Team Ancient Flame: Errand 1#

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Blaze and Tyler were walking in the street, Tyler was carrying buckets with ink, while Tyler was carrying several brushes.

“Why do people paint nasty things in the walls, Ty?” the Tyrunt asked his older foster brother. Blaze looked back at him “They might think it is funny.” He says “Painting those things just to see how people react to them.”

They arrived in one of those said paintings.

The wall was covered into very nasty words, and obscene paintings, Blaze in the same moment regretted having brought Tyler with him.

The small tyrunt, being to innocent, just looked curiously at the things “What is it, Ty?” he asked, pointing to a curious drawing that other pokemon seemed about to eat, Blaze could feel his cheeks heating.

“I-It is nothing important.” He said, and Tyler looked at a phrase that was in the wall “Luke is a mo-” but before he could finish reading, Blaze exclaimed “Lets get cleaning it!”

They put themselves to paint the parts that were offensive in the graffiti.

The phrase was change to “Luke is a HERO.” And the offensive object in the panting was replaced by a sandwich. They worked for a few hours until finally being satisfied with their work. There were no longer offensive art in the wall.

Blaze sighed “Yeah, I guess we did a good work.” He said as Tyler finished a small panting of himself and Blaze, when an angry voice came from behind them “What do you think you are doing?”

They both turned around alarmed, to face a group of angered young Smeargles, when one of them, seemingly the older, said “What you did to our art?” he asked, sounding outraged “It took us a lot of time to do!”

Blaze looked at the young ones, and sighed “Listen, I understand that you may have put some effort into that, but you have to understand that people could feel offended by this kind of art.”

“We little care about them!” he said fiercely “We are artists, we paint the true of the world!” he now was sounding dramatic, and Blaze stared at him “Yeah, those seemed more like child jokes to me.”

“You just don’t understand!” he said accusingly “And like everyone who don’t understand you try to shush us down, but we will not let!” And they moved past them, to the wall, with their tails ready.

“What are you doing, Ty!?” aske Tyler, and the Smeargle turned to him “We are restoring our art kid! Now, if you don’t mind!”

“But you will ruin what Blaze and me did, Ty!”

“You ruined our art first!”

“But we had a lot of work to do this, Ty!” the small tyrunt complained “I even did this, ty!” he said, gesturing to the small painting he had just done. The Smeargle stared at it for a few seconds, before bursting into laugh. Soon the others followed him.

“You call this art?” he asked breathless of laughing so hard “This is just a piece of crap rubbed in a wall!”

“Ouch!” Blaze said under his breath as Tyler stared daggers at them “Those guys are dead!” he thought to himself.

The Smeargle were still laughing, and didn’t noticed that Tyler was now becoming red.

One of them noticed, and said “Hey, w-what is up with him?”

They all stopped, and noticed that Tyler’s face was shinning red, when suddenly streams of steam came out of his nostrisl and earholes

“TY!” he jumped over them before they could open their mouths…


Luke was walking around the city to check the work the guilds were making with the graffites.

He them passed by a very curious scene: a Combusken and a Tyrunt, who he recognized as team Ancient Flame, were being fanned by two Smeargles, while other smeargles were grafitting things in the walls.

But, instead of nasty things or offensive arts, they were panting things like “Tyrunts are Awesome”, “Explorers Rule” and “Team Ancient Flame is Great.”, and were even making some painting of the Tyrunt in dramatic and epic poses, with the Combusken by his side.

Luke also noticed that all Smeargle had bruishes all over their bodies, like they had been beaten repetidally.

When one of them stopped to wipe the sweat from his forehead, the small tyrunt let out a “RAWR!”, and, not only the Smeargle went back to work, but all the Smeargles went by faster, evne the two were fanning them faster.

Luke sweat dropped at the scene as he smiled “Yeah, good to see that some members find good ways of preventing vandalism.” He said, more to convince himself than to anything else.
Client: Luke
Errant: 1#

Date Issued: 14th April 2014
Date Due: 17th April 2014
Team App:…
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