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B-movie poster quick entry



Me and a friend of mine generated a random B-movie name from [link] and decided that I should draw a poster of whatever would come out. So here:

The Fate of the KGB: The return (1961, Soviet Union)

is a tale of Igor, an ex-KGB agent who was discharged from service after being steamrolled over by a son of a politbyro member.
Just before his firing however he learned that the KGB had built in secrecy a machine that could destroy entire nations, the Dimensional Atomic Nucleoogler. And worse still, the launch codes were given to his new nemesis and politbyro posterboy Yuri.

The road for Igor is set, he must infiltrate the KGB underground secret and crack bunker held in secrecy and crackness.

Will he make it out alive?

*dun dun dunnnn*

(The poster approved by the Ministry of Propaganda)
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For a quick entry, this is pretty darn awesome. The nuclear explosions in the glasses are a nice touch, and I love what you did with the text. I want to see this movie now... alas, it will never get made. *sniff*