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The day was bright and with a clear sky in Geoda, the sun was high and it was hot. It was normal from a desert region like that, and it was actually something that you could expect from a place like that. The unmerciful heat of the sun made a big contrast with the strong cold of the night, and it was the kind of thing that made life in a place like that a bit more difficult than it would be in a place with a warm and constant wheatear, like Andaluss. Still, this didn’t meant that the place could not be welcoming for newcomers. Which included all the teams that had come with their respective guilds especially our heroes, the Team Ancient Flame.

Blaze took a deep breath of the dry air of the desert as he walked, and he sighed. Right by his side, Tyler imitated what his big bro had just done, and he let out an even bigger sigh. And next to him, Jin and Gon walked near, both very refreshed after a good night of rest. They were indeed surprised that a single night of rest besides Tyler and his plush toy had made them feel so much better.

Maybe Tyler actually was right about the toy. Could it have some short of especial property that they didn’t knew about? Like the mud? It was possible. If it was, it raised another question: where Tyler had acquired objects with powers like that?

He and Blaze both said that they were some short of reward that they gained in their missions for their guild. They both found it rather interesting that things like that were given as a reward around the guilds, especially because, the way they talked, it seemed to be something somewhat common.

Of course, they only talked about it after Blaze started to demand explanations about last night. He didn’t seemed to be furious, but the expression in his face was clearly not amused, and it made Gon and Jin both worry that they might have angered their team leader.

They explained to him what had happened, starting in the moment right after he left. They told him about Robin’s request, about the way they entertained the patrols, and then about when Reuben showed up and the request he made. After that, they explained about the sounds of the fight that attracted them, and about the scene they saw of Mayara and Tays fighting the Galvantula.

After that, Tyler explained rather dramatically the rest of the thing in details, including the part where Jin and Gon “bravely” fought the Galvantula on their won and turned him into a clay of mud. Sure, this was quickly dismissed by Jin and Gon, explaining that they didn’t thought that using that bottle of mu would have been so effective. They even apologized to Blaze for having used all the mud at once.

However, Blaze was more interested in the explanation, saying that the mud could be refilled later. And he got particularly worried when he heard that Jin and Gon had been hit by a Thunder Shock. Even if the twin bird said that they were okay, Blaze was still worried about them, and this made they both blush.

After that, there was left only a quick explanation about what they done after, about giving the outlaw to the authorities and about the money they keep from that pompous guy. Tyler was proud of himself for it, but his happiness was cvut short when Blaze sadit hat they would, most likely, give the money back to Reuben.

“But why, ty?” asked the young Tyrunt, and Blaze said, “Because the money is not ours, and it came from dubious things. It would be wrong to simply stay with it.” Tyler even tried to argument by saying that the Mienshao was a jerk, but Blaze seemed to have already made up his mind. He might not like the way that Reuben acts, but he was talking about the moral formation of his little brother, and that was more important than anything else in the moment.

Jin and Gon shared a look as they were admired by how Blaze was correct, even in a moment like that. He showed that he had true character, and that he was not gonna give it up just because of personal feelings. People like that were hard to find around.

After that, Blaze only asked them if they were sure they were okay, and they all agreed that they indeed were. After that, Blaze thanked Jin and Gon, which surprised the twin bird.

“Thank you for being so far to protect my little bro.” he said to them, seeing their confusion. “Thank you for being there for him and for risking so much to protect him and make sure he was safe.” He finished with a kind smile. Jin and Gon both blushed furiously, as the green of their faces for a moment changed to a bright pink. Gon looked down at the ground, as if he had suddenly dropped something, while Jin stammered “W-w-well, t-thank you B-Blaze… We j-just made what a g-g-good teammate and f-f-f-friend w-would.”

Blaze looked at them as he saw their reaction to a simply smile. It seemed that their problem of shyness was getting worse. Tyler, however, looked at them curious, wondering what was happening to them for their faces to get like that.

Anyhow, soon they all forget the moment matter, and they all agreed to get out and to find some way to celebrate their recently finished job. After all, it was not everyday that your team captures a great criminal like that, and something like this of course deserved a good celebration. They were in search for a place that could serve them something that all of them could eat. What meant, no alcohol and surely a place in which a kid could go. Blaze walked on his own around the city in a bit, and he saw some places that presented some kinds of… shows, which are not very good for minors, like Tyler.

It was in the middle of their search for a place, that they heard a familiar voice calling to them.


They turned around, to see a young Charmander running in their direction, whom they immediately recognized.

“Dracyor, ty!” Tyler said as he ran in direction to the young Charmander, and they met halfway. Of course, they started talking a lotabout all kinds of things, in particular, about what had happened last night.

“And it is true that you defeated one of their leaders along with Mayara and Tays?”

“Yeah, we did, ty!” said the Tyrunt, standing proudly. As he did, Blaze walked near and he could not help but chuckle, and Jin and Gon shared a look as they looked at the young Charmander, who they quickly recognized from almost a week ago. And there was only a few moments, after someone said, “Glad to see you two are still getting along well.”

They looked over to see Slashter walking near, and he was followed by close by someone who they didn’t knew. It was a girl, and that was for sure. She was a Schyter, with a yellow scarf tied around her left arm, and she walked closely to Slashter as she looked over.

She came closer and looked at the three pokemon in there, before she said, “So, Slashter, aren’t you going to introduce me to your friends?”

The Nidorino chuckled, and he said, “Guys, I’d like you all to meet Emerald, she is the new member of our team. Emerald, these ones are team Ancient Flame. They are Explorer’s and they are good friends.”

“Nice to meet you, ty!” said Tyler with a smile, and Blaze said, “Really good to meet you.”

“It is a pleasure.” Jin said as he and Gon both bowed at her, and he continued. “We are Jin and Gon, from the noble family of Tsubaki.”

“I’m Tyler, ty!”

“My name is Blaze.”

The Schyter smiled back as she said, “Well, it is good to meet you all. Slashter told me a little about you. I have to say that it is a pleasure to meet you all personally.”

The meeting was being very good, and Jin and Gon blushed a little at the compliments, and Blaze was about to say something, when he heard “There they are!”

The looked over, to see the familiar shapes of Mayara and Tays walking in their direction. Close to them, there was an Audino. He had bandages on his hands and he didn’t looked as anxious as the two pokemon where, running in direction to the team Ancient Flame.

“Guys! Said Mayara as she came closer, and Tyler quickly greeted her, and so did Blaze, and the twins Jin and Gon.

“Guys, yesterday was awesome!” said Tays “You believe that we have already people asking for autographs? Blaze, I wish you were there, you had to have seen it!”

Blaze smiled, and he looked over the Audino. Tays noticed it, and she said, “Oh, right! Guys, this one is Oliver, he is our new team member.”

“Hi.” Said Oliver, greeting them simply, while Jin and Gon bowed in order to compliment him. It was a regular costume in Iapon to greet people that way, as he had already explained to Blaze and Tyler.

“Eeeeeeverybody has new members in their teams, ty!” said Tyler happily, and everybody chuckled, save for Oliver who just stood with his arms crossed.

“Marcos and Sabrina have a new team member too?” asked Blaze.

“I think not.” Said Slashter, “They don’t seem to be interested in having a new member to their team, at least not now.”

“Oh, right.” Said Blaze. And soon, Jin and Gon asked “Excuse me, who are Marcos and Sabrina?”

“Marcos is my half-brother.” Said Slashter, “And Sabrina is his bride. They are a Researchers Team.”

“Oh, we haven’t meet them yet.”

Blaze looked over, and he said “Well, this is your chance.”

The twin bird looked at him, and they looked over to where he was looking. They could see a white Zangoose and a Seviper walking in their direction.

“Yoh, Marcos!” Slashter said, waving to his half-brother, who waved back with his single arm. As he came closer, he and Sabrina stood side by side. “So, how are you doing, guys?” Slashter asked, and Marcos smiled “The usual, taking care of a few things.” He said, and Sabrina said “They wanted us to fabricate some of that Tequila.”

“Really?” asked Emerald, and Sabrina said, “Yeah, the taste is good, but it made me all weird.”

“Well, I guess this is what happened when you drink on the job.” Emerald said, her tone somewhat repprobing. Sabrina looked at the ground, and Marcos quickly said, “Well, the past is the past, and we better leave it behind, don’t you agree?”

It was a clear attempt to change the subject, and Dracyor seemed to want to help, for he said “Uncle Marcos, you knew that Blaze and Tyler have a new member in their team?”

“Oh, yes, I heard about it.” He said, turning to team Ancient Flame. “Jin and Gon, isn’t it? Well, nice to meet you, my name is Marcos, and this is Sabrina, my bride.” He said, putting an arm around the Seviper by his side, who giggled like a little girl, and he said, “So, you were the one how made the Iaponese food in the cookout, didn’t you? I heard a lot of people talked about it. I’d like to try one myself.”

However, neither Gon nor Jin answered, they were just standing there, looking at him and Sabrina, their eyes as widen as dinner plates. There was a few moments of unnerving silence, before Blaze cleared his throat, and he said, “Well, Marcos and Sabrina don’t follow the usual behaviors of Seviper and Zangooze of hating each other. They get along just fine, as you can see. They make a really nice couple, don’t they?”

“However, they still didn’t answered. They only kept staring at them. Their eyes big. And they were… shaking?

Eveybody noticed that there was something up to the twin bird now. All of them looked at the Doduo, whose both heads only looked at Team Researchers of the Day… No… They weren’t looking to both of them…

Marcos was the first to notice it, as he followed the eyes, which both had a look of the most absolute horror deep into them.

Sabrina blinked at them, and she approached, and she said gently “Boiys, there are something wrong?”

Two seconds.

That was the time that passed after she said these words, before both heads let out a blood-curling cry.


Everybody jumped back, and they barely had time to register it, when Jin and Gon were already running around, leaving a trail of dust behind them as they screamed on top of their lungs.




They both kept screaming as they ran around in circles, seeming not to know where they should run to, in their faces there were completely panicked expressions.

All the other pokemon just looked at them, all of them slightly confused, and all of the same thought on their heads: What the heck is that?

“Kuro Hebi!”


The twin bird kept screaming as he ran around, completely confused and making everyone who was passing nearby to stare at them as they did it. After a few seconds, Emerald finally asked “What is their problem?”

“I… don’t know…” Blaze admitted. He really had no idea at what was happening now. He never saw nor Gon nor Jin ever act like that. They seemed to be shy, sure, but he never saw any of them lose control like that. Especially Jin, who seemed to be the most controlled of the duo. Now they just looked like a pair of lunatics screaming around without any control.

“Kuro Hebi!” They both kept screaming around as they ran, as if to get away from an invisible assailant.

“Someone even knows that they are saying?” asked Slashter, and Marcos said, “I think I might know.”

The others looked at him, as he said, “I took the liberty of researching a few words in Iapanese. I think I got what they are saying. Kuro is a Iapanese word for the color black, while Hebi is the Iapanese term for ‘serpent’.” He looked at the running Doduo, who seemed to have forgotten about their existence. “I think they are screaming… ‘black snake’.”

As he said that, all the eyes turned to Sabrina. The Seviper looked around herself, to all the eyes on her, as she only took one moment to realize. “Is that with me?”

No one said a word, and they only looked back at the Doduo, who screamed around like crazy as they ran in circles, going nowhere. After a while, Blaze finally decided to stop it. He ran to them, and grabbed them while they ran.

The twin bird squirmed and kicked their legs as they tried to escape the Blaziken’s grip and go back into running. But Blaze had a strong, but very gentle grip in them. He was bigger and stronger, and this helped him to hold them down without problems.

“Jin! Gon! Guys! Calm down!” Blaze said to them, and after a while, they seemed to slow down, at least. Once it happened, the others approached them, and they locked their eyes in Sabrina.

“GYAAAAAA!” they both cried out as they renewed their struggles “It is coming for us!” Jin cried out as Gon only keep screaming, burying his face into Blaze’s shoulder.

Everybody just stared at them, and they looked at Blaze, who seemed to be as lost as them. Jin and Gon seemed not to care if others were staring at them, they only seemed to be wanting to escape. Well, Jin was struggling, or so it seemed, while Gon was still crying out as he buried his face into Blaze’s shoulder, as if he wanted the big Blaziken to protect them.

“Don’t let it get us!” Jin cried out as he also seemed to start relying on Blaze for support, but he semed as panicked and frantic as they both had been a few moments ago. “Cut the head out! Quick, cut the head out! Is the only way of killing it!”

The others looked at the Doduo, completely panicked, and they looked at Sabrina, who seemed not to know what was going on, and she said innocently “Was it something I said?”

The Doduo kept squirming, and they somehow managed to be able to climb over Blaze and now they were holding onto him as if their very lives depended on it, grabbed onto his back as a baby money in the back of its mother. Gon seemed almost to be crying, while Jin was still insisting that they should kill the snake, or at least make it run away.

Everybody shared looks, and Marcos was the first to walk near, and he said “Hi.”

The Doduo was still holding onto Blaze’s back, as if they were using him as a shield. Marcos walked round, and he talked to them. “So, I guess this took an unexpected path of events, didn’t it?”

The Doduo did not answered, and instead, only kept shaking, as both heads seemed completely panicked. Marcos looked at them for a few moments, and he said, “Well, I think we may talk more calmly if we have something to eat. So, why don’t we all go to eat something?”

Their heads snapped to him, and Jin asked “The slithering monster will be there!?”

His tone was of pure panic, and made most people flinch, especially Sabrina. Marcos was forced to bite back a very harsh answer for them to talking like that about his love, but he knew, by the way they were acting, that it was not really their fault. He took a deep breath, and he offered, “Sabrina and I can sit in a far table, if it will make you more comfortable.”

The twin bird looked at him for a few moments, and they looked up at Blaze, who nodded back. They looked back at Marcos, and they both nodded slowly, showing that they accepted the suggestion. Marcos sighed, and he knew that he would have to explain to the others what exactly just happened.

“Ophe-what?” Asked Slashter to Marcos, who was sitting in a table with him and most of the others, while Jin, Gon and Tyler sat in a distant table. They raised their heads to look at them occasionally, but they yelped and lowered their heads back to the table once their eyes met Sabrina.

“Ophidiophobia” Marcos repeated, as he continued, “Is what I think it was, based on the way they reacted. It is a psychologic fear of snakes and snake-like creatures.”

“So, they are scared of snakes?” Asked Mayara, and Marcos said, “Yes, indeed, their reaction says they have. I already head of these phobias before. Most of them are like irrational fears that affect the subject in such a way that, in grave cases, it can make them panic so much that it saps them of all good-sense and even rational thought.”

Blaze nodded, and he looked over his shoulder, to the twin bird, who were shrunk in their table with Tyler, who was busy eating. Blaze could not help but feel sorry for the two. He had absolutely no idea of this fear they had, and now he felt guilty for not knowing it.

“But he barely even know Sabrina.” Dracyor said innocently “He has no reason to be afraid of her.”

“As I said, the fear is psychologic; it means that is something that is almost instinctive to them to react with fear, even if there is no actual threat.” Marcos said, “That is because many say that these fears are irrational.”

“How can someone having a fear like that?” asked Tays, and Marcos sighed as he started explaining. “Usually these fears come from some short of trauma.” The Zangoose continued as he looked at them “It is possible that, at some point of their lives, they had a really bad experience with snakes. It was so bad that now, even looking at a snake awakes the bad experience, and it manifests as a total fear like what we just saw.”

“It was an association that their minds make with the snake and the bad thing that happened in their past and the way it was bad to them.” He said, as everyone looked at him, and drank from his words. “They can’t help it, and it is not their fault. IS just that, every time they see the thing they are afraid off, they may react like that. That is how phobias work. Their case, in particular, seems to be somewhat serious.”

“It has a cure?” asked Mayara, and Marcos looked at her for a few seconds, before he sighed again, and continued, “These kinds of things are not like some diseases that you can simple rake a medicine and wait a few days until it disappears. It is in their own minds. It is something that they lived that left some kind of scar in their minds, and it seems to tingle every time it is pressed. Sure, I already heard of people who learned to coup and to live with their phobias. I even heard of people who were actually to go over them and leave them behind. However, this kind of think takes time, and it requires a lot of effort.”

“Everybody nodded at this, and Blaze could not stop giving looks over his shoulder to look at Jin and Gon. He never knew they were afraid of snakes. Sure, he knew them for a few days only, by now, almost two weeks, still, he felt like this was the kind of thing he should’ve known. It was the kind of information that you should have from people who are around you. After all, friends and teammates did that, they knew the strengths and weaknesses of each other. They knew what the other liked and disliked. Having missing something so important of information made Blaze feel guilty, as if he was not a friend or teammate as good or as dedicated.

Slashter looked at the Blaziken, and he said, “Don’t worry, man.”

Blaze looked at him, as he continued, “I know this look very well. The look you have when you feel that you could have done better for someone who you care about.”

Emerald looked directly at Slashter as he said that “Look, you had no way of knowing, and you probably think that, if you did, you could have done better for them. But, let’s be honest, you probably could have done nothing.”

Blaze looked at the Nidorino. “They have a problem with snakes, right? Well, I think you could not make anything to get it better. I mean, what do you plan? To chase all the snakes of the world away from them? That will hardly work.”

Slashted picked his glass and took a long gulp from it. “Sometimes there is nothing you can do.” Slashter said, as he looked at the distance, and the other pokemon looked at him. He let out a sigh, and looked back at Blaze “Maybe you could have done something, maybe not, but I guess is to late to change it now.” He offered the Blaziken a smile “I guess you could find a way of helping them, or maybe not. Anyway, the fact that you are worried that you could have helped or not, shows that you really care.”

Blaze smiled at him, and so did the others from the table. Slashter had some way with words. He was not exactly very sociable, but he knew how to be when he truly wanted. That was one thing that all the people who knew him admired. The Nidorino was not the kind who gave his back to people when they needed him, and he always supported them, be it with words or, what was more common, using his fists.

Blaze was glad that Slashter was there to offer him a word of comfort, and it was good to have a friend to offer support in times like that. “Thanks, Slashter” Blaze said with a smile, and the Nidorino simply chuckled “Anytime, dude.”

Everybody smiled an that, and they continued to eat calmly, and after a few moments, Tyler came to the table. People looked curiously at him, until he said that Jin and Gon sent a message through him.

“They say they are sorry for the way they acted, and that they should not act like that.” Tyler said, apologizing in their name. “They said it was rude and it was silly of them, and they are terrible sorry. They said too that they would come to apologize in their own, but they didn’t had courage to come, ty.”

The people in the table shared a look, and they all looked at the other table. Jin and Gon were looking, but they both yelped and ducked, almost hiding under the table, as they had saw Sabrina looking at them.

Marcos sighed, “Yeah, at least they are conscious that they fear is somehow irrational.” He said, feeling truly sorry for the twin bird, who were forced to deal with the fear that they had. Sabrina said, “Well, they apologized, so this means that they are sorry, right?”

Marcos smiled. Sabrina was not the kind who was able to keep anger for too long. She was somehow scary, even to him, when she was angry. However, she was always inclined to forgive and to forget, and to give people another chance. That was one of the things he loved about her. She had a truly wonderful heart.

Blaze smiled when he heard Sabrina say that, and even more when he saw how happy she and Marcos looked together. Blaze couldn’t help but felt a small hint of envy by the beautiful relationship these two had. It made Blaze wonder…

“Hey, look who is there!” Said Sabrina suddenly, making the others look over, and Blaze was the first to speak when he saw who she had sighted.

“Ridley! Mac!” He said, smiling at the familiar Kadabra and Machoke who both approached. They both waved at them, and Blaze immediately noticed that Ridley was carrying something pink and round in his arm. And it was moving.

He took only a moment, to realize it was a small pokemon. It was an Igglybuff. And it looked curiously at them as they approached.

“Blaze, nice to see you, man.” Mac said, as they finally got close.

“May we take a seat?” asked Ridley, and Marcos said, “Make yourself at home.”

They both thanked, and they took their own seat in the table, Ridley still had the young Igglybuff in his arms as they took a seat, and the small thing soon started talking.

“You are Blaze?” She asked, right before she said, “You are so taaaaall!” The voice made absolutely no mistake that it was a female. She was young, probably younger than Tyler. And for what Blaze could see, she was somehow as vibrant and alive as his little brother was.

“Oh, who is this little cutie?” said Sabrina, making a baby voice, and making Marcos chuckle. Ridley chuckled too, and he said “This young girl is Mariah.”

“Hi, everyone!” The small Igglybuff girl said aloud to everyone. However, she focused her eyes into Marcos and Sabrina. “You are the Seviper and Zangoose, aren’t you? Aren’t they?” She asked them and Ridley subsequently. Both pokemon confirmed, and she said “You two are right as my daddies described!”

There was a few moments of silence, as she had said “my daddies”. After a second, the eyes all turned to Ridley and Mac, who chuckled. “Yeah, I think these would be us.”

There were a few moments of silence, before Oliver spoke, “Wow… I didn’t knew science had advanced to this point.”

This resulted in some laughs from Ridley, while Mariah only looked a bit confused, indicating that she had not got pretty well what he said. “Well, I guess it is rather obvious that our little Mary is adopted.” Ridley said with a smile as he hugged the little pink pokemon, who giggled and hugged him back.

“Oh… So… you two are Ridley and Mac? We have… heard about you from Marcos and Sabrina.” Slashter said, and Dracyor said “Yeah, they said you two were a nice couple.”
Mac smiled “We, and indeed we are.” He said as he leaned over and kissed Ridley’s cheek, making the Kadabra chuckle.

“Dawwww. What a cute family.” Said Sabrina, and the others chuckled, some nervously. Blaze only smiled as he looked at them, and soon, Mariah said “Some people say that I should have a mother. I think I would like to know how it is to have one. But I love to have two daddies!” she said, as he reached out to hug Ridley, who hugged her back, and Mac hugged both with one arm.

“Dawwwwww.” Said Sabrina and Mayara at the same time. Marcos and Blaze could not avoid smiling at it.

“Having two dads must be soooo cool! I wish we had two dads too!” said Mayara, and Blaze could hear Slashter gagging and coughing around the drink he was just having. Many other people in the table laughed, including Ridley and Mac.

“They are the best dads ever!” Mariah said to everyone “And now we are going to be a Team!”

This caught the table’s attention. “Oh, so you have decided to join a Guild?” Marcos asked, and Ridley nodded.

“After our meeting, Mac and I had a long talk, and we decided that it would be interesting to make part of a Guild.” The Kadabra said, sharing a look and a smile with his Machoke lover “It seems like a good job, and more establish than the others we had till now. Besides, it might be a god chance for Mariah to make new friends her own age.”

“Yeah!” Tyler said, “You are going to be Explorer’s too, ty!”

Mac and Ridley shared a look, and they said “Well, the Explorer’s seem to be a very good Guild, and we have a lot of respect for them.” He said, “But, after a talk, we have decided that we would fit better in the Researchers.”

“Oh, right, ty!” Tyler said, and This seemed to make Marcos and Sabrina happy that someone was now joining their Guild.

The next minutes followed with Ridley and Mac explaining their reasons to have chosen the Researchers as their guild, mainly due to Ridley’s intellectual aptitude, and how their young Mary was a very curious little child, and that she could learn a lot being in the Researchers. Also, It would help a lot in her education being in a place where she could exercise her mind practically everyday.

Blaze chuckled to himself, as he saw that their decision was mainly because of their little girl. This showed that they were very dedicated parents, and that they truly cared about her. Just like he cared about his little brother.

“You are going to fit very well, then.” Said Marcos, and Riddley smiled back, and Mary, the small Igglybuff, started cheering “Yay! It will be soooooooo gooooood!” She said, letting her happiness flow, and everybody smiled. The little girl surely had a happiness that leaked out form her and into the ones around her. And they realized it only a few minutes after knowing her. It was clear that Ridley and Mac both had a handful with this little girl. Blaze knew by his own experience that living with someone like that and caring for it was not easy. He just had to remember all the times he already had with Tyler.

They laughed a little as they chatted, about the kinds of things that they would be doing in the guild, and about their future in it, and Mary, the little hyperactive thing, didn’t stopped babbling about how she was anxious to be part of the guild and do all the important stuff. She and Tyler seemed to have an immediate connection, maybe because they both had the same vibrant personality.

They chatted and blabbed very much about the kinds of things their guilds would do, and about the adventures they could have. They weren’t even on the same guild, and yet, they talked as if they were going to be working together everyday. They even seemed to already be friends.

“That is our Mary.” Said Mac with a smile “Always making friends in a heartbeat.”

This made everybody smile and laugh, including Tyler and Mary herself. It seemed that these two already had a strong bond.

“So, what about that kind Doduo? I heard he joined your team.” asked Ridley, and immediately there was a brief silence, as the people in there shared a look. Blaze sighed, and he pointed at the other table, where Jin and Gon stood. They were looking at them, but they resumed looking at their table as soon as they realized that someone was looking back at them.

“Yay! I’m gonna talk to them!” Mariah said, and before anyone could stop her, she jumped form the table in the ground and, like a rubber ball, she bounced in it, and started to bounce in direction to the table.

“Mariah!” Mac said, as he ran after her, and she giggled as she kept bouncing, seemingly without control, as Mac ran after her.

“Hey! Wait for me, ty!” Said Tyler as he too ran to their direction. Blaze couldn’t help but chuckle. Indeed, Ridley and Mac really had a handful with that little pink ball.

Of course, Ridley noticed that the others were nervous when he asked about the twin bird, and of course this was followed by a quick explanation about what had happened before they met.

“Fear of snakes, hum?” Ridley said, as he reflected about it. “I already saw a few cases like that. I have a few I can tell of my own family.” He commented, and he looked at them “Their case seems to be particularly grave.”

“Yeah, Marcos said that.” Said Slashter, and Dracyor said “Are you sure that there is no cure?”

Ridly thought for a moment, and said, “Well, I heard that there are some kinds of treatments, including shock therapy, and I don’t recommend it.”

“Shock therapy?” asked Mayara, “You mean, like giving them electric shocks?”

Ridley sighed “Yeah, they also try this, but it is not used anymore. The ‘shock’ I’m talking about, is more about confrontation. Some people say that, if the person is forced to constantly face its worst fears, it learn to cope with them and eventually might even overcome the fear.”

There was a brief silence, and Ridley continued “Of course, this is not totally proved, and it is not simply put someone like them into a room filled with snakes until them… Where is Sabrina?” Ridley said suddenly as he looked at the table, and the others looked to see that the Seviper was no longer in there. After a while, horror filled everyone’s minds, as they had a hint of where she could be…

“And you can make these sweets that my daddies told about?” Asked Mariah to the Doduo, who blushed as they nodded, and Jin said, “Yes, indeed we can. We kind of specialized in making them.” He was blushing as much as Gon when he said that, and Mariah said, “They must be delicious! I LOOOOOVE sweet things!” She said, almost about to start bouncing again, and Mac sighed as he chuckled, and Tyler laughed.

Someone was about to say something, when a voice came “Hi there!”

Jin and Gon froze as they immediately recognized this voice, and they didn’t even had to turn their faces, as Sabrina soon put her face in front of them. “How are you doing?” She asked sweetly, with a smile that showed her big fangs.

The color went away from the Doduo’s faces as they both simply looked at her, not moving an inch. Sabrina took this as a good sign, and she continued, “I was just seeing you there, and I was thinking that our first meeting didn’t went all too well. So I thought of maybe coming here so we could talk better! I’m sure we can just talk to each other, and then we will both be the best of friends!” She didn’t even expected an answer before she started to coil them, giving them a big snake hug.

Jin and Gon let out the tiniest of whines as they were enveloped, but they did not moved nor tried to fight or to run in any way. Sabrina took this as a sign that it was working. She smiled at herself, until Marcos said, “Sabrina!” As he rushed to her, and looked at her in desperation, along with the others. “What are you doing!?”

“I’m helping them to overcome their fear!” she said happily “See, they are not scared of me anymore! They are just calm and serene.”

“They look scared to me.” Said Mac, looking at their face, which were of a deadly dread. Sabrina saw it, and she said, “Oh… at least they are calm. Do you see how they are letting me hug them?” She said as she nuzzled with them, and they didn’t moved a single inch.

“I’m not so sure.” Said Ridley as he approached. Sabrina looked curious at him, and he made her let go of them. They remained in the same place, not moving. Mac approached, and picked them, and they remained in the exact same position they were in the chair. They seemed almost to have been petrified.

“What happened to them!?” asked Tyler asked he looked, and Ridley said, “A reaction to fear.” Mac waved then in the air a little, but they seemed to be still as a plank in that pose they sat. “They got paralyzed by fear.”

The others watched as the paralyzed Doduo were held in the air. Mary asked, “They will stay like that?”

“For a time, they will.” Said Ridley “But they will recover once they have calmed down enough.” His stating was simple, and made a lot of sense. Marcos agreed with him, and so, Blaze and Tyler decided to take them somewhere else. The day had been long and very eventful.

Sabrina would not stop apologizing, and Blaze had to insist to her that it was okay. After a while, they said goodbye to all of their friends, and they went their own way.

Hours later…

Jin and Gon were in the tent, sighing loudly as they reflected about the day they had. It had really not been very good to pass on a good impression. Especially considering that the teams they had been in front of were good friends of Blaze. That made the matter even worse.

They were absorbed in their own thought, sharing it in an Iapanase talk, when someone entered. They looked over, to see Tyler and Blaze looking at them.

They looked at the Blaziken for a few moments, and looked at the ground, seeming ashamed. Blaze sighed, and asked, “Are you two okay?”

“We are sorry.” Jin said after a few moments of silence. “Our behavior was unacceptable, and we are terrible sorry.”

Blaze approached, and he asked again “Are you two okay?”

It took a few moments, before both heads nodded, and Blaze sighed “Yeah, I agree this was quite unexpected.” This made Jin and Gon both look down, but Blaze added, “It was my fault, I guess. I didn’t knew about your problem with snakes.”

They both looked at him, as he said, “Are you two you are feeling better now?”

The two heads looked at him, and both nodded, ad Gon spoke “Yeah, we feel a little better now.” Jin said, “We are still a little shaken, but we will come over it.” They still sounded a little ashamed for having reacted like that in front of Blaze’s friends. The Blaziken noticed, and he said to them “Hey.” He said, placing each hand under their beaks, and guiding their faces to look at him. He smiled kindly at them, and said, “It is okay. It was not your fault.”

They both looked surprised at Blaze, and they both blushed furiously, as they looked away. Blaze smield, and he said, “I really hope you guys can get along with Sabrina, she is nice.”

Jin looked at him, while Gon had his face turned to the ground, and he said, “I don’t think it will be easy, Blaze-san.”

Blaze smiled, and he said, “We will help you.” He sounded very sincere when he said it, “Both of us.”

“Yeah!” Said Tyler, “We are a team, ty!”

Jin and Gon both looked at them. Both blushing furiously at it. They thanked the two pokemon for their kindness with them, and only them, they noticed the thing Blaze had brought with him. It looked like something folded into a piece of cloth, and Jin asked, “What is that?”

Blaze smiled, and he said, “Well, every new member has the right to have a little something, courtesy from the guilds.” He said as he unfolded it “And, along with it.” Blaze said, “A Little thing from us, to welcome you two to our team.”

Jin and Gon looked dumb folded at the two objects the Blaze handed them. One was a very beautiful broad brim hat, and the other, was a satchel, of the kind that served to carry stuff around, almost like a purse.

They looked at Blaze, and the Blaziken smiled, “It took a while for them to arrive, since we asked them to come from back from Andaluss. Hope you like.”

Both Doduo looked at it, and they smiled.

“We like it very much.” Gon said, as he and Jin picked it up, and they both smiled brightly, with a blush in their faces, as they said in unison “Arigato!”

Blaze smiled, “You are welcome.” He said.

Well, it seemed that this day had not been all that bad…
Yeah, Gon and Jin seem to have fear for snakes... I guess it was asking too much for a pacific first meeting... Still, it was only the first time. They still have plenty of time.

And, what kind of "trauma" created this fear? Well, I guess we will only find out in the future...

And yes, I DO plan to add a new team. I just hope I can keep up with the group and keep both of them without troubles ^^

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