Team Ancient Flame - Errand 4# - Quite a Show

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“When are we going to eat, Ty?” asked an impatient Tyler as he and Blaze were behind the curtains of the stage “Soon.” Said the Combusken “But first, we have to go on with this presentation. Are you ready?”

“I was born ready, Ty!” said the Tyrunt, jumping slightly. Blaze nodded, and soon the curtains would open.

They stepped forward into the center of the stage, with several pokemon looking at them, and right in the first line, were Rowanhardt and other two pokemon, a Sceptile and a Riolu, both wearing Japanese kimonos, the Sceptile had great eyes, and was smiling faintly, while the Riolu seemed to be shaking a bit, probably nervous.

But he wasn’t more nervous than Tyler suddenly had became. With all those pokemon watching him, looking straight at him, the small dinosaur suddenly felt uncomfortable. For a long moment, he just stared back at the audience, and slowly, he was about to take a step back, when he felt a hand in his shoulder.

He raised his head to look at Blaze’s smiling face “Don’t worry.” His older brother assured him “Everything is going to be okay. I promise.”

Tyler looked at him, and slowly opened a smile, and give a nod. Blaze nodded back “Okay now, as we trained.”

Soon they both adopted their pose, Blaze standing in the center of the stage, while Tyler jumped and landed in the top of his head. The crowd looked expectantly at them.

Tyler gave a deep breath, to calm down, and them, he focused in using his Ancient Power. Suddenly, several glowing rocks materialized all around him, glowing with a white aura. Then he made them move, spinning in orbits all around him and Blaze.

The crowd gave mildly applause, but it was just the start.
As the glowing stones flew around them, Blaze opened his eyes and spun around while using his flamethrower. He set all the stone on fire, making they seem like orbs of fire while they spun around them.

Some people “wooow”ed as they aplaused a bit more. Both Tyler and Blaze smiled. It was time for the closing act.

Moving his small arms, Tyler made the fiery stones move up above them, and sharing a nod with Blaze, the small Tyrunt jumped form his head to high with the stones. As he did so, he made all the stones gather into one single great rock and, focusing his strength, he gave the rock a strong Headbutt. The rock exploded into tiny pieces, and Tyler fell back into Blaze’s head, and the sparkling remains of the rocks rained over them, like a fiery rain.

The crowd stared at them in silence for a few moment, and then the ambassador started clapping, soon to be followed by all the crowd. Both pokemon smiled, and Tyler jumped to the ground, and they both bowed to the crowd.
Later, during the festivities, Blaze and Tyler walked in the crowd “Can we eat now, ty?” asked Tyler, and Blaze smiled “Sure, lets go there.” But then, seemingly out of nowhere, the Ambassador stood right in front of them.

“Hello.” He said, with a strong accent “Saw your performance. Ancient Flame, right?”

Blaze took a moment to answer, the big, unblinking eyes of that great pokemon made him very nervous. “Y-yeah. Glad you liked our performance.” The Combusken said, not noticing that Tyler was no longer by his side.

“Yeah, really liked.” Said the ambassador with a smile “Very talented, mixing combat skills with art, very clever and creative, you are very good in it.”

Blaze scratched his head “Yea, me and Tyler trained for two days after reading the request for the mission. We had some spare time for training.” The ambassador chuckled “Sure, you have good talent. Bet the woman how become your bride will be very lucky.”

Blaze’s smile dropped a little “Yeah…” he said, as if absentminded, “She surely will…” he seemd a bit down, and the ambassador noticed “Something wrong, young one?”

Blaze shook it “No, its nothing. It’s just that-” but he had no chance of finishing, as Rowanhardt came saying “So, ambassador, did you like that show? Oh my, of course you liked! This young one is just one example of the very promising recruits the guilds have.”

The ambassador did not liking the sudden interruption, but smiled back at him “Is good to know.”

“So, I guess it had enough talk for now!” said the pachirisu “NBow, if we can go back to the buffet, we can all… eat… something…” said him, looking astonished. Both the ambassador and Blaze turned to see what he saw.

On the buffet table, surrounded by shocked pokemon, all the plate layed empty and stayned with rests of food, Tyler in the enter, had a tower of food piled in his mouth, and he was gulping it down slowly. With asudden jump, he bite it all down at once, m unching and swallowing, before falling on his back on the table, and sighing happily.

Blaze sweatdropped and smile nervous “Yeah, this is Tyler…”

Client: Rowanhardt
Errand no: #4
Date Issued: 12rd May 2014
Date Due: 16th May 2014

Team Ancient Flame:…
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