Team Ancient Flame - Errand 2# - Egg Talk

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Blaze and Tyler had just bough around a few hundred eggs, Blaze carrying them on his arms while Tyler carried many on his back, the small tyrunt seemed uneasy.

“This seems wrong, Ty.” He said “If we eat those eggs they will never hatch, ty. We weren’t all born from eggs too, ty?”

Blaze chuckled “Yeah, but it is different. None of those eggs have babies inside of them.” Tyler turned to face him Blaze smiled “The eggs that will hatch already have the baby inside, but it did not grew up completely yet.”

“Oh!” said Tyler “And how does an egg have a baby inside?”

Blaze could feel his cheeks heating more than normal as he tried to find a way out “Huh… well… you see…”

That was when the merchant chipped in “Oh, it’s rather simply, to tell the truth. When a man and a woman love each other very much, they-”

“ZAPPALAKAMAH!” Blaze suddenly blurted out, startling both “He is only EIGHT! For Arceus sake!”

With that said, and without further incidents, Blaze and Tyler walked back home, and put themselves to paint the eggs. Tyler, form time to time, tipped the eggs with his small claws “Hello? There is any baby inside, Ty?”

Blaze was able to chuckle at him “Don’t worry. They would not sell those eggs if there was any chance of having a baby inside of it.” He assured the small tyrunt.

Tyler turned to him as he said “Blaze, what was that merchant trying to say, ty?”

Blaze felt himself blushing slightly again “Well, this is not exactly conversation for children.”

Tyler kept looking expectantly, and Blaze sighed “Well, you have to know that, eggs that have babies inside came when a man and a woman love each other, and is all I’m telling you until you have age enough.”

Tyler seemed satisfied with this answer “You and I will have babies one day, Ty?”

Blaze was able to smile at him “Oh, yeah, you surely will find a nice girl, and have babies with her… When you are old enough!” he quickly added, embarrassed.

“And you, ty?” the young pokemon asked “You will have babies with a girl one day, ty?”

Blaze stopped for a moment, and looked forward, as if lost in thought, he seemed to have became rather sad for a moment. Tyler noticed “Blaze. Anything wrong, ty?”

Blaze quicjkly shook it off and said “No, nothing at all.” He said, smilling at his younger foster brother and said “Well, those eggs are not going to paint themselves! Now, lets end this soon, so we can cook something. I’ll do your favorite omelet!”

“Yay! Omelet, ty!” the small tyrunt exclaimed in joy, and they both continued to paint the eggs for the great festival in the following day.
Client: Sundance
Errand no: #2

Date Issued: 23rd April 2014
Date Due: 27th April 2014
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