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Skeleton - NecroMasters - Ice Scream Scooper by PlayboyVampire Skeleton - NecroMasters - Ice Scream Scooper by PlayboyVampire
What inspired me to make this was the logo for the Lich King's Ice Cream Citadel. Allow me to explain.

There was a video posted on Blizzard's Hearthstone channel for the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion.

A few videos to be honest.

There was the Lich King interviewed for a short ob at Blizzard, there was a two parter of the Lich King WORKING for Blizzard, then getting fired.

There was a discussion between two designers about what to expect and what's in the cards for the expansion,

there was the cinematic trailer of it (which I constantly listened to it as the theme helped inspire some more Frostbit Zombies),

and finally, the Lich King's Ice Cream Citadel. This is where I assume after being fired from Blizzard Entertainment, the Lich King invested in an Ice Cream shop and rebranded it as "The Lich King's Ice Cream Citadel". After freezing a kid who criticized the ice cream, the kid's friends who were with him run off screaming. Give it a watch if you want.

Anyway, back to the Scooper. This creature has the ability to Necromance more "Ice Scream" Zombies.

I'm thinking of making the Ice Cream on it a blueish white to give it a snowy/vanilla-ish/ghostly look to it. Sprinkles are multi-coloured, the wispy eyes are a blueish flame, and the cone, I'm thinking of making it a blackish grey.
Legofire199 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
picturing it in color, it looks nice XD 

as for the spoons it's holding... I'm going to just safely assume he ISN'T scooping his brethren with them lol
PlayboyVampire Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No, but the Scooper DOES enable it to Necromance other Ice Scream Zombies, so he uses the spoons to create more.
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