What will Bella do next?
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:bulletgreen: Cartoonigans - 50 Damage - 10 Energy Cost
:bulletgreen: Ink Splash - 30 Damage. Additional 10 Damage each turn. - 5 Energy Cost
:bulletred: Bearhug - 40 Damage and increases by 10 damage each use in a row. Limit: 4 - 4 Energy Cost
:bulletred: Bodyscissors - 40 Damage and increases by 10 damage each use in a row. Limit: 4. - 6 Energy Cost
Change Costume: "Steamboat Bella"
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By PlayboyVampire   |   Watch
Published: June 12, 2017
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Comments (4)
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Actually since Bearhug isn't going to win, i'd like to re-confirm my vote for Ink Splash.
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PlayboyVampire|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry about that. But when you voted for Bearhug, Ink Splash and Cartoonigans were at a tie. By switching from Ink Splash to Bearhug, Cartoonigans won the vote and I was working with that.
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Legofire199|Hobbyist Writer
it COULD be possible.... but again I've ONLY been playing Persona games so I could be wrong XD
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Legofire199|Hobbyist Writer
Dr. Monroe: let us try experimenting with other attacks... there's BOUND to be one that does more damage or weakens the opponent in this list of choices
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