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Two new Wrestling Series!

Tue Apr 21, 2015, 11:03 AM
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I have been busy making two new Wrestling Series that you all might like.

I was receiving comments about contrast between the Vampirettes and their costumes during wrestling and I think I may have a good solution ;)

And by the time you see them, I don't wanna hear "Well, why the hell didn't you do this before!!??" The reason why I didn't before is that I wanna make the costumes as dark as possible to fit the whole Vampire theme. That's the only reason.

Keep in mind that only one of these new series will require points. The other won't. So, here I will introduce;

Playboy Vampire's Puppet Wrestling Championship
and Cat Vs. Rat

Cat Vs. Rat - Is a wrestling series starring Katya Catswell and Rheena Scattail (I'll explain her later) in a match that's like a Giantess fighting against someone 1/5 smaller than her. It's one of those types of matches :P

Now for an explanation. Rheena Scattail is a Wererat. She likes to hang around with Katya and Alyria.

Now, for the second series. The Playboy Vampire Puppet Wrestling Championship (or PBVPWC). This is much like the Women's Wrestling of History and Playboy Vampire Ring Diva Championship. This will feature two of our Puppet Vampirettes to face off each other. This match will start with Sunshine Cuddlebear wrestling Molly Dolly in a Table match called the "Tea Time Championship" and will fight for the belt title of said championship (Tea Time).

Playboy Vampire - Toy Time - Molly Dolly by PlayboyVampirePlaytime at Sunshine's - Sunshine Cuddlebear by PlayboyVampire

How it works: You get to vote via points on whoever Puppet you want to win this match (Molly or Sunshine). If your Puppet wins the Tea time Championship, you will receive your points back with extra points for participation. Since I only have so little time to use the poll system, I will start off by adding the poll for Satanae's Betting Booth (Yes, she'll be taking votes, however! This series is certainly one that she will not interfere with. I can guarantee that.

This I hope will help with the whole "Contrast" issue involving the Vampirette's costumes :P

And hopefully everyone can participate in Playboy Vampire's Puppet Wrestling Championship ;) If you have any other questions, let me know.

Darkzoned Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2015
Can't wait!!!
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April 21, 2015