[CURRENT, CLOSE] 2022 Commissions

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Commission OPEN

Application form: https://forms.gle/rUTK2P395DAaDghLA


Number of Slots: this amount may change depending on the number of entries.

Submission period: this period may change depending on the number of entries.

Quick Info:

- Hello, I am now accepting applications through the form available above.

- I recommend that you carefully read the rules and values information contained in the form.

- This is a new method I'm trying, you will send information to me, and your order will go into analysis.

- I'm looking for clients for the month, so stay tuned for contact via email.

- I will select commissions, and it does not depend on the order of entry, but on my availability or interest in the commission content.

- Before submitting your information, make sure you have the amount available after the registration.


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