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Fun N' Games - Zippy Giggles by PlayboyVampire Fun N' Games - Zippy Giggles by PlayboyVampire
Many of you have seen our Clown Lady before, however I never made anything of her in color nor did I give her application details.

Name: Zippy Giggles

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Orientation: Bisexual

Hometown: ClownTown

Description: Zippy is a subspecies of Vampire known as a Clown. Clowns are creatures whose dependence on sugar is really high. These Vampires are actually harmless towards Humans as they prefer sugary treats and junk food over actual meat and blood.

Zippy normally wears her "Astro Harlequin" suit but will also wear her red and yellow striped suit as well. She (like most other Clowns) has sharp teeth for breaking open hard candies. Their jaws are incredibly powerful to snap a jawbreaker in half with no damage whatsoever.

Many Clowns like Zippy have wacky ad/or multi-colored hair. This and their "face paint" helps attract a potential mate of the opposite sex. The "face paint" is actually a form of birthmarks. Their entire bodies are all white with similar markings.

Another unique trait of a Clown is they have the ability to stretch their limbs out. Not similar to that of a Cartoon or anything, but their skin is a little more rubbery than the average Vampire. They pull this feat by dislocating joints from their limbs and swinging them to reach. The maximum of how far they can reach is up to approximately an inch and a half.

Another interesting thing about Clowns is their noses. These noses are actually filled with a natural gas that looks purple and sparkling to the naked eye. This gas is used to fill up balloons as well as raise their pitch and volume when in need of help (Which sounds like a bicycle horn). This gas is made up of elements similar to Nitrous oxide and Helium.

Any humanoid creature that breathes in this gas will feel a pleasurable sensation in their body and begin to laugh. This gas will also raise the pitch of vocals the more they inhale which will make their laughing fit even harder. Clowns use this gas to make otherwise grumpy people more happy and joyous.

Clowns love smiles and merriment which make their colors more vibrant and splendorous. When a Clown sees someone happy and having fun, it makes them happy. But when they see someone who isn't happy, their initial instinct will be to make silly and wacky slapstick to cheer them up. If that doesn't work, They'll try and converse with them with only a smile on their face. And if that fails, they'll resort to their gas. If a Clown is depressed or upset, especially for long periods of time, the colors of that Clown will fade slowly until their saturation is completely black and white and they die from depression.

A Clown is mostly very happy and jolly but one thing they fear are those who fear them. In other words, if they spot someone or encounter anyone who shows signs of Coulrophobia, or even begin to get aggressive towards them, they'll back away and hide in fear. They are scared of confrontation with these types of individuals.

Clowns even have a subspecies. One of them is the common Clown. Much like Zippy Giggles, Kolor D. Clown and Kotton Kandy, a Common Clown is basically a Clown that looks similar to a common Western Vampire/Human.

Harlequins are the next Subspecies of Clown. Harlequins have extremely long limbs and can climb most heights. Harlequins wear mostly diamond-patterned suits.

Popjacks are the final recorded species of Clown. They look similar to that of a jack-in-the-box. A Popjack has no bones in its arms which make them look rubbery like a cartoon. The "crank" of these creatures, located in the back is actually their tail. Without the use of technology to help them get around, a Popjack would normally hop or crawl to get to its destination. But thanks to modern technology, Popjacks can now move around a lot more efficiently.

Background: Zippy Giggles worked as one of the main entertainers of ClownTown's infamous Big Top. When not working as the Big Top entertainer, she would attend kids birthday parties in her more puffy suit and make all the kids smile and laugh. And the party guests would love her antics and comedic routines. She even makes balloon animals for kids.

She was actually approached by both Kolor D. Clown and Kotton Kandy and asked if she would like to join Playboy Vampire. After getting to know what Playboy Vampire was, Zippy decided to give it a try.
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Cool character! I like her already!
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