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Random Favourites


Apparently, this person does not know the story of How the Dragon Saved Christmas. It is a heartwarming story about a small village in the middle of the forest that was being slammed by an early winter weather. A dragon was flying by and got hit by a very strong downdraft and crashed just outside the village.

The villagers were understandably concerned that there was a dragon so near their wooden homes and buildings. But the dragon was in bad shape. On of its wings was obviously broken and it was unconscious. The villagers decided in spite of the horrible weather to help the poor beast.

The men built a lean-to shelter over the dragon with enough room that it that it could move once it woke up and the large opening was away from the wind. The local Witch(herbalist) was summoned and directed the women of the village in splinting the wing and preparing herb teas to help with the healing process.

After they had finished and came back to check on the dragon the discovered that the snow and ice around the shelter had all melted and the ground was dried out. This shelter became a refuge to the villagers when the weather was at its worst.

After a couple of weeks, the dragon woke up. The villagers vacated the shelter in a hurry. But the dragon examined itself and tried to move its wings. But after an initial movement the dragon whimpered and gently lowered its injured wing. It closed its eyes and went into a deep sleep.

The villagers eventually got over their fear and began coming back to the shelter when the dragon suddenly opened a single eye. Panic ensued, but the dragon did nothing else. After a very nervous hour or so, one of the elders of the village came out from the forest and approached the dragon with arms outstretched offering himself as a sacrifice.

The dragon made no move, only examined the elder and then went back to sleep. The Witch brewed up a cauldron of her medicine and got a couple of men to bring it close to the dragon, but she did add one secret ingredient, a chicken. This brew was brought to the dragon. who lifted its head and examined the pot. It took a sniff then began to lap it up like a cat. After it was done, it went back to sleep.

The villagers were preparing for the winter festival called Christmas. But there were heavy storm clouds on the horizon. The blizzard hit late in the afternoon on the day before the festival.Villagers were trapped in their houses.

Things looked bad for the festival when there was a loud crash like thunder in the center of the village. It was the dragon. It was blasting its fire into the sky. I then curled around to create a dome above the entire village. Shortly the snow that was blocking the doors had disappeared.

The dragon lessened the intensity of the fire. People started peering out of their doors. The temperature was like an spring day, warm enough that you didn't have to be bundled but cool enough that you wouldn't sweat unless you were physically working hard.

The elders quickly got the people out and working, bringing food, hanging decorations, Musicians brought out their instruments and began playing festive tunes. The dragon swayed in time keeping his magnificent fire dome going. The festival went on until dawn. The weather broke as the first light tinged the sky. With that the dragon made a mighty leap and flew one circle around the village and then off to the horizon.

The villagers went back inside and got some winter attire so that they clean up. Then they began the tradition of leaving a haunch of deer or a ham in the center of town each eve of Christmas. The dragon did return occasionally, mostly when the winter was particularly when the weather was vile. It would come, accept the meat offering and perform the miracle fire dome for the night. It visited less and less as time wore on and the village grew into a town.

They kept the tradition going after the dragon had not been back for many years though. Instead they built a large bonfire in the center of town and roasted a deer or pig which all of them shared and drank and at dawn drank a toast to the dragon.

And that is how the dragon saved Christmas, not just once but many times after.

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Journal Entry: Sat Jul 11, 2015, 2:13 PM
Well, here we are one-third of the way through July.

Flash Fiction Month 2015 is going well. I have been able to write all 10 entries thus far.

If you would like to have a look of all the entries go to:…

For my personal entries there is…

Happy reading!

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