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Hey guys, I've been looking for a suitable domain name for quite some time now and today I stumbled upon the topdomain "an". To be able to register this domain you need local presence in the Netherlands Antilles and you also need to have a registered company at the same location. My friend turnpaper recommended me to bring this up in the journal so here is the question:

Is here anyone who is located in the Netherlands Antilles and has a registered company and local presence?

Note to self: Buy dA premium tonight to use custom journal skins...

Adrians Website!

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 14, 2009, 12:37 PM

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I've finished coding Adrian's website and I think you should all pay it a visit!

Go to:

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Twidget for 3.0

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 30, 2009, 5:16 PM

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Twidget for 3.x has been handed to Fabiano at iSpazio and should be ready for download and install very soon! ;)

Many parts of Twidget has been recoded and it should now be as free of bugs as it could possibly get, all XML parsing errors has been solved and all the code is 100% valid XHTML.

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:iconturnpaper:     :iconologiktalo:     :iconkon:

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Halloween Widget by Plizzo

New Journal

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 20, 2009, 9:21 AM

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I'm finally finished with my journal for now.
This is the first journal skin I've ever made and I'm pretty satisfied with it.

I wanna thank Kevin Andersson for letting me use his MobileMe resources to make this journal and also TURN for encouraging me to keep doing this journal after it failed the first time.

:iconkevinandersson:     :iconturnpaper:

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Lordagsgodis by Plizzo

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The theme has been released, head to this page to get it:…
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Journal Entry: Sun Jun 14, 2009, 6:59 AM

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It's finally summer. I'm turning 17 and I finished my first year of High School and I feel great. Theese last days have been quite boring since almost all of my friends went to Dreamhack ( and I've been stuck at home doing client work. But it has not been all boring, I've managed to get two interface mods for MAMP and BlackPearl released and I also had some time to work on the theme I'm submitting for the iPhone Theme Contest together with :iconturnpaper:

Now it's only this much time left until school starts again, couldn't be happier for a little time off.

68 days, 17 hours, 10 minutes and 24 seconds.

Wishing everyone on dA a great summer! :D

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I'm working on something for the iPhone which I havent been doing for a while and it's got me motivated again. Keep checking my dA page for releases continously and something new might pop up sometime soon ;)
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Yesterday I got a sudden eager to get back on a project of mine. I hope I can say, one of my bigger projects. Everything is now set as I think it should have been from the beginning and functions have been redone to work 100%. I would like to thank CompC for the great help he has given me in commenting, mockuping and just generally helping me through the update. Keep looking into my dA and you should see news soon! ;)

If you can decode this piece of code then you might be having a hint of what the project is about.


Have fun! :D
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I'm working on something that all of the iPhone owners might find interesting. Only a small amount of people has seen what it actually is but I can tell you that it will be released soon enough ;)
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This day has been a pain in the ass. I got off school around 11AM and went home together with a friend to do some homework for Science classes. It took five and a half hour to get everything ready and now my whole day has been wasted. I want to stay up all night but I cant :(
The best thing of the day though is the new features of dA. I'm gonna make a nice CSS Journal soon so keep updated :D
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