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This is a simple ID based on the design of my upcoming blog.
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Paulo1471's avatar
Can u share th psd file ? Or the picture you used ?? Thanks , :peace:

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radomer's avatar
give us the link of the blog m8
sunDox's avatar
Great design, i love it :)
Ti-JoO's avatar
Your ID is clean wow . ~~
pjdark's avatar
Looks really good man. Gotta love Helvetica. :)
Fzang's avatar
I like the WEBdesigner and PROgrammer part, but what about CUSTumizer?... I don't think it was intended to make up this little wordplay (or was it?), I'm just pointing out :P
Plizzo's avatar
Sorry, but.. what?
Do you mean that CUSTOMIZER has four letters selected in more font weight instead of three as the others? I never really thought about it until you mentioned it. Thanks though :P
Fzang's avatar
Actually I was thinking that 2 of the words make up these 3 letter words. "Pro" and "Web" are valid but "Cust" isn't really a word. Maybe if you bolded "Custom"-izer instead? Yeah, my last message is pretty cryptic now that I read it through.

...I hope I got it right this round.
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As I've told, looks very nice. ;)
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Plizzo's avatar
Thanks, maybe I'll post a teaser for the blog design within some days ;)
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p4n1c's avatar
I like this minimalism :)
umar123's avatar
Looks so seXy :D just wanna get a look at your blog design too :XD:
EvilMushroomMan's avatar
Well done, the minimal style is excellent! :)
Delta909's avatar
Nice ID mate great design :peace:
optiv-flatworms's avatar
You're a Emo :P Joking, looks good.
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yukihatsu's avatar
Looks awesome. Love the minimal style here. :)
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