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“Just remember me one more time, WHY ARE WE DOING IT!?” bolted Blaze, as he and Tyler sat together in the waiting room, along with many other pokemon. The Combusken was very uneasy.

“Come on, it may be fun, Ty!” said Tyler sitting next to him. Blaze sighed, this was the last time he was going to let Tyrunt choose a mission, and he should really be wanting to make the dinosaur really happy for having accepted it.

Suddenly a Gardevoir called “Team Ancient Flame.” Blaze sighed, and swallowed the last of his fears, and got up and put himself to walk in the direction of the door. Arriving there, they meet Chelle in the back of a table, with two bottles in it.

“Welcome!” greeted Chelle “Once more, I want to thank you for offering for this request. Your help is very much appreciated.”

“Yeah, sure.” Said Blaze still unsure as he stared at the bottles “Are you sure we aren’t going to explode if we drink it?”

“I wouldn’t offer if there was any chance of it.” Said the floating pokemon, though Blaze was still unsure “Well, maybe we could-” he started, but only then he noticed that Tyler was already in front of the Table, and had just finished drinking the red colored fluid of the bottle.

“TYLER!” screamed Blaze, as the Tyrunt finished, and let out a healthy burp. He licked his chops “Tastes like grape, ty!”

Blaze stared at him for a few moments, and seemingly nothing was happening. Blaze then looked to Chelle, she too was looking expecting at the small dinosaur pokemon. After a few seconds, three feathers like the ones of a peacock sprouted from Tyler’s head.

Blaze’s beak fell agape, but the Tyrunt seemed to not having noticed. “What, Ty?” asked the Tyler when he saw Blaze staring at him. Blaze then shifted his gaze to Chelle “Okay, now is your turn.”

Blaze stared at her, and then started to slowly walk to the table, and grabbed the other blue bottle. He sniffed it, and hold his breath as he took it all in one single gulp. It taste like… fish!

A few seconds passed, and he heard Tyler gasp, he turned to the small tyrunt, and turned to him, to meet his shocked face and bulging eyes.

“What?” asked the Combusken “Something grew on my head?” Blaze asked, and only then he noticed his arm was… Blue!

“Gah!” he exclaimed, and looked over his whole body, his feathers had change to only shades of blue! “I… I turned blue!” exclaimed Blaze, and suddenly, bubbles came out of his mouth!

“What?” asked the Combusken, and trying once more, he discovered his Flamenthrower was replaced with Bubbles!

“Interesting…” said Chelle “Change of color companied with changing from Fire to Water type. I wonder…”

Tyler kept staring at Blaze, as the Combusken tried not to freak out from this. Chelle decided that it was enough “Well, you did a great job for the researches. Hers is your payment.” She said, giving them one star coin.

“Hey wait!” said Blaze “What about this? You will fix us, right?”

“Of course.” She said “I just will call the receptionist to take you to the medics.” And she left.

Blaze groaned “I just hope we are turned back normal.”

“What do you mean by we?” asked Tyler “Nothing happened to me, Ty.”

Blaze picked up a small mirror that was over the desk, and showed him. Tyler saw his own reflection, and said “Hey, they painted pretty feathers in the mirror, ty!”

Client: Chelle
Errand no: #3
Date Issued: 3rd May 2014
Date Due: 7th May 2014

Yeah, Blaze is not letting Tyler choose their missions anymore. I guess that in the need of Money, someone can do anything ^^

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