Team Ancient Flame - Frosty Festivities Entry

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The snow fell quietly at the circling of Avalodge, the place was surely well made, all carved into ice and with a cold atmosphere all around it. It should be the perfect place for a ice-type to stay indefinitely.

But it was less welcome to other kind of pokemon.

“I’M COLD, TY!” cried out Tyler, the small tyrunt as he was carried, and used his red scarf to envelop the most of his body that he could. Being a Dragon-Type he did not handled could very well.

“Come on, you wanted to come.” Said Blaze as he carried Tyler on his shoulders.

But Blaze was not the same Blaze as before. He was different. He had evolved into a Blaziken.

During one of their walking in the city, they suddenly were attacked by a group of thugs. And during the fight, Blaze suddenly evolved into a Blaziken. Now he was bigger and stronger. Though he was still being the same nice pokemon from before.

Tyler took a while to get used to this new appearance of his older brother, but after he did, he thought of it as the most awesome thing ever!

Now Blaze was bigger, had an awesome look, could reach out the highest things, could carry him anywhere, and was very strong to take care of any meanies.

“But it’s still cold, ty.” Tyler whined, and Blaze could only sigh at his younger brother’s behavior. He entered the place. And meet many pokemon already in there, he walked with Tyler on his shoulder’s, and almost bumped into another pokemon.

It was a Dragalge. Taking a better look, Blaze noticed that the dragon-type was wearing a bridle adorned with stars. And taking an even better look, he saw a small Espurr on his back, ridding him like he was some horse.

At first Blaze thought of it as strange, but, don’t wanting to be rude, he said “Hmmm… Hello?”

The Espurr answered “Hi, nice place in here, no?”
Blaze was going to answer, but Tyler spoke first “It’s cold! Who are you, ty?”

“Tyler!” Blaze censored, and turned back to them “Sorry for this, he is not comfortable in here. I’m Blaze, and this one is my little brother Tyler.”

“Nice to meet you. I’m Serendipity, and this great guy here is Leviathan.” She says happily, and the Dragalge made a happy noise, as if saying “Hello.” the Blaziken could only look at him and smile awkwardly.

So, Serendipity said “So, are you here for the festivities also?”

“Yeah, we are ms. Sereni… Serenini..” Tyler said, trying to spell right her name, and she said “Call me Seren.”

“Okay Seren.” Said Blaze, and then he said “We came here mostly just to see.”

“You mean you aren’t going to participate of the competition?”

“Ty?” said Tyler, and Serten continued “They are helding a competition for the festivities, like ice carving and bobbing apples. In the end who had more points win prizes.”

“Really? Are they cool, ty?”

“They are lanterns, masks, a special drawn of you made by a talented artist and the first place even gets a medal.”

“Yay! Lets enter, ty!” Tyler said as he jumped over Blaze’s head. IN this new shape, this attitude made more to annoy then to hurt.

“What happened to the “I’m cold and wanna go home”?”

“Please Blaze, ty! lets enter and win the prizes, pretty please, ty?” Tyler said with huge baby dino arms (his own version of puppy’s eyes. Blaze looked up to him, and sighed. Yeah, his brother was still a child after all, and this kind of thing had all like his face. Blaze smiled as he said “Okay, I’m in.”

“Yay, ty!” Tyler exclaimed in joy. And Blaze could only chuckle at this. “So, do we have to go to a certain place to get written or is just entering?”

Seren explained to them who they could enter, and so they did. After inscribing their names into the contest, they were ready to get entered. And the pokemon gave them a special blu colored pod. He said it was body paint.

“Why would we need it?”

“To enter in the festivities spirit.” Said the pokemon “They do like it in Iapon. It is to symbolize lots of things.”

Tyler and Blaze shared and look, and Blaze looked back at the pod of light-blue paint. He then nodded. “Well, I guess that if it is for entering in the competition.” He said as he dipped his fingers into the paint.

Soon, Blaze was walking into the center of the place, with many markings of light-blue paint all over his body, in circling and spirals patterns. He looked rather good. There was paint around his eyes like a shadow, and some over his forehead, making the symbol of a spiraling flame.

Everyone had their looks at him. But their attention was diverged as a drum was heard. In the stage, two pokemon were playing big drums. A blue colored nidoran and a small charmander. The nidoran wore a red colored kimono, while the charmander wore a blue colored one, and both had pieces of hope looped in their heads, like bandanas. They both smiled as they played the drums with rhythm and spirit. It was almost like they were putting their spirits off into the blue. Like the drums manifested the beats of their own hearts. And their hearts were beating in a perfect harmony.

They must be related Blaze thought, seeing them like that had bring warm over his heart. He felt very good for seeing them both like that.

“Okay!” said Cassidy “Now lets get this party started! For the first part, we will have a competition of ice sculptures. Each participant will receive a block of solid ice!” he said as some blocks of ice were moved to in front of the participants “You will have to turn it into an sculpture by the best ways you can. We will evaluate size, detail and, of course, beauty. And please, lets try to remain serious, nothing vulgar! There are kids in here!”

Blaze stood right in front of his own ice block. He looked at the other participants. Between them there were a blue colored corsola and a light-purple banette with a pink coat and a big friendly smile on her face. They seemed to be in the same team, and the banette seemed to be jumping out of pure excitement.

On other corner there was a Tepig and a Pachirisu with a long and fluffy tail. And Next to them, there was a single Braixen with an small cloth around her neck, a Apricorn Ocarina hanging from her neck as a necklace, and a really great staff with her, she was sitting in her hind quarters and seemed ready to act.

“Get ready…” said Cassidy, and everyone took their positions, Blaze could hear Tyler cheering for him in the crowd “…GO!”

It was all that needed to be said as the pokemon walked to the blocks separated to each of them, and started working. The blaziken could hear Tyler cheering for him in the crowd “Go on, Blaze! You can do it, ty!”

Blaze stood in front of his own block, wondering what he should do.

Maybe a great Swana? No, too fancy, and cliché. Maybe a frosslass? No, would seem that he was trying to please the ambassador to get advantage. Maybe a big ball… Nah, it was too simple. Maybe…

Blaze stopped for a moment… Should he...?

Time seemed to stand still as Blaze reflected about this. It was good. He could do. And It would be a good way of paying honors to them…

He decided, he was going to do it!

Taking a deep breath, Blaze faced the ice block in front of him, and then, raised his leg. His foot was enveloped into flames. Blaze had learned Blaze Kick when he evolved. Of course, he had to forgot who to use Thunder Punch, but he wasn’t complaining.

Then, with a very precise move, he swirled his flaming foot around the block, making it melt in specific parts.

The crowd watched the Blaziken with particular interest as he worked out the ice with his flames.

Blaze danced around the block, melting every part of it with his flames by moving his foot around it with very precision. In some parts, he had to use his Flamethrower to be more accurate. The crowd was still watching him, it was like a mix of a show and a sculpting, and Blaze was surely going to earn points because of it.

Blaze was slowly making the ice take form, it seemed to be two figures similar to him. But Blaze had not stopped yet. He kept dancing and modeling the ice with his Blaze Kick, making it melt. Minutes went by, and, just a few seconds before the bell rang, Blaze had finished his work.

The entire crowd was marveled at the image he made out of ice without even touching it. It were two Blazikens, one of them, the taller one, was holding the hand of  a Combusken, while the other, was carrying a Tyrunt in it’s arms. The details were amazing, it was even possible to make out their smiles in the ice.

The crowd cheered for everyone, some had made some bigger and more detailed works them Blaze, but he was okay. He had done that one with heart, and that was what mattered. He did his very best.

He turned back o they crowd, everyone was cheering, but he saw that Tyler was not. He was looking straight to the ice. His face didn’t had emotion at all, he just seemed interested.

For a moment, Blaze wondered if it was a bad idea. He walked to the small Tyrunt “Tyler?”

“Ty?” the small dino pokemon looked at him, and Blaze asked “Are you okay?”

The small pokemon nodded, and went back to gazing at the ice block. After a few seconds, a

Blaze looked at him, and sighed. He sat by his side, and put a hand on his shoulder, and said “Yeah, I know they would like.” The small Tyrunt looked at him. Blaze gave him a smile, and the kid smiled back.

“Okay now!” Cassidy called everyone “Now is time for the sport events! Everybody who wants to participate follow me outside!”

“Yay! Lets go, ty!” cried Tyler as he jumped and ran happily after Cassidy. Blaze stood behind a few moments, before opening a smile and chuckling as he said “That’s my brother.” And he walked after him to the outside.

In the outside, there was snow slowly falling down, glowing white. In the  open field, was some sport equipment, including some balls of various sizes and shapes, rackets and bats. As well as some cloths, as if to separate the teams if they decided to make it in teams.

“Okay now, you decide to what sport you will have!” said Cassidy “There will be judges to bge sure that the rules are followed and to see how well you can play! Just don’t cheat by using moves, we want a fair game and fun for everyone! Okay, now you can choose your games.”

Tyler ran off to the equipment as other pokemon were already on it. Tyler almost  bumped into a small Charmander, who cried out in surprise and almost fell backwards. A Blue colored Nidoran came forward, “Hey, watch where you walk into! My son is here!” it said, with a male voice.

Tyler looked curiously at the Nidoran. Blaze cam right next to him, and the small Tyrunt said “Blaze, this woman has a man’s voice, ty!”

“I’m a man.” Said the Nidoran, and Blaze quickly rushed to say “Sorry ‘bout that, he is young.” He said as he patted Tyler’s head “Sorry about this, I’m Blaze, and this is my little brother Tyler.”

The Nidoran eyed him, seemed to become a bit more comfortable, but still careful. The Charmander, on other hand, seemed very much more friendly, he stepped forward and said “I’m Drachyor, and this is my dad!”

The Nidoran looked up, and said “Name is Slashter.” He said, and Blaze for the first time noticed that both had scarfs around their necks. The Nidoran having a longer one, both yellow. The Nidoran looked and said “So, you two are brothers?”

“It is strange that a Blaziken and a Tyrunt be brothers?” asked Blaze, and after as few seconds, the Nidoran smiled “Not even a little.” As he said that, a blue colored Zangoose come closer. He was using a reseacher’s coat, and the left arm was tied along his neck, revealing he had just one arm, and he had a scar over his eye.

“This is my brother Marcos.” Said the Nidoran, gesturing to the Zangoose, who smiled and complimented them.

Blaze smiled back at him, they seemed to be getting along quite nicely. And Tyler stepped forward “What a cool family, ty!” and he directed to the Charmander “Sorry for bumping in you, ty. I was in a rush.”

Dracyor smiled “Is okay. Tyler right?”

“Yeah, but you may call me Ty, ty.”


“No, ty! Just Ty, ty.”

Dracyor looked at him for a few moments, before getting it “Oh, okay, Ty.”

Both of them smiled, and the adults only laughed

“Well, they seem to already like each other.” Said Slasther “So, you will play some kind of game?”

“Yeah, we were thinking about it, but we don’t quite know what to choose.”

“What about a team game?” Slashter suggested. “You can also be on our team if you want.” The Nidoran said as he winked to them, and Tyler jumped “Yay! Can we Blaze? Say we can, please, ty!”

Blaze looked at him, and smiled “Yeah, playing in teams is more fun then playing on your own.”

“Yay!” Tyler cheered, and Dracyor cheered with him, both making some short of victory dance. Blaze chuckled, and asked Slashter “So, this game you had in mind. What kind of game is?”

The NIdoran smiled at him, and said “Guess you will like.”

Soon after, Slashter was wearing a yellow colored shirt with the number 2 printed in it. In his feet, he was kicking a ball, and making several maneuvers with it, keeping it in the air just using his feet, balancing it in his head and  even receiving it in his chest before sending it back ot his feet.

Blaze, Tyler and Dracyor were watching, they were using similar clothing, respectively, with the numbers 3, 4 and 1. Tyler looked at him completely amazed, as well as Dracyor, very proud of his father’s talent. Even laze looked at him with a lot of interest in this curious game.

Slashter had explained the rules. There were two places, set between two stakes, that were the marks, the objective of the team was to make the ball cross the mark and hit the net, making a point. They could not use their hands, just their feet, heads and chest, and touching the ball with the hands or arms was a fault. There was also a whole set of other rules, that Slashter and Dracyor took turns explaining.

Tyler had just fallen in love with this game “Yay! Lets play it, ty!” Blaze could only chuckle, and Slashter said “Yeah, but it’s a teams game, remember. We need another team to go against us.”

“Awwww.” Said Tyler, and Blaze thought of maybe they dividing in pairs, but seems like luck wanted them to play together, for in this moment someone approached. “What game are you playing?”

They turned around, and Blaze recognized the violet colored banette with the pink cloak from the sculpting contest. By her side it was the same blue Corsola. The Banette had a happy look in her face “I saw you doing it with the ball from far, miss!” she said to Slashter “I’m not-” he tried to say, but she continued “It seems to be so fun! Can we play with you? Please?”

Blaze and Slashter shared a look “We were searching for someone to make another team.” The Nidoran said with a smile, and the Banette, as answer, jumped of joy. The Corsola also smiled, but seemed to be more timid.

“We want to join too!” called another ones, and they turned around to see a Flaaffy with a small Ducklett in the head. The Ducklet called out “We really want to play, please?”

“Of course!” said Dracyor “The more the better!”, and the Flaffy said “Nice of you. It will be nice to play a game in here, and it seems to be fun.”

“Yeah, it is!” said Dracyor “It is very fun! The more ‘mon come to play the better!” Slashter chuckles “That’s my son.” He says as he pets Dracyor’s head. Tyler looks at them as they interacted. They seemed a very happy family. Blaze noticed, and coughed “So, if the teams are already set…”

“Wait!” some one called, and looking over, they saw a Litwick floating in their direction, behind her, a Kirlia with a long black coat. The Litwick floated closer and said “You are doing a game? My friend Angora can participate!”

The looks turned to the Kirlia, who was a bit shy and said an uneasy “Hi.” And said no further more, she seemed not very comfortable of being around so many pokemon. Blaze said “Sure, if she wants.”

The Kirlia nodded, and stepped forward. But Dracyor said “But now their team has five pokemon and we only have four!”


They turned around, and found out two pokemon. A Squirtle with a brim hat and a Bulbasaur with the vines outstretched. “Someone called for reinforcements?” asked the Squirtle, and Slashter said “Tays! Mayara! Good to see you girls. Care to join us for a game?”

“Absolutelly!” said the Bulbasaur, and walked forward with the squirtle, and stood next to the rest of the new team.

“But now we are in disadvantage.” Said the Kirlia Angora. Then someone said “I think I might have the solution.”

The eyes turned and fallen over a very handsome Glameow that was wearing a broad brim hat, by his side was a Crawdaunt that did not looked very friendly.

“You will join us?”

“Me? No! I can’t affort having my fur dirty.” He said “But I can offer to you my dear partner Irma to play with you” he finished, gesturing to the Crawdaunt by his side, who quickly turned to him “What?!? Oh, on! Stop right there! You don’t speak in my name!”

“Oh, come on.” Said the Glameow to his parent Irma “They just want to play a game. Can’t you be nice to them just this once? Besides, if you just pretend to have fun, you might even end up really having fun.”

Irma looked at him, and at the other pokemons. Tyler, Dracyor and the Bannete made puppy’s eyes as they said “Pleaaaaaase?”

She looks at them for a few seconds, before finally giving in “Okay… Bu you will own me a big one!” she says to the Glameow, who only smirks and gets his hat right.

“So, guess the teams are set!” Said Slasther, but then the Bulbasaur said “But they still are in disadvantage!” All the eyes turned to her “Lili and Lala don’t want to be in a team separate to mine!”

“Who?” asked Tyler

“Lili and Lala!” she said, gesturing to her vines “They don’t want to be in the opposite team, right?” the vines them seem to nod at her.

Everybody stares at her for a few seconds, Angora even gives a step back. Irma whispers in Slashter’s ear “Is she dangerous?”

“She is a very kind girl and likes to help others.” He answers, and Irma replies, “You didn’t answered the question.”

“Ahem!” said Dracyor stepping forward “I guess that Lili and Lala can stay by your side while you play.” He said to the bulbasaur “But they have to promise they won’t get in the way nor hurt anyone. Can you promise that? Lili? Lala?” He spoke straight to the vines, that seemed to look at each other and then nod.

“Yay! We all we play!” cried out the bulbasaur. Everyone stared at her, and Irma whispered out “If her head splits open and a baby swallow fly from inside there I must get scared or act normal?”

“So, Lets get on position! Rememeber, the objective is make the ball go through the posts into the web, only the defenders can use the hands to touch the ball, everyone else must use only the legs, head and chest, maybe even tail if you have one!”

And soon after, Mayara, Slashter, Dracyor, Blaze, Tyler and Tays were all in the same team wearing yellow colored shirts. The others formed another team, Irma, Angora, and the other two teams formed another.

Blaze put himself to defend the “goal” like Slashter called, while the others were going to do the attacking part, taking the ball to the opposite side. In the other team, Irma got to protect the goal, which she left most of it protected just by her size, and she didn’t had to interact much with others. Marcos, the Zangoose, was fitting the place of judge.

“Okay, is forbidden to make the other fall, to use any moves and thrown dirty as well as hitting! I want a fair game! No cheating and no bad speaking of anyone’s mother! Okay, get ready! Set! Start!”

And with that said, he used a strange claw, formed by psychic energy, he threw the ball forward, it landed in the center of the stage, and as it landed, Tyler immediately ran after it, at the same time that Luna, the Banette, ran at it. Tyler arrived firstly, and kicked it. Lane had to dodge the speeding ball that moved as fast as a bullet. The other pokemon dodged it, and it flew straight at the goal.

Irma stood still, and used his big claw to hit the ball and make it fly back into the field bettwen the goals. Soon after, she looked at her claw, and fanned it. That kid had kicked hard! How could he be so strong being so small? He had to have used a move!

The ball flew back, and Tays, the squirtle, was waiting “It’s mine!” She said, and she received it in her chest, and it fell back to the ground. She was running while kicking it, carrying the thing with his feet as she went in the direction of the enemy goal.

As she did, Angora, the Kirlia, now without her cloak, was in front of her, ready to stole it from her. Tays stopped in front of her, and she made some maneuvers, trying to pass by Angora, but she seemed determined not to lose the ball.

Tays was starting to become worried, and then, in the corner of her eye, she saw Slashter running, waving at her. Smirking to herself, she made a quick kick to him, and he was ready to receive it, when a blue streak flew and hit forward, it was Goseeka, the Ducklett, and he was able to intercept it and move it forward using his head as he flapped his wings.

The other pokemon noticed, and Dracyor and Tyler went after Goseeka, both running pretty fast. The small Ducklet was able to push the ball, but it wasn’t as fast since he was still very small, so soon Tyler and Dracyor made a barrier in front of him.

Goseeka quacked loud, and jumped over the ball, and started running. His running made the ball roll, and go into the opposite direction, leaving both pokemon dumb folded. Goseeka took some distance from them, and hearing a whistle, he saw the Banette weaving at him.

He nodded, and jumping over the ball, he made it bounce, and hit it with his head, making it fly and land right in the feet of the Banette, who smirked and started once again running in direction of the goal. Slashter was now running right to her side, and was easily catching up with her. He even went forward and was now running backwards as he faced her.

She looked surprised at him, and he smirked, and got ready to stole the ball of her. But she made a quick move and the ball flew over his head, and landed behind him, where she took it back, and kicked.

The ball ended in front of the Flaaffy, who received in her head and sent it back to her feet, she ran in direction of the goal, that was now 15 feet of her. When in her way appeared Mayara, with her vines outstretched, and both seemed to be looking at her. The Flaaffy stood in front of the Bulbasaur for a moment, as they vines moved upwards, seemed to be looking to all sides, but the Bulbasaur had eyes only for her.

The flaaffy made a few feints, but the Bulbasaur seemed to be very focused on her. She sighed, and made a bold move. She made a mortal flip carrying the ball with her feet, and once in the air, she kicked the ball over the bulbasaur.

Mayara’s eyes widened as the ball was above to go over her, and she turned around to ran, but the ball was faster. It flew straight to the goal, and was about to cross the mark, when a three clawed hand grabbed it in midair. It was Blaze, he smirked, and could see Slashter giving him a thumbs up, before he threw the ball forward, to the other side of the field.

All the players ran after the ball, everyone aiming to get a better acess to it. Finally it landed in front of Gooseka, and he gave a kick that sent it to the Corsola, and she was ready to receive it, when Tays suddenly got into way and intercepted the ball, taking hold of it, and taking it to the other side, passing by the enemy players, but now, Angora, the Banette and the Flaaffy were forming a barrier around her, all of them aiming to stop her progress.

“She can’t get through, ty!” said Tyler, who was a few feet away from them, with Dracyor by his side “And they are as strong as us, ty!”

“Well, I guess this means it IS a fair game.” Said Dracyor

“But I’d like to win.” Said Tyler, and Dracyor said “Me too. Guess we will have to use strategy.”


“Listen to me, I’ve got a plan…”

Tays was trying her best to go through the ‘mon that were blocking her way, but they seemed determined not to let her pass. And Angora, the Kirlia, seemed also very determined to take the ball away from her, being almost aggressive at this matter.

“Tays!” a voice called, making the Squirtle look to her side, and see Dracyor waving his short arms at her. She understood the situation and swiftly take the ball of the groud and headbutted it to the charmander, who almost went ot the ground when he received it.

The adversary ‘mon got it and ran after the Charmander, who said “Now, Tyler!”, and form nothing, then small Tyrunt dashed out of nowhere and took the ball from the Charmander, like it was planned since the beginning.

The other pokemon tried to go after him, but the Tyrunt was able to dodge each of them and make good maneuvers with the ball. He seemed to make them dance around him while trying to snatch the ball away, and after one minute, he turned his attention to the goal with a fierce look in his face, and ran for it.

In the goal, Irma saw the Tyrunt ran in her direction, and she did remembered perfectly how strong the small pokemon was, despite his small size. She knew he was going to try to make a point again, and was ready to intercept it with the best of her skills.

“TY!” Tyler cried out as he jumped fomr the ground in direction at the goal, with the ball right in front of him. Irma immediately assumed he was going to give it a headbutt and send it to the goal, but she was not going to let.

Imediattely she jumped to her side, and was ready to intercept the ball with her claws as soon as Tyler three it. But he didn’t.

Instead, the Tyrunt smiled, and made a quick turn, and hit the ball with his tail, sending it to the side. Irma’s eyes widened as she followed the ball, and saw Dracyor on the other end of the goal, ready to receive the ball. This was the real plan, they would focus on Tyler so no one was going to keep an eye for him.

As the ball flew to Dracyor, he ran, and jumped, he hit the ball straight with his two legs, sending it forward, straight into the goal. It passed the stack, and hit the net behind them. They had just made a goal!

The team cheered as Dracyor jumped in the place, suddenly he was grabbed and hugged tight as Tyler jumped “It worked! It worked, ty!” Dracyor was a but out of air as Tyler hugged him “T-T-Tyler… Too tight…”

Tyler let go off him, and he feel back to the ground. And Slasther soon was by his side “That is my son.” He said, carrying the boy over his shoulder, making him smile. Irma only looked at them, and thought to herself So, the Tyrunt is not the only one I must keep my eye on in this game…

“Okay now!” Cald Marcos, making everyone look at him “Back to your places! We will resume the game now!” Everyone quickly took the position again, and the ball was thrown, and then, Angora quickly run forward and stolen the ball, quickly making swift dodges around every single player. She seemed more determined than ever.

Even Slasther was surprised by her sudden mood She must really be very competitive He thought as she dashed past him. Tyler tried to stop her, but she jumped over him with the ball, leaving him stunned.

She was right in front of the goal, and ready to kick. Blaze too was ready to protect the mark, he had his eyes turned right to her. She was ready to kick, and her foot just hit the ball, and Blaze was about to jump and grab it…

“Hey there, you red butt!” someone called. Blaze looked confused, and in that, the ball went past him and into the net. Blaze realized too late that he had lost it, and them the voice came again.

“Ha! Look at it! The Red Butt there can’t even protect a spot between two poles! Bet he can’t caught even a cold!”

Everyone turned to the source of the voice, and they meet a smirking Snivy with blood-red eyes and sharpteeth. By his side, was a Zoroark that seemed not as happy as him, actually, seemed a little scared. This Zoroark had a face that remembered more the one of a Zorua.

“Hey you!” called Slashter “What is the big deal?”

“Oh, nothing miss.” He said mocking “Just noticing that your firend Red Butt can’t protect his mark!”

“Why you!” Slashter was ready to go to him when he was stopped by Dracyor “No dad! Lets keep playing, lets forget about him!”

Slashter looked at him son and at the grinning Snivy, he sighed, and they decided to resume the game, hopping that the stupid guy would go away.

But the guy seemed to have other plans

“Ha, you call that a kick?” he said when the blue corsola tried to land a kick into the ball, what made her lose her balance and fall.

“I think we need a smaller ball for you, shorty!” he said as Gooseka was trying to get the ball to the opposite side.

“No wonder nothing goes past that crab! Do you see how fat she is?” he said about Irma, who in turn looked at him with an absolutely murderer look in her eyes.

“They let people with mental hazards play now? Ha, she really think her vines are alive!” he said about Mayara, who seemed to be talking to Lala and Lili as he spoke it, she immediately had tears in her eyes, and Tays stood for her

“Hey, she is my sister!”

“And you didn’t put her in the mad house yet?” he said with a cruel grin.

“Hey, what is your problem?” said Marcos “You want just to make everyone feel bad? You are such a jerk!”

“Maybe…” he said with a smirk “But at least I have my two arms…

“Hey! Stop that, ty!” said Tyler as he ran in his direction “Why are you being so mean?”

The Snivy smirked at him “Oh, I don’t know. Why are you such a loser?”

Before anyone could see, Blaze gave a jump, and landed right in front of the snivy, with a severe look in his face “Get out. Now.” He said calmly but fiercely at him, letting very clear that he was not going to let him keep insulting everyone.

The Snivy looked at him, and shrugged “Yeah, you all are so bad at this that mocking you would be far too easy. Lets go.” He said as he turned around and walked away, the Zoroark even tried to say something but the Snivy called “Hey, idiot!” and so, he could do nothing more than an apologizing look and walk after his Snivy partner.

“What is his problem?” said Slasther who was right besides Blaze, and the great Blazilken said “I don’t know. Maybe he is just a jerk.”

The game went on without further incidents, and so, Cassidy soon announced “Okay everyone, now come the Apple Bobbling contest! Right here we have lots of tubs with water and many apples in it! You have to catch the apples now using nothing more than your mouth! Don’t use hands, tails or physic powers!”

“Yay! I’m in it, ty!” cried out Tyler as he ran to one of the great tubs in there, leaving Blaze behind him. Blaze had to run to catch up with the small Tyrunt.

Arrinving in there, he saw the same Corsola and Banette who played with him, along with Gooseka and his Flaaffy friend, and even a Tepig and a Pachirisu that he saw before in the ice sculpting contest. They all were diving their heads into the tubs, trying to catch up an apple, and the Corsola should have been the first to come with one, while the Pachirisu was having problems fitting a whole apple in her mouth.

Tyler jumped over and supported himself in the edge of the tub with his little arms, while Blaze was ready to help him if he needed. The dinosaur pokemon looked at the water and the apples in it for a few moments, and let out a “Ty!” as he dove his water in it with a huge splash, making everyone looke at him.

Not even five seconds later, he got his head up, and everyone gasped. Tyler had in his mouth not only one, but six whole apples!

Blaze just couldn’t help but chuckle at the scene, and Tyler bit down the apples, chewed them, and gulped them all at once “Nhumy, ty!” he said, and Blaze could do nothing more than laugh as everyone soon laughed too.

After a while, the Apple Bobbing finally ended, and Cassidy happily announced “Okay boys and girls! Now came the part many of you were waiting for! Lets get into the dancing contest! You can dance with a pair or alone, and even use a move or two to make your presentation better! But don’t overdue it! We don’t want any damage!”

And soon, pokemon were dancing all over the place, and Blaze could see Gooseka and his Flaaffy friend dancing in a corner, while the Tepig and Pachirisu made some several moves while they danced. The music was provided by a group of musician pokemon, who played some dancing music for everyone, giving the rhythm.

Tyler was making several moves, making some jumps, spinning and trying to move his small arms, as he made his best he could of a dancing. Blaze smiled at his younger brother trying to have a good dancing.

“You call that dancing?” called someone near “Seems more like you’re trying to stomp bugs.”
The both looked, and saw the same Snivy from earlier.

“You again!” said Blaze “Why don’t you go bother someone else?”

The Snivy looked at him, and grinned “That’s a great idea chicken.” And without saying anything else, he turned around, and went to bother the other dancers. In his way, he messed with a Mawile and a Dratini, making several comments about their way of dancing.

“Why he is so mean, ty?”

“Think he just don’t like other pokemon.” Said Blaze “Or maybe he feels bad about something and want others to feel bad too.”

“He is very mean, ty.” Said Tyler, and Blaze said “Yeah, he surely seems to be mean. But lets avoid talking about him, there is no use ruining our day because of him.”

“Yeah, ty!” said Tyler “You can dance, Ty!”

Blaze was taken back “Me?”

“Yeah, you are good at everything! And you can give them a good show of dancing! Please, I want that prizes, ty!” the small Tyrunt pleaded with big dinosaur eyes. Blaze looked at him for a few moments, and sighed, smiling softly “Alright.”

And soon, Blaze was taking the front line, in the middle of the dancers, with Tyler looked at him happily. Blaze took a deep breath, and moved his legs, getting position before making his first move.

Then, Blaze made a swift jump, making a mortal in the air, and landed in his feet, making a rhythmic dancing in place, moving his legs and making very skilled spins. Soon the other dancers were looking at him as he moved himself in place, and Tyler clapped “That is it, Blaze! Show them, ty!”

Blaze proceeded with his dance, making several moves of dancing as the others had their eyes turned to him. Blaze decided to try a step further, and ignited his feet, and started making several jumps and moving his legs into the air, leaving a trail of flames and ashes in the way his feet moved.

Everybody got marveled at his skills, and Blaze kept doing his moves, sending each leg in the air and making mortals of flames. Blaze sighed, and decided to finalize his presentation. With the great of the music in the way, Blaze jumped spinning in the air as he breather flames around himself, turning into an aerial tornado of flames, making everybody get completely marveled.

He stayed into the air for one, two, three, four, five whole seconds before the flames went down and he landed back into earth with grace and style. Everybody clapped at him. Blaze raised his eyes, and in the crowds, he saw the same Snivy, who seemed to have nothing to criticize in his way of dancing, since he simply turned around and walked away.

Blaze stood there, receiving the clapping form the other pokemon around, and smiled as Tyler ran to him.

Soon after, they were in a table in the inside, taking a break as they took a few refreshments, Blaze was having oran berry juice while Tyler got apple juice.

“Nice moves in there.” Said a voice, and Blaze turned to meet Slashter, with Dracyor by his side, and also Marcos and a Seviper by his side. For a moment Blaze was worried that Marcos and the Seviper were going to fight, but they seemed to be in peaceful terms. “Mind if we sit?” asked Slasther, and Blaze happily accepted them in his table.

The Seviper was introduced as Sabrina, and she was Marcos teammate and in her own words “Marcos’ sweetheart”. This surprised both Blaze and Tyler.

“But I thought Seviper and Zangoose hated each other, ty.”

“Normally they do. But I just can’t help liking Marcos.” She said, hugging him with her boyd, making him sweat drop, Blaze noticed that she also had a missing eyes, and the blade of her tail was missing, having a red ribbon in place. Maybe they had gone through something serious together?

They all had their drinks, with Slasther drank some oran berry whine and Dracyor had orange juice. “He is addicted to orange.” Slasther whispered to Blaze, who chuckled. And Marcos and Sabrina shared some juice.

Next to their table, Blaze could notice Irma and her Glameow friend, sitting with Gooseka and the Flaaffy who he still didn’t had gotten the name, along with the Tepig and Pachirisu. Also, in their table was the shiny Banette and Corsola, and also two other pokemon he didn’t knew: a Meowstic who drank her refreshment calmly and a Pansage who was eating a lot of food in front of himself. And even had another pokemon, a Buizel that seemed only to be relaxing in the chair as he seemed to be loving being there only drinking a refreshment and relaxing.

“So, where do you guys live?” asked Slasther, bringing Blaze back into the table and their current state. “What? Oh! Well, we… we… We are finding a way of living. You known, form one place o other, since we are on our own.”

“Where are you parents?” asked Dracyor, and immediately the ambient changed. Blaze looked down, and so did Tyler. Blaze said a few moments “They died. Around two years ago.”

There was along moment of silence, and Slasther said “I’m sorry. I know what is like to lose someone you love. Really.”

Blaze sighed, and nodded at him “Thank you.” Dracyor said “So… you don’t have home?”

“We live where we can. We don’t have lot of money to pay, but we can stay I a place or other for a day or two.” Blaze said “We find our way.”

“But you don’t have a permanent home?” asked Marcos, and Blaze shook his head “no.”

“You can live with us!” sadi Dracyor, and Blaze and Tyler turned to him “In your house?”

“Yeah!” said Dracyor “In the Rollout Lodge!”

“That is a good idea.” Said Marcos, and Sabrina nodded.

“What is this place, ty?”

“It is an inn.” Said Slashter “An inn with several rooms for all king of pokemon, where you receive a place to stay, breakfast and dinner for free, and they give special discount for guild members.”

Blaze looked at him, and shared a look with Tyler. Yeah, the place seemed a good option, but they were still having the issue of the money.

“We have little money.” Said the Blaziken “Guess we would have a little problem to pay for it.”

“Then you can work in the house.” Said Marcos, granting him their attention “Instead of paying with money, you can pay by working around as house keeper.”

Blaze considered it. He was already used to make work, and he didn’t mind taking care of the house in trade for food and a place to stay. And Tyler was also already old enough to maybe start learning to do something.

“It is very good!” said Tyler “Can we live there, Blaze? Can we, please? Pretty please, ty?” he said with his puppy’s eyes. Blaze sighed and chuckled. Yeah, maybe there was no way of saying “no” to his brother when he used that tactic.

“Yeah, we can live in there.” Said Blaze “Just tell the owners to prepare a room with two beds. One of them to a really tall pokemon.”

“Yay!” Tyler cheered, and so did Dracyor, and Slashter raised a toast “To the newest guests of the Rollout Lodge!” and everybody toasted with him. And so their talk continued, talking about the place and about what kind of shores Blaze would do by being a housekeeper.

“Okay, lads and gurls!” called Cassidy “Now we go outside for the fireplaces, and hope you have something good to share with everyone, because now is the storytelling contest! Put on your best skills to tell a great story, or simply sit around the fire to hear one! Now, lets get moving!”

So everyone went outside, there was night, and there was several fireplaces in there, with ‘mons, sitting around the fire and telling all kind of stories. Some of them used masks and other things to help tell the story better.

By passing at one of the fire places, he could see the same Snivy from before, and he was telling some scary story, judging by the way everyone was looking at him. He had a great smirk in his face, and seemed to really like scaring poor pokemon like that, including his Zoroark friend.

They stopped in their own fireplace, far from that Snivy (what Blaze was extremely thankful for). Him, Tyler, Slasther, Dracyor, Marcos, Sabrina, Tays, Mayara, Gooseka and his Flaaffy friend, and Irma and her Glameow friend.

So they started telling stories, Irma’s friend, Shimshon, told a story about a group of Glameow’s who got lost of their mother and went through an old forest to find their way back home.

Then was Marcos time, who told a story about how he and Sabrina first meet, a story that got Blaze really very surprised, and that Tyler really loved. Than was Slasther turn, and he told a story about an powerful pokemon who lived near an old mountain and who once had to fight against another pokemon of great power, and how their battle ranged for two days and he was finally able to defeat the enemy and protect his land and his loved ones.

“Okay, who is next?” asked Slasther as he finished his story. And Tyler was the first to spoke “Oh! Oh! Blaze is next, ty!”

“Me?” asked the Blaziken looking at his small companion, who smiled at him “Yeah, you can tell a story now, ty!”

Blaze looked at everyone, who had their eyes turned to him. He really wasn’t sure about what kind of story to tell to them. Tyler them said “Tell one of the stories mommy used to tell to us for sleep!”

Blaze looked at him for a few moments, and nodded. The great avian pokemon got up and walked in everyone’s sight, and was ready to tell a story. He stood in front of them, looking at the fire, and sighed, before starting.

“My mother once told me about an old story.” He spoke in front of everyone “A story about our world making, and about the ones that took part on it.” All eyes now were on him as he spoke.

“She told me about her. About the one that held all of us dearly, and who she had meet long ago.”

Everyone had their full attention on him, wanting now to know what he had to say.

“She told me that, before meeting my father, when she was around my own age, she wandered into the forest, and she got lost. In there, she wandered for a long time, until she heard something, it was a call of no creature she knew.”

“She told me that she went after that call, and that she meet a strange light. There was many lights into the creature, and that it shined like a rainbow, each light seemed to be the one of a different colored star.”

“She tried to approach the creature, and the lights seemed to become stronger, as the creature retreated away form her.”

So other pokemon, that were passing near, were stopping to hear. Between them were Seren and Leviathan, a Furret with an hat and a Purrloin with hair-like fur in her head and a blue vest, and a Braixen with a great staff, an orange and yello neckband, and an apricorn ocarina around her neck companied by a tall Sneasel with black bandages in his hands and one eye red and the other green.

“She tried to talk to the creature, and as she approached it, she felt a feeling of peace and grace. The creature seemed to not want to talk, but yet, she tried to come closer to the creature, and ask where the exit was.”

All eyes were turned to him now as he continued “The creature, by hearing this, turned around and walked away, she followed the creature, and she noticed that, as she walked, there seemed to be flowers in the path, like the creature was walking on a path of flowers, or even like the creature made them sprout just by stepping in the ground.”

The eyes were turned to him, the Furret seemed to take special attention to his words, as well as the Sneasel, who had his eyebrow raised. The Braixen seemed to be marveled by such creature, as well as Seren and Dracyor, and Leviathan also looked at him with interest.

“She followed the creature, who jumped and ran across the forest without what seemed to be a certain path. She could follow the creature by the light of it, by the flowers in it’s way, and by the sound of it’s hoofs in the ground.”

“She followed the creature for several minutes, and it seemed to be guiding her to somewhere. After a long time, she ended into a clearing, and the creature now faced her. The creature walked closer, and approached it’s face, or what seemed to be it’s face, from her. She was able to look into the creatures light for a few moments, before a sudden burst of light made her cover her eyes. When she opened them again, the creature was nowhere to be seen. There was no proof it had ever been there, safe for the many flowers that had sprou in the exact place it stood.”

The public was good, they had good reactions and paid attention to every one of his words. Some seemed to be more interested in the story than others, and in different details. But all of them got interest in the story and were listening carefully.

“Soon after the creature left, she was meet in the clearing by her parents. They were very happy for seeing her well, and said that they had been called by a sweet voice there, where they would find her. She always remembered that event, but she never knew who or what was the creature.”

And with that, Blaze finished his story, and was applauded by many pokemon. He smiled as everyone seemed to have liked it. He suspected they would. This was one of the many stories his mother told him and Tyler, and was his favorite.

Of course, there was a few questions afterwards, like, “this story is truth?” “she really didn’t knew what creature was that?” “She ever saw the creature again?” “Where did she meet the creature exactly?”

After answering the best he could the questions, he went back to his place, and it was time for the others to tell their own stories.

Later on, Tyler was almost asleep in his arms, and Slasther asked “That was a really good story. That did really happened?”

Blaze only nodded in answer “That was what mom told us.” Slasther nodded “So, you said she died?”

Once again Blaze nodded “We were young.” He said “We were taking care of our lives, when someone attacked us. There were other pokemon around, but they didn’t helped. Tyler was only six, and I was sixteen. We could not protect them, and no one helped us.”

Slasther looked to the ground “I’m sorry.” Blaze sighed “Thank you. That was the reason we wanted to join the Explorers. Because they protect everyone, and help who needs. Like mom and dad should have received help. We want to help everyone.”

Slasther was able to smile, and Blaze asked “And, what about Dracyor’s mother?” but he immediately regretted, for Slasther looked down “Dracyor was still an egg when she was taken from us.” He said a single tear ran down his cheek. Blaze said “I’m sorry…”

After a long silence, he said “Guess we both lost people we loved.” Slasther nodded “Only who passed by it knows what it feels like.” Blaze nodded “So, I guess we understand each other, right?”

Slasther looked at him, and smiled “Yeah, think we can count on each other?”

Blaze smiled to him “I think this is the start of a new friendship. He said as he offered his hand to Slasther, who shook it as both of them smiled…
And here is my entry for the contest. I may not win, but team Ancient Flame surelly had a lot of fun and knew a lot of new pokemon, some bad other good.
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