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Unfortunate News...

Sat Jul 16, 2016, 9:19 AM
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For the next two weeks, I cannot get any pictures done with the exception of traditional works and the one I have for "Playboy Vampire's Christmas Wrestling Championship". My reasons are that I am moving to a different location where I won't get as stressed.

As everyone will know by now that there are two rounds for the Christmas Championship and Zoey already won the first round. And after the two weeks, "Christmas in July" will be over. So the second round will have to wait for November.

I picked November because I want to be able to work on the annual "Playboy vampire Ring Diva Championship 2016" on December to mark the end of the year. So, I will make a poll (be sure to check it out) for who you want to see in the next Ring Diva Championship.

Vampirettes who will not be participating are:

Zoey Charm
Ginger Reid
Jackie O'Lantern
Katasuri Kyonshi
Jacqueline Crank
and Satanae Mantra


A1-IC3 - Introductory by PlayboyVampire
A1-IC3 (Yes, she'll be participating)
Wrestlettes - Acorn the 'Flying Squirrel' by PlayboyVampire
Acorn/"Flying Squirrel"
Getting Goosebumps -Abominable Snowman of Pasadena by PlayboyVampire
Agatha Icebane
Gothica - Alliah Nightcore by PlayboyVampire
Alliah Nightcore
Bunny Hugged - Alyria Wolfbane's Flexing by PlayboyVampire
Alyria Wolfbane
Anina Catscratch by PlayboyVampire
Anina Catscratch
Bunny Hugged - Masked Terror's Flexing by PlayboyVampire
Annie Cottontail
Arianna Nightworg (Still needs an introduction first)
Playboy Vampire - Skeleton - Asarith'Zugull by PlayboyVampire
Asarith'Zugull (Still needs an introduction first)

Mature Content

Playboy Vampire - DragonForce - Spandex Ripping by PlayboyVampire

Azarah the Dragoness (Will Undergo a New Design)
Field of Screams - Belle Cowbell by PlayboyVampire
Belle Cowbell
City Rats - Blight's Alleyway by PlayboyVampire
Blight Ravenclaw
Gothic Christmas - Christmas in July - Blitz by PlayboyVampire
Blitz Reindeer
Blossom Petalbloom (Still needs an introduction first)(Will only Wrestle other Faeries)
Bonnie Carrotfluff (Still needs an introduction first)(Will only Wrestle other Puppets)
RAGE! - Spooky Boogey - This Little Piggy by PlayboyVampire
Calaca Deathrattle (Still needs an introduction first)
Toy Time - Candy the Bat by PlayboyVampire
Candy the Bat (Will only Wrestle other Puppets)
Treasure Trove - Captain Calypso by PlayboyVampire
Captain Calypso
Playboy Vampire - Jurassic World - Cera Raptor by PlayboyVampire
Cera Raptor
Chandell Mansion - Hot Candle by PlayboyVampire
Chandell Wisp
Wrestlettes - Charlotte Spidersilk by PlayboyVampire
Charlotte Spidersilk
Charm Sporeshroom (Still needs an introduction first)(Will only Wrestle other Faeries)
Roast Pork - Cho's Foxy Bodyscissors by PlayboyVampire
Playboy Vampire - Curse of Necrotiti - Sarcophagus by PlayboyVampire
Cleo Necrotiti
Clover McPatrick (Still needs an introduction first)
Fun N' Games - Juggler by PlayboyVampire
Color the Clown (Her name was reworded)
MonsterX - Crystal Frosthart by PlayboyVampire
Crystal Frosthart
Shadow Knights - Deirdre Necroshade by PlayboyVampire
Deirdre Necroshade
Playboy Vampire's Costume Rumble - Dementia 13 by PlayboyVampire
Dementia 13
Playboy Vampire - Dollface - Visual Distortion by PlayboyVampire
Donna Reindeer (Still needs an introduction first)
It's ALIVE! - Electra Von Necrostein by PlayboyVampire
Electra von Necrostein
Toy Time - Esmeralda Vampula by PlayboyVampire
Esmeralda Vampula
Fleebly (Still needs an introduction first)
Roast Pork - Cuddling by PlayboyVampire
Foxy Redpaw
Steampunk'D - Gabrielle Ka-Boom by PlayboyVampire
Gabrielle Ka-Boom
Gleeb (Still needs an introduction first)
Gloria Stonecraft by PlayboyVampire
Gloria Stonecraft
Getting Goosebumps - Escape from Horrorland by PlayboyVampire
Toy Box Championship - Jekyll Vs. Harlequin by PlayboyVampire
Harlequin (Can only Wrestle other Puppets)
WitchCraft - Hex Girl by PlayboyVampire
Holly Reindeer
Wrestlettes - Apple Scissors by PlayboyVampire
Honey B. (Can only Wrestle other Faeries)
Playboy Vampire - 31 Days of October - Day 5 by PlayboyVampire
Janice Hedley (Can only Wrestle other Ghosts)
Tricks and Treats - Topsy-Turvy by PlayboyVampire
Jekyll (Can only Wrestle other Puppets)
Playboy Vampire - U Jelly - Slimy Spandex by PlayboyVampire
Jesse Quickdraw
Arabian Night - Jinn the Death Genie by PlayboyVampire
Beach Ghouls - Julie L'Gill by PlayboyVampire
Julie L'Gill
Friday the 13th - Katya Catswell by PlayboyVampire
Katya Catswell
NecroMasters - Card Art - Lady Death by PlayboyVampire
Lady Death
Wargen - Lorraine 'Howling' Chaney by PlayboyVampire
Lorraine Chaney
Hang'd - Lydia Dreary by PlayboyVampire
Lydia Dreary (Can only Wrestle other Ghosts)
Wrestlettes - Magma by PlayboyVampire
Steampunk'd - Mad Hatter Day by PlayboyVampire
Malice Alice
Spirit Caller - Miskwi Nandobii by PlayboyVampire
Miskwi Nandobii
Toy Time - Molly's New Hairstyle by PlayboyVampire
Molly Dolly (Can only Wrestle other Puppets)
Playboy Vampire - Skeleton - Mona Valghul by PlayboyVampire
Mona Valghul (Still needs an introduction first)
Gothica - Morticia Cromwell by PlayboyVampire
Morticia Cromwell
Skeleton - Wrestlettes - Mozzarella by PlayboyVampire
Coiled - Naga the Gorgon by PlayboyVampire
Naga (Will Undergo a New design)
Wrestlettes - Nightmare by PlayboyVampire
Playboy Vampire - $$$ - Platinum-Dollar Leotard by PlayboyVampire
Nova Bloodlust
Ocarina the Satyr by PlayboyVampire
Ocarina (Still needs an introduction first)

Mature Content

Playboy Vampire -Luck of the Irish -Unlucky Charms by PlayboyVampire

Patty O'Lassie
Wrestlettes - Pauline Skywing by PlayboyVampire
Pauline Skywing

Mature Content

Playboy Vampire - Skeleton - Tooth Floss Tie-Up by PlayboyVampire

Penny Molar (Can only Wrestle other Faeries)
Field of Screams - Scarecrow Bodysuit by PlayboyVampire
Cat Vs. Rat - Act 1 - The Challenge by PlayboyVampire
Rheena Scattail (The rat)
Gator Wrestling - The Ripper by PlayboyVampire
Wizard101 Wrestling -  Darkmoor by PlayboyVampire
Sage Darkwing
Sanora Fiesta - Sanora Cactacea by PlayboyVampire
Sanora Cactacea
Lunatic's Asylum - Skeleton - Schizy the Cat by PlayboyVampire
Sckitzy the Cat
Playboy Vampire - Masked - The Shadow by PlayboyVampire
the Shadow
Voodoo - Haitian Juju by PlayboyVampire
Shaman Oowa
Playboy Vampire (S) - Shriek the Banshee by PlayboyVampire
Shriek (Can only Wrestle other Ghosts)
Skyla Whitewing
HoH - Queen's Chamber by PlayboyVampire
Sora Nightwing (Yes, she's participating despite that she's the Queen)
Vampire Valentine - Starr Ravenclaw by PlayboyVampire
Starr Ravenclaw
Playtime at Sunshine's - Sunshine Cuddlebear by PlayboyVampire
Sunshine Cuddlebear (Can only Wrestle other Puppets)
Playboy Vampire's Costume Rumble - Twilight by PlayboyVampire
Twilight (Can only Wrestle other Puppets)

Mature Content

XXX-Mas - Christmas in July - Twinkle Snowstar by PlayboyVampire

Twinkle Snowstar (Can only Wrestle other Faeries)
Noir - Sexy Shadow by PlayboyVampire
Umbra Darkmoor
Ursa Grizzle (Still needs an introduction first)

Mature Content

Playboy Vampire - Vania - Valerie Ravenclaw by PlayboyVampire

Valerie Ravenclaw
Troll'D - Villas Vandraedum by PlayboyVampire
Villas Vandraedum
Vixen Reindeer (Still needs an introduction first)

Mature Content

Oh, Canada! - Canadian Vampires by PlayboyVampire

Vlass Trancyll
Wendy the Werewolf (Still needs an introduction first)(Can only Wrestle other Puppets)
Torch of Justice - Mighty Heroine by PlayboyVampire
Wisp (Can only Wrestle other Ghosts)
Gothic Christmas - Wynter Snowdrift by PlayboyVampire
Wynter Snowdrift
OuterWorld - Xtraczis, the Stravatian Queen by PlayboyVampire
and Xtraczis


I will be renaming "Kolor's Karnival of Klowns" for "Color's Carnival of Clowns" for reasons that doesn't make me sound like an utter racist XD I don't wanna be the next "Kingdom of Kupa Keep"

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Kite2014 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2016
Dream Matches

Agatha Iceland vs Alyria Wolfbane

Lady Death vs Dollface

Honey B vs Charlotte Spidersilk

Winter Snowdrift vs Magma


Boogey vs Raven

I hope everything becomes less stressful for you dude!
PlayboyVampire Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Also, the Honey Vs. Charlotte idea is so awesome, I'll make a funny comic on it! X'D
Kite2014 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2016
On my cellphone auto correct is a pain in the arse lol

And yay :)
PlayboyVampire Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
kyrtuck Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
God damn that is still a TON of monster babes wrestling it out!

Personally, I would not have minded something having triple K initials, I mean I sure know what is and isn't a murderous conehead ghost, but whatever :shrug:
PlayboyVampire Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, I was asked why was Color's Carnival of Clowns spelled with K. I only responded with that it ties in with Color's original name being spelled with a K.

So when I looked over it a few times, I was surprised that i understood that question's true meaning. So, I had to change it to C instead.
kyrtuck Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Geez, Kapatin Krazy and the Killer Klowns From Outer Space didn't have that problem :P
PlayboyVampire Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's because there were only two K's.

and KKFOS.

Unlike Kolor's Karnival of Klowns

KKK See the problem? XD
kyrtuck Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Technically that would be KKoK :P
PlayboyVampire Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yea, but some abbreviations don't include that small detail.
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