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Autumn's Desktop

By Plizzo
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Just a quick shot of how my desktop looks at the moment.
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what is the app used to view the album art on the lower left.?
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The application is called Bowtie. [link]
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I love this deskshot. Could you share the skype icon? :)

Shteuf's avatar
Hey nice shot dude ! Where can I find the whole dock as it is in this screen ? Is it several dock parts ? I really like the separator, actually, and the whole render... good job, mate !
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You can find the dock here: [link]
JonathanCardoz's avatar
Superb Shot bro....cud you share ur wall and d dock indicator...if possible...thanx
Plizzo's avatar
This is the wall, the indicators are standard for the dock "Glass Curve": [link]
nvaia's avatar
Nice wallpaper! Where did you find that?
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amazing shot! :) could you tell me what adium message skin you are using :)
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TranceGraphics's avatar
but it doesnt have that message style with the bubbles, it just has the contact list layout
Plizzo's avatar
I have no clue where I got the message style from but the smileys are called "Riceballs". As the message style might be something I got from someone else I wont share it as of now, sorry :/
TranceGraphics's avatar
oh ok no worries :) but if you find where you got it i would love a note or something :) cause its an ace style, or could you maybe go into your preferences and tell me the name of the message style? maybe i can find it myself?
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In my list it is displayed as HUD.
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Nice shot :) Where can i find the finder icon please?
Myhia's avatar
Thank you so much :D
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Pretty desktop, some geektool script ? can you share some of this ? as the weather :D
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slacabos's avatar
Nice shot..

Let me suggest you my mod of curl.. hope you like it.. :D [link]
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