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LA Superior Court by plenTpak LA Superior Court by plenTpak
Went around looking for buildings to photograph and thought this looked cool. It was a foggy night, though.
This is the first building I've tried to capture.

Taken 10/7/2004.
This is another picture of it, looking up a slot in the side.
Thanks for the comments. =)
Shiznau Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2004
Very nice.. I love the stairs inside the tower, gives the picture some symmetrical essence. And the sky has a good background colour in it!
Naira-child Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2004
?I think the dynamics in this photograph are really quite good. Your eye first travels toward the curved building, then swoops to the corner of the rectangular, and travels up the line there. There's good eye-movement overall. In terms of an effective use of space, the upper right hand corner seems a tad empty, and i think would benifit from some filling. However, i think that the pattern created by the windows on both the building, and the colours present in the photograph are really quite nice to behold, and work well, regardless if it was a foggy night or not.

I think that clarity is an issue, but just a minor one. Mostly caused by the fog.

I really like the fact that you've "matted" the photo, i think it really adds to it. Most of the photo's on DA are not matted, and the fact that you've taken the time to add a border, makes this one really stand out.

Overall, i really like this photograph. It's got bold lines, and patterns and hold your attention even after the initial impact has worn off. All and all, tis good.
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October 19, 2004
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