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Skeleton - 1930's - Frank N. Ollie by PlayboyVampire Skeleton - 1930's - Frank N. Ollie by PlayboyVampire
Name: Frank N. Ollie

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Occupation: Asexual

Species: 1930's Toon

Homeworld: Inkwell

Description: Frank N. Ollie is created from dead Toons all patched together to make a monster complete with bolts and a wind-up key on his back.

One of his eyes is considered dead and cannot see out of that eye.

Frank N. Ollie can also pull his limbs apart and still control them like a stereotypical cartoon zombie. He does also possess the powers of electricity and therefore makes him more conductable unlike all the other Toons.

Bio: Created by an unknown character, Frank N. Ollie decided to live his life how he felt like it. So, he sold machinery for a while. After overhearing Bella and her friend, Victoria, about selling Playboy Vampire Magazines in Inkwell, Frank N. Ollie wanted to get a new job anyway. He liked his job, but it doesn't pay the bills.

So, Bella and Victoria got him applied.

His name is a pun off two animators from Disney Studios named Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston. They animated films like Alice in Wonderland (the good one), Bambi, Snow White, Pinocchio and Fantasia.
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