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Hey guys, its been a while ( definitely an understatement) and a lot has changed. My Fine Art course wasn't for me and for those who are interested in doing something Fine Art related, I highly suggest looking into the subject a lot more before you dedicate yourself to it though saying that it did teach me a lot, through good and bad. I stuck to it until the end and have used the knowledge that I have gained to change my direction and hopefully for the better. 

University is another chance for me to express my Art and Imagination, so choosing something for me to study was key and i feel for me i have chosen the perfect course and perfect university. I am now studying Design for Film and Television, a subject that at first seems quite direct and little room for expression but as i looked into it i found the opportunities we're endless, you can actively express your work and creativity into an ever growing industry that embraces all arts. It does not mean I have stop my own personal work with portraits and commissions, in fact the course encourages it as drawing is one of the key elements of design as well encouraging me to experiment with other drawing tools outside of my traditional drawing. Life at the moment could not be any better, I feel inspiration that isn't being forced upon me but is growing within me, I will start posting Drawings and Journals more regularly and as always your advice and opinion is always welcome.


right its been ages since ive posted a journal but i have my reasons, summer was crazily immense, did jet skiing, hiking in Austria, moved house and man i love it!!!!
So ive now gone on to COLLEGE! its so different and love the idea that its all a new start :P though studying fine art is not what i expected..... and for the first time in ages it made my art go down hill a bit but then suddenly i have now got my artistic skills back and i love it! i hope it continues like this!! ( fingers crossed)

BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!! i may have my first official commission coming up, il keep you posted on that!

Well il try keep the journals and keep the art rolling in and i hope you like it!!!!!!!! And Thankyou for all the comments and faves and watches!!!!

heyyya people :D
ha been absolutely bombarded with exams so havent beeen able to get too much art out :( but now i have a lttle more free time il deffinitly get some up soon !!!!! :) and just wanna say to all people who have recently added me to ther watch  THANK YOU!!!!!! I REALLY DO APPRECIATE IT!
if you wanna give me any tips or suggestions or questions just comment below and and ofcource keeep up the art !!! :P
.... right first thing first my art is still in its early stages so i would love some tips!!!! please!
aha i had a great day with friends and now ive i got this awesome boxing stuff to you know really
focus my... well.... stress ha but its awesome, this made think of a question tht i would be greatfull to hear your answer too :D     What for you is the one thing that you do to relax or let off dsteam, whether it be seeing friends, tv, playing sports or anything like that????( oh and ofcource art ;) )

            there will be more art on the way!! :D
right i guess im just bored so im gunna just get a few things off mind......
...... i cant belive i got school tomoz :/ well technincally its today but you know what i mean. The worst thing is tht ive like done no work for school, its not good, but i mean ive done some things........... sorta
im not gunna bore you to death with this so il keep it sort of plain

Here it goes, this is whats goin on my head:

. school tomoz
. lots of work
. unfinished sketches :/
. this one girl i cant get out of my head....
.  self-doubt whether im able to do stuff
. tired
. figuring out what i want out of art
. revision for exams.... of which i find hard to do
. missing people
. wishing people knew me for who i am and not who other people say i am
. I wonder if anyones gunna read this....

OKAYYYY!!! thts about it, sooo any thoughts on my... thoughts i guess i would love to hear some comments :D

                                                            oh and answer this question: What does art mean to you????????????? ( just out of curiosity :) )
heyyya again  :D
   i guess the writers block was just a phase so im back!!!!! :D Thanks to a few tips and comments from my last journel they really helped!!
this is gunna be a short one caus im tired :P soooo same as last time any ideas for drawings i can do just post a COMMENT :)
oh and  happy eaaaster to everyone!!!! :D
heyyyyya people!!!!
im sorta stuck right now..... ive got artists block!!!!!!! i cant draw .....????? !!???!??!?!?!? i know..... madd!!!!
I would really appreciate some help of gettin out of this caus i wouldnt mind doin some art :)
ha sooo as before in my last entry if you give me any ideas that you just cant get down onto paper or you just itching to see what it looks like in someone else eyes then i would love to have a go at them!!! just have  detailed description or a picture il add my own twist on it, well  when i can draw again...... which will hope fully be soon!!

so main points for people who cba to read:

ONE: i have artists block!!!!!!

TWO: help me get out of it!!!!!!!!

THREE: wouldnt mind some suggestions for ideas :D!!

Seya later!!!! comment below please!!
Truthly i have no idea what to write in here.......
hmmm but here it goes...
soooo........... well im up at like stupid o'clock in the mornin and ive just come up with an awesome idea!!!
okay, heres the plan........ feel free to send me a description of a person or character you made up or some one you know and il have a go at drawing my own interpretation of it, what you think??

so go for it but please dont be too vague :D!!!!!!!!!!!

ha and im open to suggestion just genrally for pics :D
so night.........! :)