Team Ancient Flame: Dungeon 1# - Basalt Halls

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Their first dungeon.

It was a bit bigger than they had imagined.

Columns of saline material raised around them, the place colored in basalt and the strong scent of salt in the air. This place seemed to be big and to be quite defying. And this was just the way a certain Tyrunt wanted.

“This place is so cool, ty!” exclaimed Tyler aloud, his voice echoing through the halls and into each cave in the place, like a hundred small pokemons were screaming around the same time as him.

“Tyler, do you have to be so loud?” asked Blaze, worried about the sound, as it could attract unwanted attention.

But Tyler barely heard him, as he said again “Echo, Ty!” and the sound bounced back at him, coming from seemingly all directions at the same time.

“Tyler!” said Blaze, in a controlled tone to not have echo too “Please, we may be found!”

“By the other teams, ty?” asked Tyler, and Blaze said “By that ‘king’ and his followers.”

Blaze was warned about that Barboach that considered himself a king, and about the pokemon that followed him. Though Blaze knew he and Tyler could probably take care of them, he preferred to avoid combat and avoid creating a mess and probably dragging other teams with them, as there were others in this exploration.

Actually, that was the reason they were in there, they were on work along with the other Explorers to make the dungeon friendlier for future visits, as well as protecting to other workers form these pokemon in there.

Blaze did not wanted to bring Tyler in there, since it could be dangerous. But Blaze already knew from his own experience that if he let the Tyrunt out of this, he would probably follow him by his own, and he would be alone into a strange place that could change each time someone got in. And this was never a good thing.

So, this time, he decided this time let Tyler come with him, and he was going to keep a good eye for him at all times.

They had received a quick explanation of what to do in there, to make some buildings and to make the place easier to access. Also, they had to be really careful, and protect the other teams form the attacks of the followers of that “king”, in case they tried to attack the other teams.

This was probably the part Tyler was waiting for. The small Tyrunt was really excited to go searching for some fight, and he was ready to kick out some tails, and maybe breaking some walls, if Blaze was still knowing him well.

“Remember, Tyler.” Blaze said “We must be careful, and not cause too much damage I here. They said that and they are right, we don’t want the place to crumble down in our heads.”

Tyler turned to him after a few seconds, and said “You said something, ty?”

Blaze looked at him, and sighed.

Why he still tried?

Blaze and Tyler walked off, and they arrived in a place that seemed more like a cliff. They found already some pokemon in there working.

There was a Lucario with a Blue Vest, and a Rotom by his side. There was also a Skorupi with a red vest with a star on the back, and by his side a Castform with a yellow colored armband in his head, with the symbol of a star in there. They were along in the first room, and where the first ones the team had just met.

“Hi there, TY!” said Tyler, startling them and making them go into defense pose. Blaze quickly intervened “Don’t need to worry. We are on your side.” He said to them, and they seemed to calm down. Blaze noticed a piece of root sticking out of the  floor, and looked at it. He reached out and easily pulled it out, revealing to be a piece of meatroot, they said they needed to get some of that while they were in there. Blaze barely heard what they said.

“Don’t scare us like that!” said the Lucario as he recomposed himself, and the other pokemon also calmed down, and Tyler said “Why are you all here? We should be exploring!” the small tyrunt said, and the Skorupi said “There is an enemy in the next room.”

“I’ll take it out, ty!” Tyler said as he ran before anyone could stop him.

“Tyler!” Blaze said as he suddenly took notion of what was going on and ran right after the small Tyrunt. The first thing they noticed was a bright flash, making both of them cover their eyes. When their eyes adjusted, they found out a much bigger room, with the same cobalt colors of the first, the whole dungeon perhaps was like that.

“You!” said a voice, making both pokemon turn to look. In front of them was a small Barboach wielding a spoon, and he faced them like he was full of importance. “Hold right there!” he said, like he was far stronger than both of them “You shall not pass. My king don’t want you to pass by here!”

Both pokemon looked at the small fish creature in front of them, and shared a look. Blaze then looked at the door, that was still open, and at the rest of the pokemon in the other side “Seriously?” he said “You are scared of that guy?”

The other pokemon looked at him, and the Castform said “He sounded bigger from the other side.”

“You shall not pass!” he said, waving his spoon “I have great psychic powers! I’ll make you regret the moment you left your eggs!”

Tyler walked in his direction, not having much fear of the small pokemon, who kept talking “One more step and I’ll give you a reason to whelp!” He said, as Tyler was right in front of him, looking a bit, and the fish continued “I can make your mind shatter! I can raise you form the ground with just my thoughts! I can make-”

He was about to say, but he stopped when Tyler punched him slightly in the head, making him freeze, and fall to the ground. Tyler turned to the others, and said “Are we done, ty?” he said, and then, the rest of the group passed by the room.

They looked around a bit, and the Rotom said, “This seems like a good place for a point!” he said “We just have to take care of this light!”

While he talked, Blaze took of another piece of meatroot from the ground. He put it in his bag as he said “Don’t run away like that again, Tyler.” Said the Blaziken to the younger Tyrunt “I got worried, you really need to think before doing something. From now on we must be together at all times.”

“If you say so, ty.” And with this agreement, they could continue their work.

“Okay, so, some of you can keep working in it.” Blaze said “Someone wants to come with us?”

“I want.” Said the Lucario, and the rest of the pokemon remained behind to work in a few posts. And then, they entered into the next room.

It was a bit wider than the previous room, with the same common cobalt colored walls and floor. “Cool!” said tyler, and then a “cool” come back. “Echo, ty!” said Tyler, and his cry reflected back into the walls and in their direction. Then it came another voice “You shall not pass from here!”

Looking over, they could see another Barboach, this one with a bucket in his head, and he said “I’m the captain of the armies of the great king! You shall not pass his domains!” he said, with the same arrogance from the previous one.

“We need to pass, ty!” said Tyler, walking forward, and the Lucario said “Well, you guys can take care of him, I’ll wait a bit as you-” he said as he reclined against one of the corners of the room, and as he did so, there was a sudden noise, as something flew in his direction.

Blaze and Tyler watched in horror as dust raised and something hit the place. After a few seconds, the dust settled down, and they saw the Lucario in there, pale as a ghost, surrounded by sharp jagged rocks that ha miss him by very little.

“Ha!” said the Barboach “This is what can happen to the ones that dare to defy our king!”

“You did that, ty?” said Tyler, and Blaze said “It seemed more like a trap. There are some of that around here, remember?”

“This is a show of the true power of our king!” said the Barboach, full of himself “A fate far worse wait for the ones that defy his orders! You should leave now while you are allowed, otherwise you will suffer the consequen-”

He barely had time to stop, when a rock his him in the head, knocking the bucket out of his head, and making him fall to the ground, uncounscious. Tyler had used just a part of the power of his Ancient Power, and it seemed to be enough. “Man, they are weak, ty.” Said the small Tyrunt, while Blaze helped the Lucario.

“Are you okay?” he asked to the trembling jackal, how answered “Y-y-y-yeah…. I think someone likes me.” He said, looking around, and Blaze quickly got what he said, and asked “Wanna keep coming?”

“Sure, I was a bit reckless, but it will not happen again, lets go.” He said, sounding more confident, and in the entrance for the next room, there was already a Barboach waiting for them.

“Halt!” he said, but Tyler easily shoved him aside, making him hit his head and go unconscious.

The room seemed like the rest, but Blaze noticed something strange about the walls. Looking closer, he noticed that it seemed to be some kind of disturbances embedded in them. Blaze touched them, and wondered just what they could be.

“Look at that, ty!” said Tyler, as he pushed a meatroot from the ground. “it seems yummy, ty!” he said, having it in the air happily, while the Lucario picked up on thing form the fainted Barboach “This guy has a key! I think I know what this is for!”

And with that, they could go back, and meet the team already working in some kind of post in there, and there were two new pokemon with them. One was a male sneasel, wearing a green jacket and he was helping out with the wood. The other was a female lucario, who had bandages covering her chest and a scar over her right shoulder. She looked seriously around, as if she was guarding the construction against anyone.

She got into fighting pose when she saw then, and the Lucario that was with them quickly said “Wow! Calm down, we are on your side!”

“Max, you’re back!” said the Rotom as he flew to his friend, the Lucario, smiled at him and scratched the back of his head “It was no big deal.” He said, and Blaze and Tyler shared a look.

The female Lucario relaxed when she saw they were no threat, but she was still looking coldly at them. Max, the male Lucario, showed off the key, and explained it was probably the one that opened the pathway to the exit that the “king” didn’t want them to find out.

“Great! Now we can go and open that door and go for it!” said the Sneasel, but the Lucario said “Hold on in there, Dash.” She said “We can’t simply act like that without having a plan. What if the place is well guarded?”

“Oh, come one, Athena!” Dash, the Sneasel, said to his Lucario partner “Where is your sense of adventure?”

Athena, the Lucario, just answered “I’m only hearing to my good sense, thing that you should also do if you had some.”

“I think we should go for it, ty!” said Tyler, and Dash looked at him “Thank you! See, he agrees with me!”

Then it was Blaze’s time to talk “Actually, I think your partner is right.” The others looked at him “We should think a little before we do anything. What if the opponents in there are stronger? We should be ready if it was the case.”

“Seems like at least someone here besides me actually thinks.” Said Athena, standing next to Blaze.

“You two are no fun.” Said Dash, and Tyler agreed with him. Both Blaze and Athena rooled their eyes. And Tyler said “There is a room we didn’t saw back there! Wanna go explore, ty?”

“First to arrive is a rotten egg!” Dash said and he ran for it, Tyler going right after him. There was a moment of silence, before Athena groaned “This kid is still going to kill me.”

Blaze looked at her, and the rest of the group went back into working, but Blaze took a moment to talk with her “Seems like your partner is as much a free spirit as mine.” He said as he scratched the back of his head, and Athena sighed and said “Yeah, I think Dash has the same mental age of your Tyrunt friend. By the way, isn’t he a bit young to be in a team with you?”

Blaze chuckled “Yeah, I think Tyler is fairly young, but not more than other team members around there.”

“That’s true.” Said Athena, and Blaze said “Besides, he would not forgive me if I let him out of our team. After all, he is my brother.”

Athena looked at him, an eyebrow raised “Is he… adopted?” she asked, and Blaze nodded “Yeah, our parents adopted him when I was younger. Actually, Tyler was still inside the egg when we found him. We were surprised when he came out. Tyrunts are not very commom of finding around here these days.

“Have to agree.” Said Athena “And what about your parents? They agreed with you two forming a team?”

Athena instantly knew it was a soft spot, since Blaze’s face saddened “They died years ago.” He said, sounding distant.

Athena looked at him and said “I’m terribly sorry.”

“Don’t be.” He said, trying to shake it off “It was years ago. And Since that me and Tyler wanted to become a team, to help people out, like mom and dad would have liked. Guess we are the only family that each other have.”

Athena nodded “I understand you. Me and Dash grew up in the same orphanage, under the same tutelage.” She said “Sometimes I even thing of his as if he was really my younger brother.” She said, now sounding a bit more distant.

“So we kind of understand each other.” Said Blaze, offering her a smile, and Athen answered “I guess so. I’m really sorry that your parents didn’t lived enough to see you marry and have children.”

Blaze looked at her for a few seconds, and then he looked at the ground. She failed to identify what was that emotion he was having right them. She had said something wrong?

“Are you okay?” she asked “You went silent after I talked about having children.”

Blaze looked at her, and thought for just a moment, he was about to  say something, when suddenly they heard some short of cry coming from a nearby room. The same Dash and Tyler had went together.

“Tyler!” Blaze said as he rushed forward, and Athena went right after him, both entering the room, and meeting the door in one wall open. Both of them rushed into it, and arrived at a much bigger room.

Tyler was in there, right by the side of Dash, asking “Are you okay, ty?” The Sneasel was clutching his head, there was a few bubbles floating near his head, but he didn’t seemed to have been seriously hurt.

“What happened?” asked Blaze, as Athena walked over to Dash to check him out, and Tyler answered “I don’t know, ty. We were walking around, and then there was a click, and a lot of bubbles flew in Dash direction, ty.”

Athena checked the ground under Dash, and then she said “It is a trap. There is a pressure plate here.” And she turned back to Dash, raising up and putting her hands in her waist and looking down at him “I told you to be careful!” she said, like a mother scolding her son.

“Sorry! I got distracted!” said Dash in his own defense, and Blaze turned to Tyler.

“That’s why I think we should stay together.” Said him to the younger Tyrunt “What if you had stepped in the trap? You are weak against water attacks, remember?”

Tyler looked down, and folded his own small hands “I’m sorry, ty.”

Blaze sighed “Form now on we’ll be together at all times.” He said to his younger brother, as Athena was still scolding Dash, and suddenly, there was a cry coming out of the other room.

“What is that?” said Dash, and then all of them ran back. Into the second room, they found the Barboach with the spoon, now getting ready to attack the construction. He cried out and jumped in their direction, when Blaze also jumped, and delivered a powerful blaze kick into him, sending him flying against the wall, and making a crack in it, knocking the attacking pokemon out.

Blaze sighed, and then the castform said “The guy came out of nowhere!”, Blaze turned to him, and said “He must have recovered and decided to attack. The others my have the same idea, we must watch out in case they try anything.”

And so the team went back into working in the construction, while Blaze, Athena and Tyler kept guard, in case other of the Barboachs tried to attack in surprise. The rest of the pokemon, including Dash, were working on the “post” they were making, slowly building what was a good sized place that could be used as resting point and improvised base, at least until the rest of the Explorers could build something more elaborated.

After the “spoon Barboach”, there was no attacks, maybe the rest of them had decided it was better not to mess with them. “They are smart.” Was what Dash said, and Athena just rooled her eyes at her partner’s acting.

Suddenly, there was another cry, this time, coming from the first room. Everyone turned around, and looked at it. “What is it now?” asked Max, the male Lucario. And Blaze’s answer was “I don’t know, better check out.”

“I’m going too, ty!” said Tyler, and Blaze turned to Athena “You and Dash can take care of here?”

“Yes, go see what is it. And since you’re going, see if you find the exit of the dungeon, and help others you find.” She said as Dash took a place next to her. And Blaze nodded back and walked in the direction off the door, with Tyler at his side.

They entered in there, and met other pokemon that seemed to have just came in. There was a yellow colored Vulpix with red eyes, a musketeer hat and an apricorn necklace in his neck. He was right in front of a hole, looking inside.

Next to him, there was a male Zorua with a long cloak around her neck and moving across her body. And right by her side, a female Dewott, with an armband tied in her head, above her right eye, as if some short of bandage. Both where looking worried at the Vulpix, who looked inside the hole.

“Alexis!” the Vulpix called inside the hole, sounding very worried “Alexis! Are you alright?” he called again, and after a few moments, a female’s voice came from the hole, saying “I guess so!”

After hearing that, the Vulpix sighed in relief, and Blaze walked on and asked “What is happening?” The eyes turned to him, and Blaze said, before anyone had time to become scared or got ready to fight “We are explorer’s too. What is going on?”

“My partner fell in the trap!” said the Vulpix “We need to get her out now!” he sounded desperate, but the voice of Alexis came form the hole again “Calm down, Daniel! I’m not hurt!” She said in a happy tone, she almost seemed to be giggling. Blaze thought it strange, for someone who was stuck like that seemed not to be so inclined to laugh.

Blaze soon stepped forward, and said “I’ll help.” And with that said, he jumped inside the hole. He fell for a good 30 feet before landing safely in the ground, without any problem. IN the bottom he found Alexis. She was a female Growlithe wearing a red colored jacket with a strip in the back.

She looked at him surprised when he fell, and then she smiled “Hi there!” she said, almost giddily “I’m Alexis!”

Blaze looked at her for a few moments, before saying “I’m… Blaze.” He seemed a bit uneasy with her being so happy “I’m fomr the explorers.” But before he could finish, Alexis said “Really? Me too! Guess we are guild brothers!” She said very happily.

Blaze could only stare at her for a few moments, before he finally said “Right… You… wante help to come out of the hole?”

“Yeah, sure. This place is a bit boring.” Was her answer, and Blaze thought it should be enough. He picked her up, and flexed his legs before giving a high jump. He easily got out of the hole, and landed safely in front of the other pokemon in there.

He gently put her in the ground, and Daniel, the Vulpix, said “Alexis!” and hugged her tight “I got so worried! Why did you had to run like that.”

The Growlithe hugged him back, with a calm smile in her face “Because I am like that.” She said matter of factly, as if it was all a big play “You should know that already.”

Blaze just looked at their interaction. And was able even to smile a little. Then the Zorua said “Okay, so what now? We go for the next room?”

“There are other explorer’s in there, ty.” Said Tyler, and The Dewott said “Than we go to the other door?”

“Is locked.” Said Blaze “But we can pass now.” He said as he showed the silvery key to the other pokemon.

Soon they were gathered in front of the door, and Blaze looked at them. They all nodded, Alexis seeming a little more eager than she should, and Daniel looking a little scared. But they all nodded. And then, Blaze put the key in the door, and spin it, hearing the click of the lock opening.

Soon Blaze swung it open, rushing in the next door, ready to fight if it was the case. They were meet with an empty room, of the same coloration of the rest of the dungeon, but, looking closely, Blaze noticed something strange about the floor. He crouched to take a better look. There were some strange markings in there, and Blaze wondered just what could have made them.

“Look that, ty!” said Tyler as he ran off, straight past Blaze. The Blaziken raised his head and blinked, before saying “Tyler!” and running after the speeding Tyrunt.

He reached him when he was pulling something form the ground “More ‘meaty root’, ty!” he said happily, and Blaze could only sigh “Tyler, I already told you not to run like that.” He said as he walked near the Tyrunt “If you run then there is a chance that-”

Blaze would have finished, but as he stepped, he felt some kind of plate sinking beneath his feet. He barely had time to react as he felt several hot embers shooting upwards into him. Since Blaze was a fire type, he could handle it very much, but he was still feeling the burns.

The other pokemon jumped in surprise when they saw the embers hitting Blaze’s body, making him flinch and groan loud.

“Blaze!” cried out Tyler, for the first time, dropping his carefree pose and now seeming really worried for seeing Blaze getting hurt right in front of him. The embers stopped, and Blaze breathed and supported himself on his knee, and Tyler instantly started circling him.

“Blaze! Are you okay? I’m so sorry, ty!”

Blaze looked for a moment at his younger brother. He found it strange, for it was very rare the times he had seem Tyler like that: worried. It was almost strange to see. Blaze instantly tried to calm him down “I’m fine. Just a little scratch.”

“It is my fault, ty!” Tyler said, hugging Blaze’s leg “I promise I won’t do that again, ty.” He said, and Blaze really was finding it too strange to have Tyler acting like that. He tried his best to comfort the younger pokemon, and soon, it seemed to work a bit, though Tyler seemed to still being worried. Blaze was discovering he didn’t liked seeing his brother like that not even a bit.

They passed by the next door, and they were greeted by a Barboach right in front of them, who said “Halt! In the name of his grace, King Wussey Whiskey Montgeomery Mudsuckery Sedimus Munge IV, you shall not pass from here!”

The pokemon looked at him for a few moments, and Alexis went forward with a Flame Whell attack, hitting him square, and knocking him out in just one move. The other pokemon looked at her, who looked at the Barboach, and at the others, and said “What? He was trying to stop us.”

Blaze sighed at it, she seemed to be as impetuos as Tyler… who by the way didn’t tried to do anything. Blaze looked at him, and Tyler was very close to him, searching as to see if there was any more danger. Blaze found this behavior unlike Tyler, but his thought were interrupted when the Dewott said “Where do we go now?”

Blaze looked again, and now he noticed that the room was almost completely vertical, almost a wall. Blaze wondered what was this, and he looked up. And he could see, up there, what seemed to be the entrance of another room, but it was several stores high.

“I think is up there.” He said, pointing upwards, and the other pokemon looked up, seeing just what he saw. There was a few moments, and then Alexis said “Okay, someone here know how to fly?”

“You may think about it.” Said the Zorua “I’ll saee if this guy tells me where his “king” is hiding.” And as she said that, she picked the Barboach and carried him away, leaving the rest of the group to find a solution.

Blaze looked up, and Daniel said “Maybe we should go back.” But most pokemon ignored him, and the Dewott said “There must be something in here that allows to help in the climbing.” She was looking around the place, and Blaze was looking at her.

“I’m going to check.” The Blaziken announced “Someone wanna come with me?” and he looked around, the other pokemon were staring at him, and Alexis said “Count on me!”

“How do you plan to get up there?” asked Daniel “Sorry, but for what I know, Blaziken can’t fly.”

Blaze smirked “Just get on my back and we get up there.”

Alexis didn’t wasted time, and hopped in his back. The Dewott followed her, and Daniel was the next, shyly climbing in the Blaziken’s back. Blaze picked Tyler up, and told everybody to “hold on!” and then, he flexed his legs, and gave a jump. A powerful jump that propelled he and the other pokemon up and up, until the entrance.
The pokemon cried out in surprise, and held tight, save for Alexis, who cried out in a childish joy. Blaze covered the height easily, and then, he landed safely in the entrance, leading to the next room.

Once he landed, he, like everyone, noticed that the air in there seemed to have a pressure, it made it heavier, and made it difficult to breathe. Soon Blaze had to pant to actually be able to draw air into his lungs.

The other pokemon were coughing as they get off Blaze, save for Tyler, and Alexis said “Man, the air here is so-” but Tyler than said “Look out!” and he suddenly gave a headbutt, hitting a volumous shape that soon before was flying in their direction.

This surprised the pokemon, as the figure landed in the ground, and got up, allowing them to see who it was. It was a Barboach. A FAT Barboach, who looked at them defiantly, and said with a strong voice, “You shall not go beyond here! My king don’t want it!” he talked in a natural way, which made it clear that he had not trouble breathing in that strong environment.

The other pokemon took fighting position, and the Barboach made a surprisingly high jumped, aiming to drop his body into one of them. All pokemon got out of the way, and Daniel started digging at the ground, piercing and diving in it as it was water.

The Barboach landed in the ground without hitting anyone. The other pokemon were panting as it was hard to them to get enough air into their lungs due to the pressure of the air, while that fat Barboach seemed not to have such a problem.

The big fat mud-fish turned to them, and opened his mouth, letting out a barrage of balls of mud, that Blaze dodged very skillfully, not letting a single one touch his skin. He was about to attack back when Tyler ran to the Barboach.

“How you dare attacking Blaze, Ty!” he roared out, as his face reddened, and he gave a powerful headbutt in the Barboach, making all the air escape his lungs. The fish-like pokemon was thrown back several feet against the wall, making a huge crack into it, and after a few seconds, he fell back into the ground.

There was a long silence, before Tyler ran to Blaze’s direction, asking “Are you alright? He hit you, ty?”

Blaze didn’t remembered ever seeing Tyler like that before. The worry in his eyes, replacing his usual happy behavior, it felt strange. Blaze panted as he said “N-no… I’m fine, really.”

“Good to know, ty.” Was all that Tyler said as an answer, and Blaze looked around, seeing a stone-carved door. It was the exit. They had made it. Blaze caught something else coming out of the ground, it seemed to be a mushroom.

Blaze walked to it, and yanked it to the ground. He smiled, and turned to Tyler “Hey, we meet a fleshcap!” he said to his younger foster parent “Maybe they let us keep this one, I hear they are delicious.”

Blaze expected Tyler to open a big smile and jump, but instead, the young Tyrunt only said “Yeah, it’ll be cool.”

Blaze smile dropped. Tyler was not like that at all. They had reached their destination and finished the dungeon, but it seemed that something had gone with his younger brother. For the first time, the success didn’t seemed to be so good as it normally was…
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Thanks for the cameo! Imagining that the enemy sounds bigger...sounds like something they would do! I really appreciate you for including them.

Your own character interactions are also nicely done, as I learnt more about them. Nice battle scenes too and how you handled the traps. So good work!