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ALRIGHT! The votes are in and the two challengers for the title this year are!

Just Desserts - Christmas in July- Gingerbread Tea by PlayboyVampire and PBV - Trick-or-Treat by PlayboyVampire

Just to elaborate how this works, if no one is familiar with the PBVRDC2014 or the Tea Time Championship events, it works like this.

To vote for a Vampirette during a match, you must pay 20+ points. Doesn't matter how much you put in, so long as it's over 20. The Vampirette with the most votes by the end of the month is declared the winner.

To vote with points, you must tell WHO you are voting for. If you donate without a name, then that gets collected for Satanae Mantra's Cheating.

PBVRDC2014 - Sneaky Satanae's Betting Booth by PlayboyVampire

Satanae Mantra runs a betting booth where you can bet which Vampirette will win. However, she is known to cheating to win in her favor. People can try and outsmart her.

If the Vampirette you choose wins the match, you earn your points back as well as some extra points. You can vote more than once so long as you donate.

Why do you have to donate? Because the match cannot progress without points.

If there are any more questions, feel free to ask in the comments below.
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Submitted on
August 3, 2015