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:iconplayboyvampire:PlayboyVampire posted a status
Something I wanna mention in regards to OC Applications as I see this being very common. 2 and 3 are actually a first case thing. Rare, but still. Needs to be said.

1. You should be able to describe more of your character. Such as body build, hair length and style. Now, I know I don't do that in the bios of my characters, mainly because I have depictions of them already drawn out.

2. DO NOT shove ALL 5 applications of characters at once to me. This in my opinion seems EXTREMELY RUSHED and I might not even consider them. I'd recommend that you take some time to think out a good character before applying.

3. (I can't stress this one enough) DO NOT create multiple accounts just to make 5 ADDITIONAL applications. I am not even going to consider them if that it the case.

Now, if you need help with character ideas for an application, I can help. Just don't bombard me with 5-10 applications at once.

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