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This group is not dead.

The main activity for features is in hibernation.

I thank all members for making contributions when they can.

But I'm in desperate need of some aid in running this group.

Due to a tight schedule, it takes a lot out of me physically and I'm not 100%
I can't be around much to vote submissions.

I will still try my best to keep the gallery orderly if any mix up happens.

If anyone is interested in helping me out here, please leave a comment.
I will respond as soon as I can.

You will have pretty much a Contributor rank with some extra admin perks to help get the job done while I'm away.

I'd really appreciate the assist, since I'd hate to see everything fall apart before having a chance to shine.
Welcome to Pleasure-Box!

This group will accept Join Requests from any & all artists,
our doors are wide open for anyone who is up for a (bit of a) personal challenge when it comes to doing art.
We consider writers to be artists as well, as it should be acknowledged that just abt everything has an 'art' to it.

This group is a bit of a Anime/Manga fans group but I want to stress that most art-forms are accepted,
with the exclusion of abstract art or art with poor taste or let's just say, an extremely low level of creativity...

On the surface, we seem to be no different than any other Art Gallery for Artists but we'll do a lot more than just highlight ur strengths.
We can also help u with ur weakness, and turning it into another form of strength.

That being said, this group will push u to ur limits depending on how deeply u become engaged with us.
It will be done with the intention of helping you to find what it is you feel that is lacking.
One of the main purposes of this group is to motivate and inspire you to become a better artist.

Any artist who is willing to learn from other artists here in this group is welcome and encouraged to approach them using group notes.
A group note would be wiser than a personal note, since another concerned artist can have an opportunity to give a response if the one in focus is unable too at the time.

You need to actually be serious about what it is u want to do here, because no one else will let u down here but urself.

Keep in mind, that no single artist can tutor you here, please do not expect that from this group. Instead let the whole group and its growing resources be your guide. Remember to always give back what you take from the group, as it is common courtesy here. Those who contribute generously are rewarded handsomely for their efforts. BTW we don't use money or :points: to do anything here..yet...Since there will be group contests and fund-raising events when organized properly in the future development of this group.

This group encourages art-trades, collabs and/or art-jams among members.
Any and all work produced from using group contributions should be submitted directly to the group,
in doing so, that artwork automatically gets a Group Feature (as long as these conditions are met).

By being a member and/or affiliate of this group, we will support and advertise your art-trades, commissions info, etc.
This group is not about making money doing art business per say, but about helping you as an artist and giving your reputation/image a little boost within the dA community.

And lastly (well u can always ask questions if I or U missed anything) u do not need to fear being 'bashed' as long as you be sincere and treat others with respect.

This not about wasting (anybody's) time.
It's all about pushing Creativity & Imagination to the Limit & Beyond
& most of All, allowing Artists to discover themselves!

So welcome again, you're the one the world has been waiting for, did u kno?
Let's see what you're made off!
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