Team Ancient Flame - Errand 9# - Fix and Retrieve

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Blaze and Tyler were now right in front a partially destroyed and decayed cart, one well was rather loose, and it seemed not in good conditions. For a long moment, they stared at it, and Tyler finally said “This looks like trash, ty.”

“Yeah, seems a bit destroyed, but I guess we can fix this up.” Blaze said with a smile “So, do you take the challenge?” he asked Tyler, and the small tyrunt jumped in place “Yay! Lets do it, ty!”

And so, they put themselves to work. Polishing the wood, reattaching the wheel back into the cart, and fixing it in place, in the lack of a hammer, Tyler simply head-butted it into place slightly, making the whole cart swing slightly.

Some glue in there, a little bandage in here, a few cleaning and attaching the thing again, and some special way of team Ancient Flame, and there! The cart was new and ready to be used again.

“Phew!” said Blaze “Nothing a little hard work can’t fix.”

“Yeah, ty!” said Tyler, and then he asked “Why did we had to fix it again?”

“Because we are low in wood, and the merchants need the max carts they need to shell things.” Blaze explained “Soon many pokemon will come to Andaluss, and they might buy a lot of things. With the money, it will be better for everyone.”

“Oohhh!” said Tyler, and Blaze chuckled, and picked the cart “Well, lets get going.” And so, he guided the cart while Tyler followed him.

After a few moments of walking, Tylar asked again “Is truth that some carts have been stolen, ty?”

“Yeah, its true.” Said Blaze “That’s why there is also some teams in there searching for the carts to take them back.”

“And, what does look like the carts that have been stolen?” asked the Tyrunt, and Blaze said “Well, they look quite alike, made of wood, two wells, but some of them are particular, like one that was painted of red.”

“Like that one, ty?” said Tyler, pointing forward, and Blaze saw a Lucario pulling out a red colored cart, that fit perfectly in the description of the stolen carts!

“Hey, you!” Blaze shouted, the Lucario looked at him, and immediately put himself to run. Blaze imediatelly dashed after him carrying the cart all the way.

It was like an cart race of the Ancient Greek, with the Lucario ahead while Blaze tried to reach him. The passed by rocks, by curves, and the Lucario seemed to be gaining terrain.

The dog pokemon locked over his shoulder and saw the Combusken staying behind. He smirked to himself, and turned back around only to see a small Tyrunt standing in his way.

His eyes widened as he tried to maneuver, as result he stumbled to the ground, and the cart flew. Tyler jumped in the air and grabbed the cart, landing safely holding it with his maw. The Lucario slowly get up as Tyler put the cart on the ground and turned to him. The small Tyrunt roared, and the dog pokemon cried out and escaped.

Blaze reached him, and the Tyrunt turned to him smiling. “Now we have two carts, ty!” said the smiling Tyler, Blaze just couldn’t help but laugh.
Client: Solstice
Errand: #9
Date Issued: August 15, 2014
Date Due: August 20, 2014
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