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Blaze and Tyler walked across the crowd, passing by many busy pokemon, looking to all sides searching for their target.

“Oh, come on.” Said Blaze “It is a sceptile with a missing tail, it can’t be that hard to find him!”

“Is that him, ty?” said Tyler, pointing to a pokemon in the distance. In the middle of the crowd, Blaze was able to spot a pokemon in a cloak, tall and with a bush tail that seemed to have a piece missing. It had to be him!

“Yeah, it sure is.” Said Blaze

“So lets get him, ty!” said Tyler as he stepped forward, but Blaze held his tail as he said “Woah, woah, woah! Not like this!”

The small tyrunt was not slowed downb by his hold of his tail, but turned to face him as the Combusken spoke “We can’t fight him in the middle of the crowd. We need to fight him in a place where nobody will get hurt.”

“But how we brign him to one, ty?” as ked Tyler, this got Blaze to think a little. The ninja was related to the Iapanese ambassador, he tried to attack her caravan, so maybe he was still having interest in her. He looked around, and spotted a store of costumes. He smirked to himself “I have an idea.”


The ninja sighed to himself. He was so close, that stupid Hawlucha had to put herself in the middle! Now he was having to run and remain hidden just like some common criminal! His master would surely not be pleased.

If he had just one more chance…

He looked around the crowd, and he spotted a thing that made him double look. The ambassador! He could see her, the white pokemon floating slightly over the ground, there unmistakable shape standing in the crowd.

He just couldn’t believe. This should be his lucky day! He thought that the pokemon from there would keep an shapr eye on her since she arrived, well, seems like he was proved wrong! This, is the chance he was waiting for!

Smirking to himself, he went in her direction calmly. She turned to his direction, and them turned around and hurried through the crowd. He rushed after her across the pokemon in the street.

She made a lot of turns in the streets, passing by many pokemon and wenting far across the street, in hopes of losing him. But he jumped from the ground and from rooftop to rooftop to go after her. She really tho0ught she was going to escape him?

She ran until they were in a dessert place, almost in the edge of the city, far from anyone, and without any place to hide. It was just perfect.

She stopped and looked to the sides as the sceptile landed in the ground and removed his cloak. “Hello, young one.” He said, and she froze in place, her back turned to him. He smirked as he walked forward.

“You have brought me some problem, you know?” he said as he calmly walked in her direction “Your brother is very worried about your attempt to make friends with the people of him, and he seems it as a problem. Don’t think he will spare you just because you’re his sister.”

She still was freeze in the spot, he smirked to himself. “I really thought they would watch over you day and night. I guess I overvaluated them, they more idiots than I thought.”

“We are not!” said her in a voice that wasn’t hers, and turned around quickly, revealing a face like a doll.

“What!?” he exclaimed, as she shook herself, and her Frosslass body fell off to reveal a small Tyrunt under it. The body was just a disguise made out of wood and cloth. “We are smart, and we brought you here!”

“We?” he said, and suddenly he turned around, to see another cloaked figure, that removed his cloak to reveal to be a combusken, who smiled defiantly at him “We just needed to bring you to far from civilians so we could beat you up.”

The Sceptile narrowed his eyes and growled, how he had fallen for this? “You brats!” he said angrily “You dare making me of fool? I’ll make you pay!” He said, as he adopted fighting pose. Both pokemon did the same.

For a long moment, they all just stood there, Sceptile was waiting for they move, while Blaze waited for his, and Tyler… just didn’t had the patient for this.

“TY!” he called as he ran straight to the Sceptile, who smirked, and stood in the place. Tyler hit him straight in the chest, and he was sent flying and landed raising a cloud of dust.

“Yay!” exclaimed Tyler “We did it, the guy was no match, ty!” he said as he made a victory dance. But Blaze then said “Actually not.”

Tyler turned to him, and he was holding the sceptile, but it was a wood dummie!

“He turned into a doll, ty!” said the innocent Tyrunt, but Blaze said “No, he used Substitute.” And the Combusken looked around searching for the pokemon, when suddenly they herd a shout “Banzai!”

And form nothing, a great rock fell over Tyler, buring the small tyrunt under it as it raised a pile of dust that made Blaze cover his eyes. “Tyler!” he called when the dust cleared. And then a laughter could be heard, the Sceptile was cleaning his hands as he looked down “You fools, you really believed you had any chance against me?”

As soon as he said these words, a rumble was heard. Both pokemon turned to the rock, that shook as it suddenly was raised from the ground, with Tyler under it, balancing the rock in his head. The Tyrunt walked out of the hole created and stood there like there was nothing strange, under Blaze’s look and the Sceptile’s shocked face.

“Ty.” He said as he jerked his head and the rock went out of his head and landed in the ground. It almost was like he was shaking off a hat. Tyler looked up to the sceptile, and bared his teeth. The plant type growled, and switly jumped out as he landed right in front of the small dinosaur, and punched him in the gut strong enough to send him flying.

Tyler landed in the ground, and the Sceptile stood there before… “Gaah!” he said as he held his and shook it. That boys skin was hard! It was just like punching a brick wall! While this, Tyler raise form the ground like nothing had happened.

Blaze, once seeing Tyler was okay, turned to the Sceptile and breathed a flamethrower over him. But the gecko pokemon noticed, and swiftly jumped high out of the way. Tyler and Blaze lost him of sight, he was nowhere to be seem.

“Where did he go, ty?” asked Tyler, when suddenly shuriken flew in his direction. “Tyler, look out!” said Blaze as he launched another flamethrower at the shurikens, making they all fall back into the ground.

He ran to his small brother and they both stood there, back-to-back, looking to all sides. More shurikens came, to be intercepted by Tyler’s Ancient Power. The shurikens kept coming from almost everywhere, to be intercepted by Flamethrowers and Ancient Powers. It was becoming boring.

A laugh came from empty space “Foolish kids! You really think you can beat me? I have been trained by the best! Have endured training that would make grow men cry when I was only five years old! You stand no chance against me!”

“Where he is, ty?” asked Tyler, Blaze remained silent; he took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He tried to remember all the places the shuriken had came, and was able to make out a pattern. He heard all around him carefully, as his body suddenly bulked up. He heard all around him as he whispered to Tyler “When I say…” The small tyrunt nodded slightly.

Tyler just stood there, as he suddenly heard a sound coming from his left, something was flying in his direction. He opened his eyes, grabbed Tyler and jumped out of the way. IN the air, he spun himself fast, and threw Tyler.

“Ty!” said Tyler as he flkew straight against the direction. The Sceptile suddenly jumped out of the way when the small Tyrunt jumped hit the place, creating a small crater. As the tree gecko dodge Tyler’s attack, Blaze breathed fire all over him. It hit him straight on, and made him fly backwards.

Blaze landed safely into the round safely, and Tyler yanked his head out of theground and stood there. The sceptile raised a great rock over his head and, with a lot of struggle, threw it in to the two in front of him.

Tyler firmed his feet into the ground and opened his mouth. The Rock hit him straight in it, and he was pushed back, but remained his footing as the rock was in his mouth. He slammed it into the ground as he bite down hard, smashing it into pebbles.

As soon as he did this, the green pokemon jumped in his direction, the leaves in his arms shinning bright and extended, reading for a Leaf Blade. But at the same time, Blaze jumped in his direction, and hit in his gut a fist with crackling electricity, driving the air out of his lungs as he fall back.

The Sceptile tried to recover his breath as he struggles to get up, but Blaze landed right by his side and grabbed his leg.

“Tyler, get ready to get it!” he said, and the small Tyrunt nodded.

Then, summoning all his strength, he started spinning the Sceptile. The green gecko cried out as he was spun like a top with Blaze holding his leg. The Combusken spun him fast, gaining momentum, and finally, he let go, sending the Sceptile straight into Tyler’s direction.

Tyler firmed his footing as the green pokemon flew in his direction, and ran against him. The Sceptiel looked forward just in time to see Tyler jump in his direction.

“Ty!” said th small Tyrunt as he headbutted the plant type into the belly, sending him flying away.

The Sceptile flew; dragging himself through the ground as he finally stopped hitting hard a rock. He was glued in it for a few moments, when he then fell back, revealing a mark in his shape printed in the rock with the strength he had hit. He twitched a little, but remained into the ground.

Blaze panted slightly as his muscles shrunk back to normal, Tyler ran to his side, he wasn’t panting. “We did it, ty?”

Blaze looked at the immobile Sceptile, and sighed “Yeah, we did it.”


Blaze was guiding the tied up Sceptile, who was all tied up in his torso with rope, with some rope tying his mouth, he struggled like hell, what forced Blaze to use Bulk Up to be able to drag him to the prison, Tyler walked right by his side.

“I’m hungry, ty.” Said the small tyrunt, Blaze looked at him “You can eat after we leave this guy into the jail.”

“But I’m hungry! I want to eat now, ty!” whined the dinosaur pokemon, Blaze sighed, he knew that Tyler was going to whine and complain until he got what he wanted. “Okay, you can go eat an apple, just meet me in the park when you’re done.”

“Yay!” said Tyler, as he ran off for an sweet apple, and Blaze resumed to drag the grass-type in direction of the jail. “Just remember that are still other two around! Be careful!”


Tyler had just picked up a great apple, and licked his chops, as he was ready to eat it, when suddenly he tripped, and it escaped his small hands. It rolled over the ground, away from him. “Hey! Wait! Come back, ty!” said the small tyrunt as he got up and ran after the escaping apple.


“Look out!”


“Be careful!”

“You little…”

Tyler went through all the pokemon in his way, paying little attention to them, only caring about his sweet apple.

The apple rolled a little more, until it hit the foot of a pokemon. It was a riolu, who looked curiously at the small fruit that hit his foot. He picked it up and examinated it “What is it?” he said with a strong Iapanese accent.

“Hey!” called a voice, that made him turn to look at the pokemon coming in his direction. His eyes widened as he recognized the small tyrunt that went in his direction, it was one of the Explorers. He adopted a fighting pose and one hand wrent to under his clothes, to grab one knive, ready to fight.

But instead of trying to attack, the tyrunt only stopped in front of him and said “This is my apple, could you give it back, please, ty?”

The riolu stared at him for a few seconds, confused. Tyler looked at him expectantly. The riolu dropped his pose, and looked to the apple at his hand, and then offered it to the tyrunt, who took it happily “Yay! Thanks, ty!”

The riolu smiled nervously at him, and his belly growled. He clutched it slightly, and Tyler noticed “You hungry, ty?” he asked, and the riolu looked at him and nodded. Tyler looked at him, and took the apple in both hands, and easily broke it in half. He offered half of it to the riolu.

The small dog pokemon stared at it disbelieving, the tyrunt was really offering food to him? “Come on, you can eat, ty.” Said the tyrunt with a kind smile. The riolu stared at him, and raised his shaking hands to grab it. Tyler smiled at him, the riolu looked at him, he used his paws to wip out the wetness of his eyes, and said “Itadakimasu!” and gave a huge bite at the apple. Tyler looked at him, not understanding what he just said but said “Yeah, what you said, ty!” and he too bit his apple.

They both ate until the last bite, and both sighed when they finished. “What an yummy apple, ty!” he said, and the riolu agreed “The best thing I ate in days! Arigato, tyrunt san!”

Tyler looked at him for a while “You talk funny, ty.” He said, the Riolu scratched his head as he said “Is not funny. Everybody in Iapan talks like that.”

“Iapan? Is from where the ninjas came, ty!” said Tyler, and then he looked very intently at the riolu “Wait… You are one of the ninja, ty!”

The riolu felt his heart stopping, he backed away a step, ready to be attacked, but instead, Tyler only looked at him “You don’t seem evil like the sceptile, ty.” He said, seeming very calm.

The riolu looked confuse at him, and said “You… aren’t going to attack me?”

“Why would I do that, ty?” Tyler said “You don’t attacked me, and you did nothing wrong, ty.” He smiled kindly at the pup pokemon “Besides, Sundance don’t want you to get hurt, for you are his friend.”

The riolu was really surprised for this “M-Mr. Sundance don’t want me hurt?” he said, with a shaking voice “H-he thinks of me as friend?”

Tyler nodded “Yeah, and if you’re his friend, you must be nice, ty.”

The riolu stared at him, and his eyes started watering, his head went down and he started sobbing. Tyler looked at him “What is wrong, ty?” he said, sounding worried. The riolu looked at him with tears in his eyes, and hugged him.

Tyler was surprised, as the riolu sobbed in his shoulder. Suddenly the tyrunt remembered how himself cried when he was yet younger, and how his parents always comforted him. He hugged the riolu back “There, there. It will be okay, ty.” He said, just wanting to make the pokemon feel better.

The riolu sobbed in his shoulder for a few moments, and stopped, and just remained there, in a hug with the Tyler, before saying “Y-you are still taking me to jail?”

Tyler let go off him, and looked at him sadly in the eyes “They said that when I find you I need to take you to jail, ty.” The riolu looked down “But…” Tyler continued, making the riolu look at him “He didn’t said I had to do it right way, ty.”

The riolu looked for a moment at the smiling pokemon, who then said “So, we can play a little, do you like tag, ty?”


“Tyler!” Blaze called “Tyler! Where are you?” He was searching for the small tyrunt for over twenty minutes “Where is he?” he asked himself, and then he finally spotted the small tyrunt.

He was sitting in the middle of the street “Finally.” Blaze said to himself, when he looked who was right in front of him, and his heart skipped a beat. Sitting in front of Tyler was the ninja riolu, with a knife in his hand!

“Tyler!” he cried as he ran in their direction.

“And this is called kunai” said the riolu at his new friend “It is a battle knife that ninja use.”

“Oooh.” Said Tyler absently minded, when suddenly “Tyler!”

They both turned around to see Blaze running in their direction with top speed, in his arm a Electric Punch ready. The riolu yelped and got up, backing away, but Tyler immediately got in Blaze’s way and said “Blaze, no!”

Blaze arrived seeing Tyler in his way “Tyler, are you hurt? He did anything to you?” the Combusken asked, kneeling in front of his younger brother, but Tyler said “No, he didn’t did anything, we were just talking, he is my friend, ty.”

Blaze looked surprised at him “But Tyler, he is one of them!”

“He is not mean like them, ty!” said the tyrunt very firmly “He is nice, and is a god guy, ty!” His tone was so sure that made Blaze look at him, and then at the Riolu, who seemed to be in fear. He looked back at his brother, and then said “Are you sure?”

“Yes! He played with me, and was nice to me, and we made friends! He was just showing me his ninja stuff, they have so cool things, ty!”

Blaze looked at him, and back at the riolu, he got up and walked in his direction, the riolu backed away another step, but Blaze only stopped in front of him and said “If Tyler say you’re friendly, then you must really be.”

The riolu get calmer at his, and put down the knife, as he smiled weakly. Blaze sighed “But, we still have to give you to the guard.”

“NO!” said Tyler as he got bettwen Blaze and the riolu “We can’t do this! He is friend, ty!” he said, but Blaze said “The guard want him arrested, we can’t protect him without turning into criminals too, and other ones will come for him.”

“We can help, ty! We can explain that he is nice!” Tyler said, wanting to protect his new friend, but the riolu, stepped forward and put a hand in his shoulder “Is okay.” He said “I’ll go to the jail.”

Both pokemon looked at the puppy, who said “I’ll not make you have trouble because of me. I’ll turn myself in, you can deliver me.”

“B-but…” said Tyler, but the riolu said “Is okay. I know I did wrong things, and I know I need to pay for them.” He said looking down, and he took a deep breathe and looked at Blaze “You can guide me to prision.”

Blaze looked at him, feeling suddenly pity for having to do so. He sighed, and put a hand on his shoulder, the dog pokemon then turned to Tyler “Just promise me you will pay me visits now and then.”

Tyler looked at him, and sniffed as he nodded. Suddenly he picked the bag and searched in it for something, he removed a jacket, the jacked he and Blaze had chosen when they joined the Explorers, and handed it to the riolu.

The dog pokemon looked surprised, as Tyler said “I heard the prison is cold, ty.” He said “You need to feel warm, ty.”

The riolu stared at him as Blaze looked slightly surprised. Then suddenly the riolu hugged Tyler. He held him for a few moments, before breaking the hug and picking the jacket. Blaze looked at them, and sighed. He put a hand in the riolu’s shoulder, and said “Lets go.”

The riolu nodded, and they all went in direction of the prison…
And here is the main task of team Ancient Flame, and for this one, they earned na evolution permit, to be used later.

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