Team Ancient Flame - Errand 8# - A Lesson for Life

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“So, everyone knows, we search around, and give a correction to everyone who seems to be causing problems! But don’t use powers or moves! We are the good guys! Now go!” said Kara, as he turned around, and every pokemon into the place took their own ways in the night.

Blaze sighed, and started walking his own way. He had a lot of trouble to convince Tyler to stay home, he had actually to play the Ocarina to make him sleep and keep him at home. This kind of thing involved real criminals, guys that could hurt Tyler… or worse… the Combusken shuddered at the thought. Tyler was the only family he had left, and he was never letting anything happen to him.

For minutes, Blaze wandered into the dark street, lighted by some torches along the way, but there was enough darkness for someone to lurk into an alley, so he was doubly careful.

The night was peaceful, still, not a problem to be seen into the place. Blaze sighed, maybe he was going to make it without a lot of effort after all. Suddenly he heard a sound behind him, as if someone was walking behind him.

Stopping dead on his tracks, he heard the steps quicken a little and then stop. The one following him had rushed to hide and was now waiting.

Blaze didn’t turned his head, but he was sure someone was behind him, instead, he kept walking. The steps behind him continued, and for almost one minute, it stayed like that. Until Blaze made a mortal flip and landed right in front of his follower, arm raised and ready for defend himself.

“TY!?!” cried out his stalker, and Blaze’s guard dropped and his eyes widened as he immediately recognized the pokemon in front of him into the dim luminosity.

“Tyler!?!” he said shocked as the small Tyrunt stood in front of him, holding his Luke Plushie. The small dinosaur raised form the ground saying “You didn’t needed to do that, ty!”

Tyler just stared at him for a few seconds, before being able to recover his voice and form words again. “W-wha… I thought you were home!” the Combusken said accusingly, and Tyler answered “I was, but when I woke up and you had left, so I went out to look for you, ty!”

“You wandered in the city alone!?! At night!?!” Blaze almost screamed, but Tyler didn’t even blinked “You couldn’t have done that, ty! Making me sleep and going on a mission alone! We are a team, ty!”

Blaze slapped his hand in his forehead, he shouldn’t know if he should scream oin anger or actually laugh at the complete absurd of this whole situation. He took a few deep breathes to recover, and spoke the better way he could with the small Tyrunt “Tyler, it is too dangerous in here, I left you home because you would be safer there.”

“I don’t get it, ty!” said Tyler “I made other things, and I won, ty.”

“That is another thing!” said Blaze “I was along with you the whole time, and those guys are not like the others we faced before! They won’t go easy on you just because you are a kid, they will hurt you really bad if they have the chance!”

“So I won’t give the chance, ty!” said Tyler “I can handle them just like a handled the others, and Lucky agrees with me, ty!”

Blaze sighed. He already knew that he was not going to convince the Tyrunt to go back home, even because if he went it would be dangerous walking alone with his only protector begin a plush toy. And making him sleep and dragging him back home would grant him a scolding for abandoning the mission, and carrying him around all night would be troubling and he would have trouble explaining to someone why he was carrying a unconscious child in the middle of the night. So, in face of all of this, he made a decision

“Look… just promise me you will be close to me at all times, and that you will be careful.”

“Yay!” said the small tyrunt as he jumped into the place he was “We will kick the buts of some criminals, ty!”

“And one more thing.” Said Blaze “We must not kill anyone, don’t use any attacks.”

“Right, ty!” said Tyler “I’ll simply kick them.”

Blaze rooled his eyes, and then he got something.

“I’ll beat them, and lucky will help me-”

“Shh!” said Blaze, as he turned his head

“What? What I didn’t wrong now, ty!?”

“Do you hear this?” said Blaze, and Tyler started listening carefully, and then he also heard, some voices, and they seemed to be arguing.

“But this seems wrong!”

But we need to do this if we want to join the gang!”

The two pokemon walked cautiously, and perking by the corner, they saw five pokemon, a Growlithe, a Croconaw, a Grovyle, a Krokorok and a Pochyena.

“We will do it, and we will become part opf the gang, no one will ever make the fool out of us!” said the Pochyena, and then another voice, one older, said “Yes, little ones.” And Golduck stepped into view, hands folded behind his back, and a smile on his beak “Hanging with us, you will never have trouble with anyone. You just have to do exactly as I said tonight, and then you will officially be member of our group.”

“The criminals!” said Tyler in a whisper “Let’s beat them off, ty!” he was already ready to fight, but Blaze stopped him. The Golduck was the only real adult there, the others could not be older than teens, and probably were being made into entering that gang for whatever reason they had. That guy was manipulating those young guys, and this made Blaze really angry.

“I have a better idea.” Blaze said with a smile “Lets give then a lesson for the rest of their lives.” And he put himself to explain his plan to the small tyrunt.


“So, everybody knows what to do?” asked the Golduck, and all the younger pokemon nodded. He smiled “Right, be ready to act when I-”

But before he could finish, suddenly someone screamed “NO!”

Everybody turned around in time to see a Combusken triping from the corner, he seemed scared. He turned into the direction he came running.

“No! Please, I’ll never do anything wrong again sir! Please, let me live!” he pleaded, and suddenly, as if someone had grabbed him by the leg, he was dragged back “No! No, please! No! No! NOOOOOO!” he screamed as he was dragged back, and he let out a horrible scream, that soon was followed by a roar.

Everyone backed away in complete fear, the younger ones screamed. Then a deep, rumbling voice said “WHAT IS THIS? MORE TROUBLE MAKERS? GUESS I”LL HAVE A FEAST TONIGHT!”

The younger pokemon backed away and hide behind the Golduck, who was also shaking in fear. “Y-y-you!” he said, trying to sound brave “You are one of those guild guys? You can’t scare us!”

As soon as he said that, a shadow of a huge thing, with big teeth, came into view, and roared loud.

Everyone screamed, and turned around to run for their dear lives. The figure roared and purchased them.

They ran as much as they could, the roars and the shadow of the being telling them that it was just a bit behind, and in their tails.

They ran, until they arrived in a dead end. Thye were cornered, and the shadow of the creature fell over them. They all gathered together and cried in fear, specially the Golduck, who was completely scared and at the point of wetting himself.

“SO, IS TIME FOR MY DINNER!!!” said the voice, and all the pokemon screamed in fear.

“Don’t do this!” cried out the Growlithe “Please, we are too young!”

“And I’m too handsome!” said the Golduck.


“YES!” all the younger pokemon said, and then the voice said “THEM LEAVE! GO BACK TO YOUR MOTHERS!”

And with that said, all the kids scrambled away, going back to their home and surely never going to do anything else like this ever in their lives. The Golduck was also about to leave, until the shadow boomed “YOU STAY!”

He yelped and, curled over himself. “GET READY TO RECEVEIVE WHAT YOU DESERVE!”

He whipered as he covered his head with his hands. And waited. And he heard… music? He listened to it, it was soft and ethereal, and made him feel… sleepy… He yawmed, and then he slowly slumped into the ground, snoring.

The figure from who the shadow came come closer, revealing it to be Tyler. Behind him, came Blaze, with the Apricorn Ocarina in his hands, and a smile in his beak. “This was fun, ty!” said Tyler happily, and Blaze said, with the deep voice of the creature “Didn’t told you?”

Client: Kara
Errand: #8
Date Issued: August 5, 2014
Date Due: August 9, 2014

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