HWiNFO 7.x revision :-)

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    Love the skin! Is there any way to customize macro circle clock?

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    Not compared to others. What should be customizeable in a clock?


    First of all i really love this skin. It's awesome in my opinion, there are a lot of features which can be used to customize it to own preferables.

    As a feedback i can say that there is only one thing that i would change. In disks widget there should be possibility to see Read and Write data in MB/s (at least i prefer it that way). It can be taken from HWInfo for example (Read Rate option in drive as far as i remember). But this is a minor!

    Great work man!

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