Team Ancient Flame: Errand 6# - Living Machines

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“We really have to do this, ty?” asked Tyler, as he and Blaze, who was walking on his side, said “We voluuntered, and we have to do it if we want the money. It might actually be fun.”

Tyler looked at him “I don’t think, ty.” He said, not liking very much the idea of pokemon that were more things than beings, and he turned to his plushie “What do you think, Lucky?” he put the plush next to his ear, and after a few seconds he said “Lucky isn’t sure, ty.”

Blaze looked at him, and sighed “Lets keep going, we need to find them.”


They finally arrived, and there was a few magnamites waiting for them. The three pokemon turned to them, and flew around them saying mechanical “Hello”s at them. Tyler hugged his plushie as he looked around.

Blaze was the first to talk “Hello, I’m Blaze, and this is Tyler. Alexander send us here, and I guess you are…”

Before he could finish, the three magnamites said one after the other “Magno” “Mantus” “Mogmer”

“Right.” Said Blaze “So… what do you like to do to spend time?”

The magnamites looked at them, lokked bettwen themselves, and turned back to them. Then they started circling around each other, granting both pokemon to look at them.

The magnetic pokemon circled together, as they made out arcs of electricity connecting them, as they let out “buzz”, “bip” and “click” as they connected each other by strings of electricity.

“Ooooh!” said Tyler as he looked very intently at them, and Blaze too was impressed, it was beautiful. He wasn’t sure what they were doing, but it seemed that they liked.

After a few minutes, they finally stopped, and went back at them. There was a moment of silence, and then Blaze said “Well, that was interesting. What was exactly that?”

“We are not sure.” Said one of the magnamites “But it feels really funny, but the others say we shouldn’t do it in public. That is something… private.”

Blaze looked at him for a few seconds, and when he realized, he blushed heavily. Tyler said “I want to do it too, ty!”

“No, you don’t!” Blaze suddenly said aloud, making everyone flinch. He regained his composure, and said “So, has ANYTHIIG else you like to do?”

The magnamite then said “We like solving math problems.”

“Boooring!” said Tyler, and Blaze said “Tyler!”

“It is good to go by the time. We can show you.” Suggested another of the magnamites, they couldn’t say exactly what one, since they looked very much like, and there was very little difference in their voices.

“We could try. Right, Tyler?” said Blaze directly to the small tyrunt, who said “Okay, ty.”

“Right. Now, what is 12 x 4?”

“Difficult, ty!” said Tyler, without even stopping to think about. Blaze facepalmed. It was going to take a lot a while.


“Fifteen, ty!”

“Correct! Seven out of ten, not bad!” said Magno, and Tyler smiled proudly as he made right most of the questions of math of the quiz. Blaze smile by his side, at least Tyler was learning something with this job.

“Yeah, this was good, so, anything else you like to do?”

“We like to play tag.”

“Yay, ty!” said Tyler “I start!”, barely he said that, and all the magnamite speeded around, saying “Catch me!”

Tyler laughed and went after them, they flew around as Tyler tried to get all the ones he could. Blaze looked at the playing pokemon, and was able to smile to himself. Yeah, the pokemon were more machine than living being, but they acted very similarly as them. They did their own things, they worried about the future, they played and did things they liked.

We aren’t so differet, after all Blaze thought to himself, as he already knew exactly what to say in his report.

Client: Alexander
Errand Number: #6
Date Issued: 7/18/2014
Date Due: 7/22/3014

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