Team Ancient Flame - Errand 7# - Trees and Love

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Blaze walked in direction of the place they were suppose to go, carrying a few small plants to be planted into his arms. Behind him, Tyler carried a great one in his small arms, and another small one at his head.

“Are we close now, ty?” said Tyler as he carried the plants, and Blaze turned to him “Almost, just more fifteen minutes of walking.”

“And if we run, ty?” asked the impatient Tyrunt. Blaze chuckled “We would surely be there faster. But there is no need for us to-” but before he could say anything else, there was a loud “Ty!”

He turned around, in time to see Tyler running in his direction. He didn’t even had time to say anything before-


The next thin Blaze knew, it was that he was on top of the bi tree Tyler was carryin, with the wind going fast across his feathers and the leaves, and also the leaves of the small trees he was carrying and that had also got stuck into the big tree as Tyler ran carrying them all at top speed.

“Tyler! TYLER!” called Blaze as some leaves got into his mouth, and Tyler did not slowed down. He ran for around thirty seconds, before stopping abruptly. Blaze was sent into the ground face in the earth.

He got up spitting earth from his mouth, and Tyler asked “Is it here, ty?”

Blaze looked at the small Tyrunt, and them around himself, and said getting up “Yeah, it’s here.” as he cleaned the earth from his feathers, and turned to him “So, we have some plants to put on the ground.”

“Right, ty!” said Tyler, as he dropped the plants he was carrying, and suddenly shoved his face in the ground, burying his face in it. Tyler looked at him for a few moments, and them the small dinosaur raised his head again, with a mouthful of dirty. He spat it, and repeated the process, until there was a lot of holes in the ground, where the plants were going to be put down on earth.

Blaze looked at him for a few moments, and said “We could have used some shovels, or our hands.”

“Now you tell me, ty?” said Tyler as he spat more earth from his mouth, his tongue out. Blaze chuckled “Yeah, I guess this way is faster. Now, let’s get this work done!”

And so, for the next minutes, they planted every tree on their respective places, firming them on the ground, making sure they were okay and giving them water. Minutes soon turned into hours as they got lost in their work, as well as the other pokemon who were also getting this work done.

During the work, when the last tree was being planted on the ground, Tyler asked “Blaze?”

“Huh?” the Combusken turned to the small dinosaur pokemon, who looked at him and asked “Why are we putting those trees here, ty?”

“Because some trees had to be put down or we to have wood, and so we are planting new ones so they can grow and become bigger trees.”

“But why there is the need to be trees, ty?” asked the Tyrunt innocently, and Blaze stopped for a moment, and looked at him. He smiles softly “Tyler, do you remember what mom said to us when we were younger?”

“In what time, ty?”

Blaze chuckled, and looked at him as he said “I’m talking about the time, were she said that love is what keeps the world going.”

Tyler looked very intently at Blaze. Yes, he remembered that time. Blaze smiled at him. “She said that love msakes the world a brighter place, and makes the life be better. She said that everyone deserved love, in all its shapes.”

Blaze turned back to the last plant, and as he took care of it, he said “One of the ways of love, is in the beauty of things. Be it art, the sunset, the sunrise, and the plants.”

Tyler looked at him as the Combusken finished fixing the plant on its new place “One day, this tree will be great and beautiful, and someone will look at it and will be happy. I think that’s why we do it. Because everyone deserves beauty, as everyone deserves love.”

There was a moment of silence. Then Tyler walked forward, and hugged the tree with its small arms. Blaze looked curiously at him, and asked “Tyler, what are you doing?”

“Giving love to the plant, ty.” Said the Tyrunt “It deserves a little bit too.”

Blaze looked at him, and opened a soft smile, and enveloped Tyler with his arms, both he and the plant, in a warm hug.

Client: Gavina
Errand: #7
Date Issued: July 26, 2014
Date Due: July 30, 2014

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