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As you can see, I'm participating in Inktober. I've been wanting to do art more frequently, and this just helps with the motivation factor. Thing is, I want to improve my skills. I want to make art that does justice to the way I see the world. And, by golly, I want to actually finish my art projects and make them post-worthy! I want to make stuff that makes me feel I'm awesome! ...At least until I see something even more awesome, but still. :3
Sooo...I made a pic for a podcast crew, and they liked it. ^_^ I feel all kinds of special right now.
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...This prank is too much... My icon getting switched to something Twilight related, even though it's dA's April Fool's feels as though part of my soul has been murdered in cold blood. Yes, I've read the books. My co-worker made me, and I felt I should only be fair and develop an informed opinion rather than remain in complete ignorance.

I do not hate those who like Twilight. But I do not like the series myself. But this? This is unfair. *weep*

Also...The Thirteenth Reality is an awesome series.
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So, I had one person ask me a question, and I shall answer it to all: Yes, I take commissions, and no, I don't charge a lot for them. :3

Also... I want to give a big thank you to everyone who faved my Danny Phantom pic. It made me so dang happy, and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Next show to get some fanart from me is Avatar: The Last Airbender! I'm doing a picture of Aang which is making me happy and makes me very much want a new marker to get the colors right. Anywut... Thanks for dropping in to see my gallery!
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Doom has been having fun lately. The hours at work have been cut. Dramatically. Srsly. Three days a week, if I'm lucky. For those of you who are unaware, I got my foot checked out a couple months back and discovered it requires surgery. Which I can't afford. Tried to get insurance through my job, but the Post Office delivered it a day too late. matter what I do, it's gonna be about a year before I can get that thing fixed.

Also, Hubby's car has problems in the power steering department. We're thinking we'll just sell it to his brother for a reduced price. Take off a little extra if he gives us that Wii he's not using anymore. Srsly. He put it in his 4-year-old's bedroom. Travesty, if you ask me. If Hubby gets rid of the car, though, we'll be working on getting by with one vehicle for a year. It'll save us that money, and give us a little boost for when I end up out of commission for the foot. Hubby's sad, but I'm kind of seeing this as a blessing in disguise. He may be sad about it, and it may make transportation a bit tricky, But it'll help out in the end. No repair bill, reduced insurance cost, reduced gas cost, and a little money from his brother. And possibly a Wii. Which I would totally buy Wii Fit for. I could stand to be tricked into working out. Actually...So could hubby. It would be healthy and make us think we're playing a game.

Also, I narrowly avoided a major virus just this morning. It was scary and nearly tricked me into downloading it. Do not trust anything that says you've got a virus unless it's in your anti-virus' window! Do NOT trust it from your web browser! If it looks like a new little pop-up, check your menu bar thingy to see if there's a new window thing from your anti-virus! Don't click ANYTHING in that window if you get it. It'll look like it's doing a Windows virus check, but it's not. It'll look like you've got a bazillion viruses, but you don't. Close that window IMMEDIATELY and run your anti-virus software. If you must, dive for your modem and unplug it to stop the thing. Don't let it get downloaded. Srsly. Same thing happened to my friend, and her computer ended up completely hijacked. The only difference was her computer didn't warn her that something was about to download. Mine did.

So...Yeah. Interesting times. That is all.
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Soooo...I was just at NDK in Denver, and I realized I haven't updated this thing in a while. That would probably be helpful, eh? Well...I haven't returned to my home State yet, but I'll be sure to put my newer stuff up when I can.

Also...I'm exhausted. Drove all night Thursday...was doing Con stuff Friday through Sunday...Drove all night Sunday, now it's Monday evening, and I'm seeing another all night drive coming on Wednesday to finish my "vacation". Huzzah!
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Okay...So I've decided to take commissions. If you want one through DeviantArt, send me a message here, and we'll discuss your request and price. I do have paypal, and I'll give you the information on that when we get things settled. ^_^

(Yes, I will do fan art commissions. :D )
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