PMDU - Team Ancient Flame - Cactus Field Task 2

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Literature Text

Rescuing the merchants and dealing with the Gabite with problems of behavior was somewhat difficult. Blaze was still recovering, and until them, he was suggested to leave his leg resting for a while.

Having received a Dragon Meteor right in it as somewhat painful, but luckily, it didn’t caused any lasting damage. The only problem now was that Blaze was going to have some difficulty to walk. But he could manage that easily. He was not the kind that gave up for anything. He could manage himself.

Tyler was back to what he had always been. The young tyrunt now was once again playing, laughing, and overall not taking things seriously. He had stopped worrying so much and now he could go back to be more carefree and playful, and somewhat a little pain for Blaze. But he was happy again, and that was all that truly mattered.

Once they were back, it was decided that it would be good to take a little rest. However, they were soon invited by Luke, the leader of their guild, to help into another task.

There was going to have a great barbeque soon, as if a way of the guilds to show their appreciation to the inhabitants of Geoda, for being so kind for receiving them and hosting them during their travel.

As it seemed, Luke wanted to make sure that the most possible pokemon form the local would hear about the bbq and would be there to appear. So, their task was to spread the word, to get around folders and to invite people to go on to have a good time and to eat.

Of course, Tyler accepted it, being back to the jolly and impetuous pokemon he had always been. And Blaze, well, they just had come back from a difficult mission. Spreading folders and inviting people to go into a free dinner actually seemed very simple, and it didn’t seemed that it would bring any kind of trouble to them.

However, Luke was nonchalant in relation to one thing:

“Try avoiding creating any kind of trouble or getting into any fight.” He said to the two pokemon who made the team. “We are the god guys here, and we want to pass the right image to them. We don’t want people to think of us as trouble makers. So don’t get yourselves in any problem, okay?”


“’Kay, ty!”

And with that said, the two pokemon soon were on their way, spreading the word across the town.

“And there is going to be food, and there is going to  be a fireplace and there is going to have music, ty!” the small tyrunt said to a group of pokemon who gathered around him. Blaze chuckled as he saw his little brother being so much jovial again. He flinched as his foot touched the ground. His leg was bandaged and he was walking with the help of a staff, but he was fine. He got some medicine with the researchers and he knew that he would be walking again in just a few days. Until then, he was counselled to take it easy on that leg, and especially not to use it in fights.

Blaze sighed as he knew that it was going to be a little harder to use his Blaze Kick now, but he was not worried. After all, they were just in the middle of the city, away from any wild pokemon, and these burglars they talked about would never act into a crowded place like this in the middle of the day.

What were the chances of them getting into a fight?

“Hey! Careful there, ty!”

“Out of my way you brat!”

Okay, maybe they were somewhat good.

Blaze was able to keep Tyler on check by remembering him of the promise they had made Luke of not getting into fights. After all, they had to act accordingly and avoid causing troubles. They were the good guys, after all.

This seemed to calm the Tyrunt only enough for him to not jump against the first guy who almost stepped into his tail or bumped into Blaze and almost made him fell to the ground with his wounded leg.

Overall, their walking around the small town was being peaceful, and they were well received by most of them pokemon in there. They talked and distributed folders, and soon there were many pokemon around who were saying that they might go. Yeah, it seemed that this mission was being a success and that they were not going to have any problem.

After all, it was simply distribute folders and invite people for a party. It was almost like go around the street spreading tickets for a show with free dinner. There was no way that they could get into another fight today.

But Blaze didn’t knew what was waiting for them yet.

Team Ancient flame continued to distribute the folders, when two pokemon approached them.

One of them Blaze recognized almost instantly. It was Ridley, the Kadabra they had rescued and who was with the merchants. He had gotten some pretty bad wounds, but once he was treated he soon was recovering very fast. Some said it was due to his own psych abilities, which were natural for his species.

Yet, the Kadabra had a few bandages over his chest and onto his head, and he has his arm immobilized. It hadn’t broke, but it had made some bruises and it needed to rest for him to recover fully.

Next to him was a Machoke. This was Blaze had never seen before. He was muscled and looked overall normal for his species. He had a black colored jacket on his body, and he walked very close to the Kadabra, as if he was his body guard. The two pokemon came to Team Ancient Flame and greeted them.

“Thank you for saving me again.” Ridley said, and Blaze said in return, “We only did our job.”

“You two did an amazing thing!” said the Machoke “You brought Ridley back safe. Thank you.”

Blaze felt his cheek heating a little, and he scratched the back of his head as he said, “Well, if you say so…”

“We are glad you and your friend are back together, ty.” Said Tyler, and Ridley and the Machoke named Mac shared a look, and looked back at the young Tyrunt.

“What?” he asked, not getting it, and Ridley gave a small laugh. “Actually, me and Mac are not exactly friends.”

“Huh?” Tyler said, and Ridley continued “We are… more than just friends.” The Kadabra said as he held the Machoke’s hand, making him blush.

Blaze’s eyes widened as it finally made sense. And then, he felt himself blushing too. Tyler, however, was not as noticing of these things like him. “So, you two are the best of friends, ty?” he asked innocently.

The two males shared a look, and Blaze said, “Huh, let me see if I can explain to him.” And he knelt by Tyler’s side, and whispered something on his ear. After a few seconds, the small Tyrunt’s eyes widened, as he said “OH!” and he looked at both pokemon in front of him “But, aren’t you two boys?”

“Yeah, so what?” said Mac, almost aggressively, and Ridley calmed him down “Go easy Mac, he is just a kid.”

This seemed to calm the Machoke down, and Ridley looked at the small Tyrunt “So, you think it is wrong for us to be together like that only because we are both male?”

Tyler looked at him, and he thought for a moment, before saying “No, but they always said that boys are suppose to be with girls.”

“Bah! Of course!” said Mac, and Ridley continued “But, you think that boys staying with other boys is something wrong?”

This lead Tyler to think a little more, and for a moment it seemed that he actually lacked an answer, as he did, Blaze decided to speak “So, how long have you two been… together?”

“Quite a while.” Said Mac, looking at the Blaziken “We knew each other even before we evolved. You can say it was love at first sight.”

“Actually, it was fear at first sight.” Said Ridley “It was love at first fight, almost five minutes later.” And they both chuckled, and Blaze could only look at them. Somewhat he seemed to be dreaming.

“Well, thank you again for bringing Ridley back home safe.” Said Mac, “Well, I think we will see you around.”

“Yeah. Bye.” Said Blaze, and so, the two pokemon continued their way, holding hands, and little minding the stares that a few people gave them. Blaze watched them go as he seemed to be distant. That as when Tyler’s voice called him back.


“Huh?” he looked at his young little brother, and this one asked “Boys can date other boys?”

Blaze looked down at his younger brother, and he blushed a little, as he said “Y-yeah, indeed, they can.”

“So, it is not wrong?” the young Tyrunt asked “Because everybody always say that boys can only date girls.”

Blaze looked at him for a few moments, before he could think into the right answer. “Yeah, usually boys date girls.” Blaze said “But, sometimes, boys like to date other boys, and girls like to date other girls.” He looked up as he said that, looking at the sky “Sure, there are people around that who don’t like this idea, but it happens. It is not wrong… Is just different.”

Tyler thought a little about it, and he said “I don’t think it is wrong, ty.”, and his bigger brother looked at him, and he offered a weak smile “Because it is not. Doesn’t matter what others say.”

“But, why they say its wrong?” the Tyrunt asked “They are not hurting anyone, and they seem to be good pokemon, ty.”

“Is because it is different.” Blaze said “Sometimes, some pokemon are scared of things that are different. They reject it because they are not used to it and many times, they don’t understand, and so, they reject it, because it is frightening to them.”

There was another silence, before Tyler spoke “This sounds silly, ty.”

Blaze was able to chuckle at this “Yeah, it really is silly.” He as he looked at his younger brother “That is what is truly wrong. To reject others and make them feel bad, or make them feel inferior or that they are doing something wrong only because they are different.”

Tyler looked at him, and he said “I’m not bad with others only because they are different, ty.”

Blaze smiled “I know. You are too good for this.” He said as he smiled, and he looked up again “I just wish more people in the world were good like this.” He said in a distant tone. He seemed to be lost in thought, and he seemed to be somewhat sad.

Tyler looked at him “Blaze?” the Blaziken looked at him “Is something wrong, ty?”

He looked at his younger brother for a few moments, before he opened a smile “Nothing.” He said assuring “Just thinking… So, let’s get going, we still have some other pokemon to invite to the great dinner.”

Tyler noticed that Blaze was still seeming distant, as if he was worried at something, or simply upset. But he decided to keep it quiet, and so, they continued their work.

It went on without further incidents for one or two hours, and the two pokemon which formed the team had already spread the word to a good amount of pokemon, almost all of them confirming their presence into the great party. It seemed that the day was going to end without any bad incident.

After all, they finished their previous missions without causing any problem. Why it would be different now?

“And it will have lots of foods and meatroot and fleshcaps and all other kinds of delicious things to eat, and there will be music and dance and there will be a lot of other pokemon to make friends with!” Tyler said happily to a pair of Eevees who looked at him, and they both were soon agreeing to go, most for the part of the fun, as Blaze suspected.

He couldn’t help but smile to himself as it seemed that this small task was going to be completed completely without problems.

“Stop that!” someone said, catching Blaze and Tyler’s attention, as well as the eevees. They looked to see a Doduo running; one of its heads looked over its shoulder to say “Leave us alone!” while the other seemed to be panting. This Doduo was slightly bruised, as if he had received some blows, however, what most called the attention was his color. Most Doduos had a soft brown for their bodies. This one, however, had a light shade of green.

It was a shiny pokemon. These pokemon had a color variation, and they were somewhat rare to see. Blaze already saw a few shiny pokemon on his life, and it surely was not the first time.

As soon as the head which called over its shoulder said it, then other pokemon came behind. The leader was a bulky Tyranitar with a scar over his shoulder, and the other two were Korkorok, and they all smiled at the Doduo as they approached it “What is the matter, freak? Are you too scared to fight?” the Tyranitar tainted, and the Doduo groaned and tried to scralbme, only for being surrounded by the two Korkorok, who stood on each side, each one smirking and ready to deliver a blow.

“What is that, ty?” asked Tyler as he stood right by Blaze’s side, and Blaze answer was “I don’t know.” As he just looked at it.

The two krokoroks now were holding the shiny Doduo by his sides, and the heads looked at them as they struggled and kicked their legs to try and escape, but it seems that the two dessert crocodiles were stronger.

As they held it, the Tyranitar, who seemed to be their boss, came closer, and he was smiling wickedly as he massaged his own fists “Ready for the rest of your punishment, freak?”

“No…” said one head “Please, stop.”

“Just let us go!” said the other head “Why are you doing it?”

The Tyranitar smirked, and he said “Because I can.”

This made Blaziken’s eyes go wide, and then, they narrowed as his fists clenched.

“Now, just close your eyes and this might end quickly.” He said, raising a hand into a fist, but before he could, the Doduo raised a leg and gave him a powerful kick between the legs, making him cry out and stumble back, holding that area in pain.

“GRAAAH! YOU FREAK!!” he cried out as he took a moment to recover. Tyler looked at it as he felt his anger growing “We have to do something, ty!” he said, looking up at his brother. Blaze, however, did not answered, his face was clearly in anger, as he looked at that.

“You will pay for it!” The Tyranitar raised his arm and readied the fist again. This time it was glowing. It was going to be a Mega Punch, and it was going to cause some serious damage at such a close distance.

The Doduo both heads closed their eyes in fear, and got ready to feel the powerful blow.
But it never came.

Instead, the Tyranitar was hit in the face by a flaming clawed foot, and he was send flying for almost 10 feet before falling reeling on the ground.

The Krokoroks looked stunned d at their boss in the ground, while the Doduos both heads looked at their savior.

The Blaziken with a walking stick and a raised flaming foot looked down at the Tyranitar, as he started to get up.

“You!” he said as he rubbed his sore face, slightly burned by the flames “Who do you think you are?” he exclaimed, as if he had the right to feel indignity for being hit when he was about to hit somebody else.

But Blaze did not even flinched as he looked at him, and he said “I’m the guy who will not let you hurt someone!”

“Oh, don’t tell me you are protecting that freak!” said the Tyranitar “Do you know it?”


“Then this is none of your business! Get the fuck out!”

“Why are you attacking him?”

“Oh, come on! Just look at it!” he said, gesturing to the green Doduo “Last time I checked these birds usually didn’t had this color!”

Blaze just stared at him, shocked “You are attacking him just because he has a different color?”

“Yes! So what?” the Tyranitar asked, and he roared “Now get the hell out of here or I’ll kick you until there are not a single feather left in your ass!”

Blaze clenched his fists, as flames ignited around them, and he got into fighting pose, letting it clear that he was not backing away now. The Tyranitar understood, and he said “As you wish!” and he charged at Blaze, ready to deliver a blow.

The Doduo both heads watched amazed as the Blaziken was really standing for them without even knowing them. Did he was really serious? That guy seemed to be at least three times his own weight, and it was clear by the walking stick that he had a recent wound, and that would make more difficult to fight.

However, As soon as that guy came closer, Blaze simply gave a step to the side, and let him pass through him, at the same time that he spun on his own heel and he hit the Tyranitar on the back with his god leg, enveloped into flames, making him cry out in pain as he was thrown forward, reeling with his face on the ground and swallowing dirty and small pebbles.

He got up coughing, looking over his shoulder to the Blaziken behind him, who looked calmly at him. Who that fucking chicken thought he was!?

He turned his head to his goons, the two Krokorok, and he said “Don’t just stand there like you are cactus! Help me out you idiots!” he was practically roaring, and the Krokorok took one moment to react. One of them stayed holding the Doduo by the legs, preventing them from escaping, while the other went to help his boss.

Blaze was focused into the Tyranitar in front of him, and he could only look over his shoulder to the Krokorok that was coming on his back, with a Slash attack ready as his claws glowed and they stretched in length, getting ready to deliver a powerful blow in the Blaziken’s back. But this blow never actually came.

As the Krokorok was ready to dash at Blaze and deliver a cut on his back, there was a loud “TY!” as a brown and white blur came and hit the Krokorok right on the side, making him cry out in surprise and pain as he was propelled several feet forward, landing on his face.

The Doduo, Tyranitar and the other Krokorok looked shocked at this, as they saw that the small blur was a young Tyrunt, who looked angrily at the fallen croc-like pokemon.

“No one attacks my brother, ty!” Tyler said, sounding really angry at the pokemon who had tried to deliver at Blaze a blow in the back.

It took a moment for the Tyranitar to recover, and he said “Get them! Get them both!” and he himself charged at Blaze, his arm glowing as he got another Mega Punch ready.

And as he did, the Krokorok finally let go of the Doduo, and they fell to the ground, as the croc charged at the small dinosaur, and so did the other, getting up and reading his Slash attack again. Tyler looked at both, and his face turned head as steam came out of his nostrils.

“TYYYYYY!” he roared to the skies as he made a quick spin, hitting both crocs with his tail and sending both flying away, to land several feet away. They both groaned as they tried to get up. And they looked at the small Tyrunt, who looked defiantly at them.

While this, Blaze was being able to hold his ground against the ground-type. Sure, it was hard to fight with his damaged leg, but he had the advantage of being swift. The Tyranitar, while being bulk, was also slow, and it seemed that he had not very much coordination. Blaze was easily able to dodge every Mega Punch he tried to give at him, and it was almost too easy. And each time he dodged, it seemed that the Tyranitar got angrier and he just tried to hit him harder, and this only led for him becoming even less coordinate and missing even more then next blow.

Blaze finally dodged a last punch from him by bending his back, and as he did it, he could see the shocked face of the Tyranitar. In that same moment, Blaze ignited his good foot and he quickly raising it. In the position he was in, he was able to deliver a Blaze Kick right into the back of the Tyranitar’s head.

The big pokemon gasped as he was hit there, and his eyes rolled to the back of his head as he fell to the ground, nearly unconscious. Blaze winced a little as he straightened his back, as he was forced to shortly stand on his damaged leg. But he was quickly able to recover it. He looked down at the guy on the ground, groaning slightly as he tried to get up but failed. Blaze sighed, and turned his attention back to his little brother.

Tyler was holding his ground quite well, so to speak. He was holding one of the Krokorok by the tail with his maw as he used him as a club to hit the other, who was fallen to the ground. Both croc pokemon cried as they collided with each other, and Tyler didn’t seemed that he was going to stop anytime soon.

Blaze sighed as he saw that his little bro seemed not to be having troubles. Then he turned his attention to the Doduo, who was on the ground, both heads looking at them. “Hey!” Blaze called, making the heads look at him, and he said “Are you hurt?” limping in his direction, he didn’t noticed the Tyranitar getting up behind him, as a glow was coming from his mouth.

One of the head’s eyes widened as he cried “Look out!”

Blaze turned around in time to see the Tyranitar at a few meter of him, with a Hyper Beam ready to shoot it straight at him. Blaze was not going to be fast enough to dodge it, and he knew it pretty well. The only thing he could do in that moment was get ready and brace for impact. However, as soon as the Tyranitar seemed to be ready to attach, then suddenly, a blue blur came from above and landed right over him, raising a great wave of dust.

Blaze was slightly pushed of balance by the sheer power of the attack, and he coughed up at the dust. The Doduo also looked at it, both head s paying full attention. Tyler even stopped hitting the Krokoroks against each other as to look at what had just happened. The two crocs, once they had stopped being hit like that, finally were able to gain back their senses and look to the place where their boss was. Blaze also looked over, as soon as he was recovered from the shock, and for a long moment, they just looked at it as the dust finally started to set.

As soon, they saw the Tyranitar, with his face crushed to the ground, groaning in pain inside a crater. Standing over him, with a foot right over his head, standing on two legs, was a blue colored Nidorino, with black markings over his body and with a pissed look on his face. He stepped slightly into the Tyranitar’s head, as he spoke with a strong voice. “Don’t you know that only cowards attack people by the back?”

Blaze’s eyes widened as he quickly recognized that pokemon “Slasther!” he said, and the Nidorino looked at him, and smiled as he said “Yeah, it seemed that we arrived just in the right time, didn’t we?”

The tyranitar growled under him, trying to shift his position, as if to get more comfortable, and Slashter barely even minded. Only then Blaze noticed that he was carrying a small form on his arm. It was Dracyor, the small Charmander who was his son. Blaze had recently heard that Dracyor had got hurt into the dungeon, and that it had affected a lot Slashter. Actually, he and Tyler had a meeting with the Nidorino when they came back, and they both ahd somehow helped to ease his moods.

It was clear that his mood since their talk seemed to have improved, otherwise the shiny nidorino would not be smiling at them.

The Charmander on his arms was smiling, and he was still having a few bandages, but he seemed to be good, and he was wearing sopme new things, like a pair of googles in his head and a jacket with long sleeves on his body. He looked at them as he said, “Hi guys!”

“Dracyor, hi, ty!” said Tyler, letting go of the Korkoroks and running to stand in front of the Nidorino and his son “Good to see you, I heard you got hur-”

“So, nice to see you two.” Blaze said, purposely interrupting Tyler to avoid mention the incident of the dungeon. Blaze didn’t wanted to repeat the thing that happened when he had the brilliant idea of asking Slashter what had happened in the dungeon. The next thing he knew after asking was that Slashter was over him with a hand grabbing tightly his neck and the other cracking with electricity. He remembered that it took a lot of arguments to make Slashter finally let go of his neck and clam down.

He knew that the nidorino would never raised his hand to hurt a child, but he’d rather avoid an episode anyway. “And just in the right time. These guys seemed to be the kind who wants problem to come at them.”

“Yeah, I faced guys like that before.” Slashter said, and he looked down “But why were these guys wanting trouble.”

“T-they were attacking us.” Said the Doduo, finally having a saying, and the eyes all turned to him as he walked, one of its heads was talking “They were after us when these two came to save us.” And soon, they were explaining to Slahster what had transpired, from what Blaze and Tyler saw to their final outmatch.
This made Slashter blood boil.

“So, you think you have the right of attacking a guy only because he is a shiny?” he asked, pressing his foot harder into the Tyranitar’s head, making him groan in pain “I’d love to give you a lesson. But you are lucky that my son is in here and I don’t want him to have nightmares.” And with that said, he climbed down from the Tyranitar, who slowly started to struggle to get up again. “Now SCRAM!” Slashter screamed, and the two Korkorok cried out in fear as they turned around and left, and the Tyranitar was soon limping behind them, saying “H-hey… wait for me you idiots.”

Soon, they were all out of sight, and Slashter “humph”ed and he looked at the others “Well, glad we taught them a lesson.” He said with a smile. Yeah, his mood seemed to definitely had improved. Blaze smiled at him, and he looked over his shoulder, to look at the Doduo, who was looking a bit nervous at them.

Blaze turned to him and asked “Are you okay?”

The Doduo’s both heads looked at him, and both blushed slightly. One of them looked to the ground, while the other said “Y-yes, I think we are. T-thank you for helping us, sir…”

“Blaze.” The Blaziken said to them “My name is Blaze, I’m from the explorer’s guild.” He offered a kind smile “It is okay now, you are safe. You both are.”

The Doduo both looked at him, and their faces seemed to blush even more, as one of the heads looked down, and so did the other this time, as it said, “W-well, thank you, sir.” As he got up “I think we will be leaving now-Ah.” He said as both heads flinched their body as they kneeled on the ground.

“Are you okay?” Blaze asked, as the others around seemed worried, and one of the head’s said, “Our leg.” Slashter stepped forward, and he gave it a look.

“It seems bruised.” He said, looking at it “But I think it will be better soon.”

Blaze looked at them, and he said “Do you have a friend or a place we can leave you?” the two headed bird shared a look with itself, and it shook both heads. Blaze looked at them, and he sighed “He picked the bird in his arms and gently carried him/them in the air.



Both heads were surprised, and Blaze looked at them “If you don’t have a place to stay, then we will take care of you until you get better.” He said, offering a kind smile “Don’t worry, you can trust us.”

Both birds blushed even more, and they could only nod, and Blaze started carrying them in his arm, while the other used the walking stick to help him keep his balance. Tyler soon was walking by his side, while Slashter and Dracyor stayed behind.

“Blaze is a very good person, dad.” Dracyor said at his father, and Slashter was smiling “Yeah, I’ve noticed.” He said in answer to his son as he saw the big fire bird carrying the twin bird in his arm to help him. “I think he really is a hero.” The shiny Nidorino smiled as he turned around, and he said “So, after this action you think you are up for some orange juice?”

“I always am!” said Dracyor, and both he and his father laughed as they walked back to the nearest saloon, where they could find a big cup of orange juice for the little Dracyor, leaving behind a scene that was the place of a battle a little more than ten minutes ago.

Yeah, this day had already started a little troubling.

“A STRIKE, TY!?!?” Tyler screamed rather loudly, maybe loud enough for someone on the other side of Geoda to hear. Luke put a finger on his ear a little to see if his audition was not damaged by this scream.

The news of their little “trouble” had traveled quite fast till Luke’s ears. And sure, the leader of the Explorers had quickly came to them to hear some explanation. And he heard them, and he listened to their whole story of the goons who tried to attack the poor Doduo, and how Blaze and Tyler had to think quickly in order to help him… or them… Tyler was still a bit confused at this.

Luke listened carefully to what they said, and he nodded once they finished. Of course, Tyler didn’t expect him to say that they would receive a strike for this.

“But… we saved someone, ty!” Tyler said, and the Swanpert looked down at him as he said “Yeah, but I have told you to avoid creating trouble, and what you did today kind of fits into the ‘creating trouble’ thing. The exact one that we should avoid.” He sighed deeply “We might have troubles to deal with the locals now that they may have the impression of us as trouble makers.” He looked to the sky “I just hope this does not trouble our stay in here.”

Tyler was still looking at him, while Blaze only sighed. Yeah, he already expected that, since they got themselves into a fight with some locals, even if their actions were totally justified. They had gotten into a fight in a public place, and they would get the risk of getting civilians hurt by getting got into the crossfire, and also, they were passing the wrong idea of how the Explorer’s acted.

“We are terrible sorry for this sir. Aren’t we, Tyler?” The Blaziken asked his little brother, Tyler looked up at him and by seeing the look on his face, he knew that they didn’t had much of a choice in the matter now. The small tyrunt finally sighed as he lowered his head, and he said “Yeah, sorry for that, ty.”

Luke sighed, and he looked at them. Finally, he asked “And the Doduo, how is he?”

“They both are fine.” Said Blaze as he looked at their leader, who said “Oh, yeah, them. These multiple-headed pokemon always get me confused with the grammaticism. But, how are them then?”

“Fine.” Said Blaze “They got a little bruise at their leg, but they both seem to be fine, despite the scare that they seem to have taken. They seem to be good, overall.”

Luke looked at them, and was able to make a little smile “Good to know.” He said to them, he sighed, and he said “Well, officially I must say that you didn’t acted very well, and that it will have a bad implication in the reputation of your team. But, in my personal opinion, and extra-officially. “ he approached them, and he winked “You did very well. Keep up the good work.” Then he pulled out a thing, it looked like a hat, with the symbol of the Explorers in it, and he put it on Tyler’s head “And that is a little compensation.” And with that’s aid, he turned around and he walked away.

“I don’t understand.” Said Tyler as soon as Luke was out of sight and also out of hearing shot. “If we did a god thing them why we are punished, ty?”

Blaze sighed, as he said, “It is complicated.” He looked down at his little bro “Sometimes things are not simple, and sometimes you have to deal with things like other people’s opinions. Sometimes doing the right thing can be taken as something bad by certain people.”

“It seems silly, ty.”

“Yeah, and this silly thing is called politics.” Blaze said with a smile. He knew that Tyler was too young to understand that kind of thing, but he agreed with him that it was a little silly. He to didn’t understood completely the thing of politics, one person stabbing the other in the back to have better footage. It didn’t made a lot of sense to him, but it was how the world worked, and he could do nothing to change it. However, he could still do his job as an explorer, and that was more than enough for him. He petted his younger brother in the head, and he said, “Let’s check out on our friends, shall we?”

“Okay, ty.” Said Tyler, and soon, they both entered their tent.

The Doduo was…were… sitting on the ground over a pile of pillows for more comfort. Their leg was wrapped into a few bandages, and was resting over a pillow as they both looked up. Both heads seemed to be happy for seeing them again, and Blaze smiled at them as he asked “So, how are you two doing? Feeling better?”

The heads blushed, as one of them looked to the ground, and the other said “Yes, thank you. We really don’t have how to return it.”

“You don’t need, ty.” Said Tyler “We are very happy to help. After all, that’s what Explorer’s do, ty!” he said with a good amount of pride to the twin bird, and they shared a look, and one head said “Being an Explorer seems to be something very noble.”

“Yeah, it truly is…” Blaze said, and then, he seemed to suddenly realize one thing “Oh, sorry, after all of that we didn’t asked your name… or names.”

Both birds shared a look, and the one who was talking said “My name ie Jin.” And its twin looked up a little meekly, and said in a low voice, as if it was shy “I-I-I’m G-G-Gon.”

“Jin and Gon?” Blaze asked, and both heads nodded.

“These are funny names, ty.” Said the tyrunt, and both heads blushed a little more, and Blaze then decided to break the tension by saying “Well, with these names I must assume that you have come from far.”

They shared a look, and the head of the right, Jin, said, “Yeah, we came from far. Actually, we came from a place called Iapon.”

Now that had caught the duo’s attention.

“Really? You too?” said Tyler, and the Doduo gave him a look.

“Do you know someone from there?” asked Gon, and Tyler said “Yeah, some ninja, ty!”
This surprised the Doduo “Shinobi? This far from home?”

“Shini-what now?” asked the young naïve Tyrunt, and Blaze said “Shinobi is how they call the ninja in Iapon.” And the small tyrunt looked admired at his older brother. While this, the Doduo shared a look, and Blaze then asked “So, you two were born on Iapon?”

They shared a look, and Jin talked again “Yes, we were born in there and we stayed in there for our whole lives. Ever since we were little.”

“Cool, ty!” said Tyler at the twin bird “How it is like?”

The both heads looked down, as Jin simply said “Nice.” Blaze noticed that they seemed not very confortable by talking about it, and he said “There is something wrong?”

They looked at him, and Jin said “No.” but his tone did not convinced Blaze, and he leaned forward, and looked both of them in the eyes “”What is wrong?”

They both looked at him, and then Gon leaned over to Jin and whispered something in Iaponese. Neither Tyler nor Blaze understood what they were saying, but they both noticed that they seemed to be having a small discussion, as if they were deciding something. After a while, Gon said something that made Jin go silent, and after a few moments, he sighed, and he looked back at Blaze, before he spoke.

“We were born into a traditional family.” He said, and his tone told Blaze that he was telling something serious. “We were from a very honored clan that was dedicated to follow the orders of our emperor and to serve as his personal guard.”

“Ohhh, cool, ty!” said Tyler, but Blaze noticed that both heads looked to not be very happy about it.

“We would not know.” Said Jin again, looking away “We never were very dear among our clan. Since the day we left the egg.”
“Why, ty?”

“Because of our color.” He said as he looked away, and the other head kept looking at the ground. Blaze knew immediately what he meant. Jin sighed, as he continued after a while “For what we know, when someone is born like us, it is usually taken as a bad owen, and as so, we were not exactly the dearest ones. Actually, the only reason why we were not killed on the spot was because our father stood for us.”

Blaze felt a wave of revulsion. They were really going to kill innocent children only because they were born different? This was a complete absurd.

“They were sure we would never bring anything but trouble if we ever grew up. Still, through our father’s influence, we were able to be raised fairly and be educated.” Jin continued explaining “But they always made it clear to us that we would never be truly welcome or accepted. We were just too different.”

There was a silence, and Tyler said “I didn’t knew that being different was a bad thing, ty.”

Jin and Gon both looked at Tyler, both seeming to be surprised. Blaze looked at his young brother, and then he said “Is because it is not.” And all the eyes now were on him “Being different is not wrong. It doesn’t matter if it is because of the things you like or the way you look.” He looked at both Jin and Gon as he spoke that “No one deserves to be treated differently only for being different. It is not fair. No one deserves to be considered a freak or be treated as inferior only for not being like the rest. Doesn’t matter what others say.”

He looked at the Doduo, who both stared back at him with wide eyes. Blaze smiled at them, and placed a hand on his/their shoulder. “Listen, if these guys form the clan treated you two like that it was because they were too coward or too stupid.”

The Doduo could barely belive they had really heard it. And Blaze smield at him as he continued “You two seem to be really good people, and if you want a place to stay, you can stay with us the longest time you want. You will be more than welcome.”

The heads looked dumbfolded at him, and they both just stared at him, before Gon feel forward, wrapping his neck on Blaze into what seemed to be a hug.

“Thank you!” he said, and he seemed about to start to cry. Actually, Blaze felt a little tears leaking from the head’s eyes as they dropped onto him. “Thank you so much!”

“Gon!” said Jin, as he leaned back to pull his twin out of the hug, and then he started to scold his brother in Iaponese. Blaze smiled, and then, he turned to Blaze and said, “I’m terribly sorry for this.” As if what just happened was somehow a serious insult.

Blaze smiled at him “It is okay.” And he really meant it “I guess you two are happy right now.” He smiled as he said it, and he meant every word “We will gladly have you as our guests for the time you need. You have our total support.”

The Blaziken really meant it, it was clear on his eyes as he smiled. Both heads of the twin bird blushed furiously, as they both looked away, and Tyler said “Yay! We have a new friend, ty!” and he jumped into the bird, hugging them both.

Jin and Gon shared a look, and they looked at the small dinosaur, and back at Blaze, who was still smiling down at them. They both blushed, and looked away, and Gon said, “Thank you.” As a few tears leaked from his eyes. He could barely hold it back. It was not every time that what was happening now happened: being accepted. It was somehow a rare event to them. And now, receiving it form complete strangers, it was a feeling like a few things that they ever received in their lives.

“Thank you.”

When we lose the right to be different, we lose the privilege to be free.
Charles Evans Hughes

The Tyranitar groaned as he clutched his own wounds. Dammit! Why these guys had to hit him so strong? Sure, he was attacking an innocent guy… or it was guys? Oh, crew that! He only knew that he was in a pain.

“I didn’t knew a child could hit so hard.” Said a Krokorok, which was one of the ones that had been with him, one of his goons, as his brother was applying bandages in him. The other also had bandages on his body.

“At least we got away in one piece.” Said the other Krokorok, and the Tyranitar groaned “Dammit! They didn’t told us that we were going to have to fight someone who actually was that strong!” he said “Just attacking a whelp with two heads on exchange for a good gold seemed too easy! Now we are beaten, and they got away, and we will most likely never see this gold!”

The Krokoroks flinched as they knew that their boss was pissed. And they knew that trying to comfort him would grant them more wounds. So, they just kept threating each other in silence, and one of them whispered to the other “I told you we should have asked for the money before we started the job.”
And here is the second Explorers task. Balze and Tyler made it good for a while, but they got a strike from it. But, tehy saved someone who was in deep trouble, so I guess that it was Worth it.
And also, they got a nice hat ^^

Team Hunters of the Dusk (c) :icondracyor:
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