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Hello Wrestlette fans! Welcome to the Championship match of 2015! This year's contenders are:
PBVRDC2015 - Jackie Vs. Ginger by PlayboyVampire
Jackie O'Lantern and Ginger B. Read! What will this match provide us with? Let's find out!
PBVRDC2015 - The Match Begins! by PlayboyVampire
The two begin by locking hands with one another! However, only ONE of them will break the lock as Voters donate their points to their selected Vampirette! Who will strike first? Jackie O'Lantern or Ginger Read?
PBVRDC2015 - Jackie's Bearhug by PlayboyVampire
The match begins with Ginger gaining +20 points, but is brutally outmatched by Jackie's whopping +300! And Jackie initiates the match by wrapping her arms around Ginger's chest and delivering a DEVASTATING Bearhug submission! What will happen for Ginger!?
PBVRDC2015 - Jackie's Suplex by PlayboyVampire
With another +200 points to Jackie O'Lantern, she squeezes Ginger to her devastatingly destructive power. She then performs a German Suplex against the Baking Beauty! Is there any hope for Ginger?
PBVRDC2015 - Close Combat by PlayboyVampire
After the Suplex, Ginger retaliates by wrapping her legs around Jackie to try and squeeze her with her +580 power! However, it's not enough to stop Jackie going for another bearhug, delivering a +400 power against Ginger's chest! Will Ginger be able to stop Jackie? Will Jackie knock the wind out of Ginger? WHO. WILL. WIN!?
PBVRDC2015 - Jackie's Reverse Headscissors by PlayboyVampire
And with a major bonus of +700 for Jackie, she begins to wrap her thighs around Ginger's neck and go for the Reverse Headscissors! How long will it take before Ginger surrenders to Jackie's fatal submission!?
PBVRDC2015 - Ginger's Tight Situation by PlayboyVampire
And we're nearly reaching *half time! As Ginger tries desperately to pry Jackie's mighty thighs off, Jackie keeps her legs locked until half time! Will Ginger turn this match around? Will Jackie actually trump her?
PBVRDC2015 - Jackie's Matchbook Submission by PlayboyVampire
Jackie ceases her Reverse Headscissor tactic and quickly moves in to execute the Matchbook Submission! And Ginger is not taking this lightly. How will this match turn out? Will Ginger have better luck in the next round or will Jackie demolish Ginger some more?
PBVRDC2015 - Satanae's Offer by PlayboyVampire
Oh, dear! Sneaky Satanae has cheated again! She switched the points of our competitors! How will this turn out for Jackie? Will she make an explosive comeback, or will she be bested by Ginger this time?
PBVRDC2015 - Spladle Lock by PlayboyVampire
Wow, even Satanae's cheating can't save Ginger in Round 2! And the bar is nearly full AGAIN!! It's a close match! If Jackie succeeds her bar, then it's all over! Will Ginger get out of this Spladle lock, or will she finally crumble?

Better luck next year, Satanae...
PBVRDC2015 - Jackie's Boston Crab by PlayboyVampire
And after all the abuse and torture poor Ginger had to go through, she finally submits against her opponent when trapped in her Boston Crab! Meaning that Jackie O'Lantern is the champion for Playboy Vampire's Ring Diva Championship 2015! Stay tuned for the next championship for new updates!

ImCrazyForWaffles Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2015
mmmmm new updates
Goldham92 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2015
heh nice xD
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