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Sliding Discs - Bowtie Theme

By Plizzo
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I started making this bowtie theme a long time ago now and since then it's just been gathering virtual dust in my projects folder. People have been asking for it and I thought it was finally time to release it.

When you start iTunes, the theme will eject a blank CD, it will then inject and once you start a song, it will eject itself and display the cover art of the album currently playing.

Albums that do not have a cover art will be displayed as blank CD's.


You can find a short video which demonstrates the basics of the theme here:

If you find any bugs, please let me know.

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Is it possible to bring this theme for the app Simplify: [link] . Thanks :)
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This doesn't work for me.. I just see a blank image in the theme-picker settings tab =[

Please help!
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it doesn't seem to be working for me. I double clicked on the .bowtie, and it shows up in the list with an empty preview. :/
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Nevermind... even though I looked for it all over my desktop... I tried it again and found it hiding being a window. :3
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Wow this is a great skin. Maybe you could make this skin possible for Xion?
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The cover art is skewed and transformed with CSS to fit a mask, so I'm not sure if it would work.
It might work, but will probably just look odd.
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i really like this one...
do you think its possible to make the CD spin?? :D
this would be perfect....
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Insanely beautiful and unique! You are the man~
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Can you port it for TunesArt 1.0 (which is now supporting skins)? That would be really awesome. :)
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Very nice idea! :)

I feel that inner circle is a bit in another perspective than disk itself.
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The perspective should be the same on all parts, but I'll look into it!
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Truly amazing work Jonathan!

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Any chance of a release for cover sutra?

I prefer control on cover sutra :P
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This would be impossible to do with CoverSutra.
CoverSutra is based on overlay images, this is is based on html with javascript and CSS masks.
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ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Thank you for this!
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Added on pixartica
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how to install plz.
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You just double click the theme file.
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I feel like this has to be featured as the skin of the month somewhere. Really diggin it :thumbsup:
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this just might persuade me to use bowtie.... very nice!
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