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Alright everyone, as you know, I am working on the following: "Women's Wrestling of History". It is similar to "Playboy Vampire's Ring Diva Championship" with a mix of "Epic Rap Battles of History"... Only without the rap...

Today's match is Jack the Ripper (Nova Bloodlust) VS. Charles Manson (Dementia 13)!

Like the PBVRDC, you need to donate points on your favorite Vampirette. The more points you donate, the more likely your Vampirette will win.

After donating, tell me who you voted for in this journal. Points must be at least 10 to donate and vote.

There will also be "Point Submissions" (A LOT different from what you think). These submissions are like regular submission holds, but it will say "Point Submission" on it. That means that you can pay more points to see the submission hold worsen for the opponent. If there are no points for the Point Submission, then the opponent can either escape or counter the submission hold.

Be sure to get voting! :D

Jack the Ripper Vs. Charles Manson by PlayboyVampire
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Submitted on
January 4, 2015