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Royal Inspirat Mod

By playboy
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Royal Inspirat Mod 1.4 by Playboy

-Update 1.1-
fixed the compact start panel text bug

-update 1.2-
-fixed taskband button and other small bugs
-added flat taskbar version
-added different fonts. you can pick from verdana, tahoma, and arial. pick what you like best.
-improved some images

-fixed unlocked taskbar bug
-fixed flash taskbar button

-update 1.4-
-fixed the start button bug where there would be a space of 2 pixels from the left.

---------------------------------------- ------

This theme is a mod of stefanka's Royal Inspirat.
The original theme can be obtained here [link]

The Icons uncluded in the shell is called iCandy junior by FOOOD.
Those icons were created by him, not me.
They can also be download here [link]

Some images were inspired and used from Sonus deanachM theme.
It can be downloaded here [link]

there are 2 substyles:
compact; with a compact start panel
normal; with a normal sized start panel
use whatever you like best.

Thanks goes out to...
stefanka for letting me release this mod and creating this awesome theme.
FOOOD for letting me use his icons for the shell.
Sonus for the inspiration and for letting me use some of his images.

playboy; [link]
stefanka; [link]
FOOOD; [link]
Sonus; [link]

The original and new Mircrosoft Energy Bliss wallpaper.
Yz dock and yz toolbar theme plus other cool stuff can be downloaded at stefanka's site. check both his gallery and scraps page.

-Known bugs-
this isnt an "actual" bug its just that some programs uses a image or the systems colour schemes, so some parts might bland in.
if you open winzip or winrar (witch most of you must have) you can see that the menu bar is one colour and below is
another. This is what im talking about. So it is said, and DONT come complaining to me about this. Like in life,
not everything is perfect. ;)

-Legal Stuff-
DO NOT pass this theme as your work
DO NOT use elements of this skin for your own projects
DO NOT publish it without my permission, sonus, and stefanka
You may edit this skin for PERSONAL USE ONLY
Icons are created and owned by FOOOD. Not me.
Wallpaper included was created by Micro$oft. not me.
© 2004 - 2020 playboy
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GrijzePilionStudent Digital Artist
MacOS seems cool for the first time in history!
skimlines's avatar
skimlinesProfessional Artist
ahhhgh no status bar!
siberkorsan's avatar
you dont have to do nothing. just install the theme.
siberkorsan's avatar
great. you've done a hell of a job on the shellstyle.
YalovaLee's avatar
Hi, very good gallery ;)
Musami's avatar
Musami Digital Artist
how do i install
The1Blur's avatar
The1BlurHobbyist Digital Artist
This is very nice!!
ThE-UnKO-LeMa's avatar
ThE-UnKO-LeMa Digital Artist
how did you move the common tasks up the top?

i want to design/mod the default media center theme (the one with actual word "start"... my parents wont know how to use a computer without the start button :p ) so that it has the common tasks up the top... and the animations on these items would be nice as well...

thanx in advance.
couleur's avatar
How to set it as your theme? I tried to click the icon, but it doesn't seem to work
kool4's avatar
hey just one suggestion for u playboy
the mod can include a version where the close , minimize and maximize button can have a background like the Longhorn inspirat the black one
scheme 1.
tripletrouble42's avatar
im really stupid, im sorry, but how do i get it on my computer? I dowloaded it and extracted it, but if you could tell me the rest thatd be great
playboy's avatar
playboy Interface Designer
if u go to my site, and at the faqs page, u can see how to do it. ;)
Jason29's avatar
One of my new favourites :D
sthorne's avatar
love your themes, this one's no exception.
Elysian-Eosys's avatar
This is by far the best and most clean looking visual style that i have ever seen. It makes me acctually be impressed by XP. Instead of OSX... which makes a change... Thanks for giving me my computer back ;)
kriza's avatar
great! could you please make the default dialog button look different?
kriza's avatar
ahh that didn't work out.. but you're still the best ;)
playboy's avatar
playboy Interface Designer
mistral's avatar
wow. this is by far one of the best themes that i've come across. I like it ALOT. I've never seen the common tasks bar horizontal like that - and whether it was an original idea or not, it works VERY well with this theme. Beautiful work. Keep em coming.
captainscragg's avatar
Nice a windows based theme that actually looks good great job!
vozzz's avatar
vozzzProfessional Filmographer
how do you get that thing to be at the top? Like the one with folder tasks? And i don't get it how doesthis differ from the original?
kittikorn's avatar
kittikorn Interface Designer
nice theme i like it a lot +fav. But just one thing....this icon not owns by created by Sascha of [link] :D
playboy's avatar
playboy Interface Designer
:shrug: the icon in the SHELL are foods icons. those other icons that im using are sachas.
alfredho's avatar
will you make a more flat version too? it looks the flat version still have a 3D taskbar, thanks!
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