Team Ancient Flame - Errand 5# - Too Much Sand

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Tyler and Blaze were now at the edge of the beach, both didn’t liked water, but they were not there for swim, they were there for the sand.

As carrying the glass would be too hard considering their different sizes, and they were not in the mood for crowds in this moment, they decided that the best would be helping carry sand in direction of the place marked for them.

“So, lets start!” said Blaze, as he and Tyler walked in to the sand of the beach.

Blaze wiped his forehead, they had been doing it for almost one hour now, and evne he was starting to sweat, he looked at the buckets he filled with the sand, around eight of them, not bad.

“I did a good work here, how did you go Tyl…” he suddenly stopped when he looked at his small tyrunt friend, and found out he had just finished a sand castle. “Yah, Ty!”.

Blaze looked at the small tyrunt, and face-palmed, dragging his hand all over his face “For the love off… Tyler!”

The small dinosaur turned to his big brother “Ty?”

Blaze tried to remain calm as he talked to the small pokemon, after all, he was still just a child “Tyler, we needed to be working in filling the buckets with sand, we need to take as much as we can. And we have to take it before the afternoon ends, or we won’t be paid!”

Don’t worry, ty!” the small tyrunt said, turning around, and them moving his legs fats, kicking the sand in waves. Blaze covered his eyes to protect them form the particles, and when it settled, the buckets were full of sand to the hilt.

Blaze looked surprised at the buckets “Hmm, yeah, I guess this works.” He said, but them
Tyler chipped “But they said we needed a lot of it, those buckets may be too little, what will we do, ty?”

Tyler had a point, they needed a way of taking a lot of time, specially because they had difficualty to carry due to Tyler’s small arms. Looking around, Blaz spotted a great round rock in the ground, and them he haa an idea. He rushed to the rock, and breathed a flamethrower at it.

xxx-At the meeting point-xxx

Cassidy was watching as each one of the volunteers carried the glasses and sand to the place.

They were doing a god work, but they were still having little sand, maybe they would have to make a second trip in the next day.
Then many pokemon started gasping and mumbling, looking at something, Cassidy turned to see, and his jaw dropped.

A small tyrunt was carrying in his head a giant bowl made of stone in his head as he walked, seeming that it had no real weight, and the bowl was totally full of sand. By his side, was walking a Combusken that was helping balance the bowl, but the tyrunt seemed to not need help.

They walked, and stopped right in front of Cassidy, who looked a t them wide-eyed “So, boss.” Said Blaze “Think we brought enough sand?”

Client: Cassidy
Errand no: 5
Date Issued: 20th May 2014
Date Due: 24th May 2014

Howdy. Explorers Guild First Mate, the Cool Breeze - Cassidy in need of assistance here with a real important errand.

So, as we all know, the Great Statue went on a rampage, we stopped it, blah blah. The thing kicked a hole in my unit at the Explorers Guild Hall, and I've had no living room wall for way too long. Time to do something about that, so this is where you guys come in.

I'm gonna build a huge fish tank into where the wall used to be, so I can sit and watch my cool Water-type friends while I'm relaxing. It's gonna require five really big panes of glass which I've had ordered in, but I'm not gonna be able to carry them safely there myself - they're too wide, and they'll break if only one Pokémon tries to carry them by themselves (otherwise I'd just get Luke to do it). We need three good hands for each pane: one for each end, and one to support 'em in the middle so they won't snap.

It'd be great if some of you could help me get the glass safely through the city to my place without breaking them. There's going to be a lot of traffic and some clumsy Pokémon might accidentally bump into the panes, so some of you could help with keeping the civilians out of the way.

Oh, and if carrying big panes of glass isn't your thing, I'm also gonna need sand from the river. Maybe some of you Ground-types know a way to get sand in quickly without fiddling about with carts and bags?

Anyone who helps out gets one Star Coin and an invitation to a follow-up lounge party... when I get around to planning that

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