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Toy Time - Dolly Dimple by PlayboyVampire Toy Time - Dolly Dimple by PlayboyVampire
I actually created this design WAY before I decided to make shit-tons of adoptables. I actually admired this design specifically that I wanted to make it into a Vampirette.

Name: Dolly Dimple

Age: 19

Species: Haunted Puppet

Gender: Female (Technically genderless because she's a puppet)

Height: 3'02"

Orientation: Bisexual

Hometown: Monstropolis

Description: Dolly is a living ventriloquist's puppet created in 1999 by a young, 19 year-old, aspiring ventriloquist named Deedee Dimple. She unfortunately died in an untimely fashion that she possessed her dummy, Dolly.

Dolly has jet black hair tied in pigtails, white-painted body, green eyes black lipstick and fingernails and a "birthmark" underneath her left eye to reflect Deedee's birthmark before she died. The dummy's eyes were once blue and lacked a birthmark before Deedee died. The dummy itself also wore bright and cheery colors before Deedee possessed the doll.

Dolly is very enthusiastic and loves to make people laugh with her wisecracks and stand-up comedy. She loves various ventriloquist acts and loves fictional Ventriloquist's Dummies like Scarface (Batman Series) or Slappy (Goosebumps).

The suit that she wears is actually custom-made by Dolly and represents the University that she goes to, Draugnaut University. A University located in Monstropolis.

The suit she is wearing

Background: In 1999, Deedee had a routine where she would pretend to be a dark and depressed individual (She was actually cheery off stage despite that she wore dark colors) and her dummy would be the cheery and bubbly-type. However, after her death, Dolly underwent some changes. This included getting her hair darkened, her eyes changed from blue to green, getting paler and a birthmark appeared under her left eye.

She found out about Playboy Vampire from Batty Bleakwing before she graduated from Draugnaut University, majoring in Cryptozoology. Dolly wanted to be a ventriloquist, but due to many circumstances, she had to seek a more financially sustaining job. So, she turned to Playboy Vampire.

Dolly actually has many inspirations:

1. Her name is inspired by both Dolly Parton and Darla Dimple.
2. Her sunny, cheerful and bright persona before the possession was actually inspired by the same visage for Darla Dimple.
3. Her overall appearance is based on stereotypical college/university cheerleaders (hence why the Dummy adopts were referred to as "Cheer" Dummies)
4. Her love for Dummies and Ventriloquism was inspired from Caresse Schmit, a fan of mine who loved Scarface and Slappy a LOT. XD
Legofire199 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Lemme guess.... the adoptable versions are duplicates of her made by the same person.... or did she make them? XD trying to find a sort of backstory if there is one to fine lol
PlayboyVampire Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Someone else created them. XD
Legofire199 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Ah lol makes more sense XD
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