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HWiNFO Circle 1.3

By PlnkY77
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HWiNFO Circle skin no longer will be updated. Check out the new Design for circles with much more features: SYSMonitor 


System Monitoring Skin based on HWiNFO Diagnostic Software.

Included Skins:
  • CPU x-Core: CPU HWiNFO Monitoring (Clock, Temperature, Power, Usage)
  • CPU: CPU OS Monitoring (Usage only)
  • Sys-Info: Mainboard Monitoring (FAN1-4, H2O Pump/FAN5, Temperatures)
  • GPU: GPU HWiNFO Monitoring (Clock, Memory Clock, FAN, Power, Usage)
  • RAM: Memory OS Monitoring (Usage only)
  • RAM2: Memory HWiNFO Monitoring (Clock, Timings, Usage)
  • Network: Ethernet Transfer related to Internet Connection Speed
  • Download: Ethernet Download Rate
  • Upload: Ethernet Upload Rate
  • Fritz!Box: Fritz!Box Status Monitoring (Connection Status, Last Calls ...)
  • Webradio: VLC Media Player based Webradio integration for 9 radio stations
  • Volume: Windows / Media Player Volume Display
  • Time: 12H/24H Digital & Analog Clock
  • Wireless: PC WiFi Connection Status
  • Battery: PC Battery/Power Status
  • Trash: Trash Monitoring (Size, Files)
  • Storage1: Disk1 OS Monitoring (Usage only)
  • Storage2: Disk2 OS Monitoring (Usage only)
  • Drive1: Disk1 HWiNFO Monitoring (Usage, Temperature, Names)
  • Drive2: Disk2 HWiNFO Monitoring (Usage, Temperature, Names)
  • Drive3: Disk3 HWiNFO Monitoring (Usage, Temperature, Names)
Supported Skin Features:
  • Each Skin configurable via Options Menu
  • All values easily to be changed in Settings Page
  • Many color pre-sets and individual color selection
  • VLC Media Player installed
  • HWiNFO Utility installed and running

  • The Skin is originally based on Circle 1.0 Skin Package by cardmaster8
© 2020 PlnkY77
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Beautiful skin, very complete and easy to use. The only trouble I'm having is the GPU usage section. The included UI doesn't have an actual entry for it so it stays "stuck" in a fixed position in the meter without measuring anything.

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You're right, it's bit confusing. The right roundline should be named different because it shows the current FAN speed and not any "Usage". Everything seems to work, your Roundline is set to 0 to 2500rpm with a current value of 900.

If you would like to change it by yourself open the file Skins\HWiNFO Circle\GPU\ and change the text displayed in line 218.

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nice skin!!i really love it..keep at good work!!!

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Never mind found the solution below :)

Hello, thank you for making the Wallpaper system, Im trying to link the data from HWiNFO to the Rain Meter wallpaper but nothing happens, I clicked the setting for the GPU on the Open HWiNFO Shared Memory Viewer, and I can see my GPU there, after I hit reload only the name on the widget changed to the name of my GPU but the temp data is not showing, can you let me know how to link the data properly?

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Could you please share some screenshots via private message?

Sounds like HWiNFO ist not working. When opening the HWiNFO utility, are all the sensors in? Did you start HWiNFO with adminstrator rights?

Shared Memory View only shows active sensors, for example if you stop recording or hide a sensor in HWiNFO it dissapears in Shared Memory Viewer and for sure can't be used by the skin.

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Hi there,

I'm moving away (and forever) from NZXT to Corsair and I wanted to build my own dashboard to replace NZXT CAM bloatware... And then I found this :) This skin is simply amazing.

I'm going to run in on a 5 inches integrated screen. How could I "stretch" the size of the circles without breaking everything? The display is small and it's a bit difficult to read from far.

Awesome work, please do keep it up!

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Unfortunately the HWiNFO Circle Skins are fixed in size. To make it fully scalable I made a complete new skin suite called 'SYSMonitor' also supporting much more skins and features:

SYSMonitor 1.2

It also includes a special skin for liquid cooling solutions, maybe that's the right one for you :-)

By the way, in a view days I will release a new version of SYSMonitor. Maybe you should wait for the 1.3 release before starting a full configuration. Try the current version if it works for you meanwhile ....

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Thanks for the steer ;)

I'm a bit gutted (nothing your fault of course) because now I'm using Corsair, the Commander Pro doesn't work with HWInfo (fans keeps connecting/disconnecting all the time). I had to disable the Corsair integration in HWInfo and I don't have the AIO values now :sadpanda:

In the current version (same goes for Circles 1.3), only 4 cores are supported for the CPU. I have a Core i9 9900K that has 8. I was wondering if I could modify somehow the skin to get the other cores taken into account.

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I really wonder about your problems with HWiNFO. You should start a thread in their support forum to get that fixed. Im working for years now with this monitoring tool on more than 100 machines and never have seen such an issue.

Regarding the Core Support I'm with you, but that's a basic question. How many cores to support overall and which information to show within the small skin? AMD Matisse goes currently up to 16 Core, Intel Comet Lake up to 10 for desktop series. Not to think about the HEDT plattforms like Threadripper up to 64 Cores or server setups. From my point of view showing an average value of the current clock calculated out of 4 cores (maybe 1,3,5,7) and the main CPU temperature reported by the mainboard is more helpfull than reporting 16 DIE temps and 16 core clocks. During a benchmark session or tuning you may simply open HWiNFO itself to get all core details.

But I'm always open for new Ideas. If you have any how to place that amount of data and keep it readable in a skin below 200px in size, please let me know.

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About Commander Pro, it's a known unfixed issue because Corsair does not allow other software to access their device. HWInfo64 tries it anyway and it screws up the whole thing. The only solution to date is to disable Corsair/Asetek integration in HWInfo64. I left NZXT because their software was crap... It looks like that I'm cursed :-(

For the X-Core, I understood afterwards how your code works for frequency. Indeed, the average on 4 cores is a good strategy, especially with the new CPUs and large core counts. Forget about my dumb comment ;-)

I noticed that in RAM (HWiNFO 2), the temperature value isn't replace in the template and I'm not sure why. I can see "%5°C" instead of the real value. With HWiNFO 1, I can see both temperatures but in the second version of the layout.

I would not mind testing the new version in Beta if you are looking for some people to do so.


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I had to create an account to comment, very very good job, very easy to sync with hwinfo, the best monitor skin on rainmetter by a long long shot. Thank you!

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Love the skin, this is exactly what I was looking for. Thank for including water cooling readouts on the system button. I'd love the ability to turn off any individual readout the way I could for the pump, I have a few zeros in fan categories that I'd remove or change to readout a different item if possible.

Really appreciate your work here, well done!

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I seem to have boogered something up. I can't quite seem to get the sys-info module to function as intended.

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Looks like the values for the HWiNFO sensors are not set correctly. Open the configuration options with right klick on the skin and select "Sys-Info Settings". Here you need to open the HWiNFO Shared Memory Viewer, search for the FANs and Sensors and enter the 3 values SensorID, Sensor Instance and Entry ID to the configuration.

Every CPU and Mainboard is different so it looks only the sensor values which are identical to my setup are working currently

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Managed to get it noodled out after much bumbling around. Thank ya kindly for the reply and the heads up on what to do

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Great skin! Have been using it for a while now. However, I like a more flat look so I eddited the source images myself to remove the glow/shadows from the background circles and to remove the 3d effect from the radient images. This might be another theme you might want to add because the flat almost ncxt cam like with the gradients in the meters looks very good!

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In HWiNFO Circle theme it requires some modifications or changing the used images. In the new skin package SYSMonitor the roundlines are built with rainmeter shapes, here it would be possible to add a simple option to enable disable the inline shadow. Glow effects for the background are already switchable here. Thank you for this input, looks good!

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also...on RX 580 and most AMD GPU's. Fan speed and Percent are in two different ID's and therefore need two different entries. Unless I missing something

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why only 4 clock speed settings

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It shows the calculated average value only, I guess 4 core frequencies should be enough to display the right direction. It would not really make sense to use 8,12 or 16+ cores for this.

Regarding GPU the percentage FAN value is not needed. Current FAN Speed and Maximum FAN speed are already known, therefore it's calculated.

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I cant find where my CPU reports its power usage (or the GPU given its an APU)

is it possible to hid these displays?

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I've never seen a plattform not reporting any power value. Isn't it in any CPU or Mainboard Section from HWiNFO? If not, hiding an option requires modification of the skin file. To do that just open the active skin file (e.g. YourDocuments\Rainmeter\Skins\HWiNFO Circle\CPU-x-Core\ with any text editor and delete the section you won't have displayed. Another possibility is to comment the function by adding a semicolon to the start of each line.

In my example above it would be the last section [CPU-PackagePwr-Text] starting at line 274.

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Noob question, how can install these gadgets, i'm currently using 8Gadget, where i can find the gadget folder and put this in it

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