PMDU - Team Ancient Flame - Cactus Field Task 1

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Blaze walked to out of his makeshift tent, and he took a deep breath of the fresh morning air. It was dry and it was even somewhat dusty. Well, it was to expect when you are in a desert.

Blaze actually liked Geoda. The place had its own charm. He was really impressed with the great constructions made out of ancient giant cactus, and the way everyone lived in there. Of course, he liked living in Andaluss, but it was good to change the airs from time to time.

Of course, the welcoming was kind of heated, having to deal with these badits thyat came, and seeing a Milktank chasing them with a giant cactus club was not the kind of thing you expect to see everyday.

But, nonetheless, it was a very welcoming place.

Blaze liked it.

And, of course, there was still the need for missions. After all, they all were still officially working, even if they got a little break. He had to thank Luke for giving them the chance of breathing a little, specially after the recent events with the ninjas and the dungeon itself. He and Tyler really needed it.

Specially Tyler.

“Ahh. Nothing like the fresh morning air before another mission.” Blaze said to himself, stretching his arms and legs as he let the sunrays heat his body. He almost didn’t noticed the small dinosaur-like pokemon coming out of the tent behind him quietly.

Tyler had his head down, and he was hugging his Luke Plush, and he looked somewhat down. It was very different from his usual behavior, so joyful and bubbly. The tyrunt looked at him, and he said “We really have to go to this mission, ty?”

Blaze looked at him, and he said “Of course! We are Explorers, and it is our job!”

The Tyrunt looked at him and he said “But it is dangerous, ty! You could get hurt!”

Blaze could not help but feel sorry for the small Tyrunt. Since the incident of the scare with the ember trap in the Basalt Halls, Tyler was acting differently. He was far more worried with Blaze than normal, and he seemed to be almost sure all the time that something bad could happen with Blaze. He was being overly caring with him, and sometimes he was even saying that Blaze should not go into a mission if it was too dangerous.

Which was the case of the mission to rescue the merchants. This mission was on a very dangerous canyon, or similar formation, which could be very dangerous. And, as if it was not enough, there was still the problem of the gang of Gabite who was bringing trouble. Tyler had actually, on the previous night, insisted for Blaze not to go on the mission, for he could get seriously hurt.

Tyler was being overly caring, and it was easy to notice that he was worried and scared. Blaze could see it, and he hated seeing his little bro like that. He wished he could do something to help him, but it seemed that Tyler never wanted to talk with him about it. It frustrated Blaze not knowing how to help his little brother when he was so upset.

Blaze could only sigh, and he knelt in front of Tyler. “I know it is dangerous.” He said to the young pokemon “But is my job as Explorer. It is our job. And we must do it, for there are people who need help, and we can offer this help.”

Tyler looked at him, and he must have realized that there was no way of making Blaze change his mind, for he lowered his head, and looked at the ground, seemingly sad. Blaze really didn’t liked seeing Tyler like this, all quiet and reserved, it was not like him at all! But, once again, the blaziken found himself unable to do anything about it, so, he said “Lets get going, okay?”

Tyler nodded quietly, and he soon was walking right besides Blaze as they both were going in direction to their next mission.

Yeah, it definitely was not like Tyler usually was.


Soon, they were on the carts, being pulled by Camerupts, going in direction to the place where they should rescue the Merchants. Tyler was into one of the carts, while Blaze had no trouble walking right behind it, and keeping an eye for the small Tyrunt.

It was clear that the tyrunt didn’t liked they having coming, as he was quiet the whole time, only hugging his Luke Plush. Blaze even tried to talk to him, but the talks were always short and they didn’t helped in nothing to Tyler’s humor. This was definitely starting to get him worried. He wanted to help his young Tyrunt friend, and he wanted it more than anything, but he just didn’t knew how.

He didn’t knew what he could possibly say or do to make him feel better about what happened. All he could do was simply let him know that he was there and that he was okay. However, Tyler always came back to ask the same thing to him “Promise me you will be okay, ty.”

Blaze was promising it, however, he knew that, in their line of work, this was a promise that would be very hard to keep.

Blaze sighed as he walked forward, and he failed to notice the Skorupi and the Castform that looked at him as he walked away. They shared a look, and they both walked in direction to the young Tyrunt. With whom he had been talking.

“Hey, Little guy.” Said the Castform, making Tyler look at him “Ty?”

“Your friend seems upset. By the way, so do you.” Said the small female, who had a yellow armband around her head with the symbol of a white star. “What is the matter?”

Tyler looked at her for a while, and then he looked away. He hoped that this would make her drop it, but she didn’t. She flew to in front of his face, and asked again “What is wrong, little one?”

Tyler groned, and looked to the other side, only to face a skorupi looking at him. He had climbed on the kart, and was now looking at him. The skorupi had an orange colored vest with the same symbol of the white star on his black just like the one in the castform’s bandana. He seemed also to be interested into Tyler.

“What is wrong?” asked the Castform once again. For a long moment, Tyelr only looked at both. He thought about maybe telling that there was nothing wrong, or maybe telling them to leave him alone. However, they seemed to be really worried about him. So, Tyler sighed, and he said.

“I’m worried about my big bro, ty.”

Tyler explained to them the episode of the Basalt Halls and the ember trap. About how scared he actually got from seeing Blaze be hit like that, and how much he was worried that his big bro would got seriously hurt.

When he finished, Tyler felt a little better, and the castform and Skorupi shared a look. “You are worried about him, aren’t you?” asked the castform, and Tyler could do nothing more than to nod.

The castform nodded, and she said “Well, for what you told me, your brother, the Blaziken, seems to be the one that always cared about you, right?”

Tyler looked at her, and he nodded, and she continued “And so, he must be a really strong guy who can fend for you, and also for himself, right?” Tyler looked at her for a few moments, and he nodded again.

“So, I guess that you must trust him a little more.” She said finally “He seems to be a really strong guy, and he seems to be responsible. He take care of himself and of you. So , I guess he can handle things on his own.”

Tyler looked at her, and he thought that maybe she was right. And then, the Skorupi said “He seems to really care for you. Just like a big brother must do for their younger sibling.” Tyler looked at him “He cares about you, so, I guess that you caring about him too is totally normal. But, you two are explorers. I bet there were times that he wanted to keep you in home to keep you safe, right?”

Tyler blushed as he looked at the ground. Yeah, it was totally true. His reaction was enough answer to the Skorupi, who said “So, I guess that if he can trust you enough to come with him, them you should trust him enough to fend for himself and to also protect you. After all, he had been doing it for quite a while, isn’t it right?”

Tyler looked at him, and he simply nodded, and so, the castform smiled “So, now you don’t need to be so worried.” She said to him, offering a kind smile “Now, the best way to make him feel better is to be the way you have always been. I have seem him, and I noticed that he is not very happy for seeing you sad. So, cheer up a little. For him. Okay?”

And with that said, she and the Skorupi followed their own way, leaving Tyler along with his own thoughts.

The trip to there seemed long as they finally arrived in the Canyon. It was big and wide, and the rocks made formations which made them close around each other very snuggly, what made the place almost look like some short of trap. They walked right inside, with Tyler finally got off the cart, and he walked to Blaze’s side.

The Tyrunt looked up at his big brother, still thinking about what the two pokemon had talked to him earlier on their way to there. Blaze looked down at him, and he offered a kind smile. Tyler was able to smile back weakly. Soon, they were walking inside, and soon, they heard the voices of some pokemon ahead.

“The Merchants.” Said Tyler, and soon, he and Tyler were both walking forward in direction to the place the voices were coming from. Soon, they found the source of it coming form the bottom of a canyon.

“There is someone in there?” the voice called “We are stuck in here! Help!”

Blaze looked down, and he looked at Tyler “I’ll go down there.” He said, and he was getting ready to jump. Suddenly, he felt something grab his leg. He looked over, to see Tyler holding his foot tightly, and looking up at him with his baby dinosaur eyes.

Blaze looked at him for a few moments, and he said “I’ll be okay.” He said, doing his best assuring smile “I promise.”

Tyler looked at him for a few moments, and then, he let go. Blaze smiled at him and petted his head. Blaze was getting ready to jump down there, and now, carrying a few other pokemon with him. He was carrying Alexis, the growlithe he and Tyler had known in the dungeon, and she was not with her yellow Vulpix companion, but she was companied by a male pochyena with a grey tail-tip and with a scar over his left eye. And he was also carrying a female pochyena and a zorua with a red colored vest.

Blaze looked down, and he made a jump. Everybody looked at him as he was falling down, keeping his feet turned to the ground all the time. The falling lasted only for a few moments, when Blaze hit the ground on his feet, making some dust raise from the ground around him.

It took a few seconds for the dust to settle down, and Blaze looked at the pokemon who had come with him. Alexis seemed to be very excited, apparently, she had liked that. Her pochyena companion, on the other hand, seemed not to have liked too much the sudden falling form a great height like that.

Blaze soon put them all on the ground, and he looked around, and soon he saw one of the caravans. It was nearly destroyed and there was a few pokemon in it. One of them a Persian, looked at them.

“Oh! Thank goodness that you came!” he said, running in their direction “Some of us are hurt!”

Blaze, as well as the other, soon walked in direction to the caravan, in order to attend the ones who were hurt in there. There were a few more pokemon in there. There was two mareeps, a Nirodino, and there was also an Kadabra.

The Kadabra seemed to be the one who was hurt the most, for he was inside the caravan when it fall, and it seemed that he had broken one rib and his arm seemed to hurt every time he tried to move.

Psych types were known for not being too much found on physical forces. Their bodies usually were frail, and they usually resorted more on the power of his psych abilities and on their intelligence to win their battles, with the notable exception of the evolution lines which were psych/fighter or psych/steel.

They soon were having to take care of the merchants in there, and they were checking on their wounds, and treating the ones which seemed to be the most hurt. Of course, they didn’t had the exact necessary to care for all their wounds, but they had enough with them to improvise a few bandages until they could reach specialized help.

Blaze was along with the female pochyena tending the Kadabra, who winced as he was touched. He seemed to be half-conscious, and he said "Mac… Mac…”

Blaze looked at him, wondering how was Mac. Maybe it was a friend of him? His brother? Who knew? But Blaze could not worry about this now. He had to focus on helping taking them all out of there. “Don’t worry.” He said “We will take you back home safely.”

The Kadabra looked on his eyes briefly, before he rested. They had just finished his bandages, with a few around his chest, and also immobilizing his arm, to help keep it in place and avoid moving too much, what would cause more pain.

“Okay, everybody seems to be fine.” Said the male Pochyena, who Blaze now knew was called Kuro “I think new can go now.”

They were just preparing to go, when someone said “Trespassers!”

Everybody looked over, just in time to see some Gabite running in their direction “Trespassers in our territory!” one of them said, and they all started circling the group, all of them ready to fight.

Oh, crap! Was the thought on Blaze’s head as he hoped that they would not have to bump into these guys. However, his hopes were quickly frustrated as they circled them, al, of them saying things about “protecting their territory”

“Look, we don’t want trouble!” said the female pochyena “We just want to take the merchants back home! So, if you please let us leave then we can-AH!” she said as she almost was hit by a stream of flames. One of the gabites had just tried to hit her with a Flamethrower, and he said “We will protect our territory at any cost!”

Okay, it was clear that they were not up to a talk. So, the Pochyena quickly adopted a fighting pose, and she said over her shoulder “Take everyone out of here!” and she focused her attention to the Gabite. One of them immediately jumped over her, a Dragon Claw readied to deliver a powerful blow into her.

She quickly closed her eyes, and got ready to feel the powerful blo0wn into her body. However, it never came. For, in that same moment, Blaze jumped forward, and delivered a powerful Blaze Kick in the Gabite’s chest.

He cried out and was launched back, and went reeling on the ground, knocking down three of his companions on the process.

The femaqle pochyena opened her eyes, and she looked, and she saw the big and strong blaziken landing in front of her, between her and the gabites. “The next one will receive a kick on the head!”

The Gabites retreated one step, and the pochyena could only look at the big and strong blaziken, who was standing out for her. Blaze looked down at her, and he smiled “Don’t worry.” He said with that strong voice “I will protect you with my life.”

The pochyena looked right at him, with her face heating as a vivid blush covered all of her features, and she was able only to smile back, and say a mumbled “Okay…”

Blaze turned his attention back to the Gabites with a fierce look. Okay, now who these guys thought they were to just threat others like that? Didn’t they thought they owned the place? These punks were definitely asking for it!

Blaze stood in the front line, as the Gabite all hissed at him, and soon, other two pokemon came to his aid, and it were Alexis and Kuro. They both stood, ready for action, while the zorua stood behind, to help the Merchants.

“Apollo! Take them up!” said the pochyena to the zorua, whom looked at the merchants, and up the hill, and he asked “How?”

As soon as he said that, something seemed to be dropped from up there. It was some kind o hook, tied up with some kind of long and strong vine. He looked up, and was able to make the outline of someone waving to him from up there. He picked up the hook, he was even trying to swing it and throw it up, but he was not having much success.

While this, the four pokemon were keeping all the Gabites busy by fighting them. Kuro was giving them a hard time with his Fire Fang, leaving them recoiling, while Alexis was putting them into a very hot place with her Flame Wheel, trumpling all the Gabite who dared to stay in her way. Even the female pochyena was helping, by using a Bite on the ankles of every unsuspecting Gabite in her way. Of course, this made little to no damage, but it made them jump in place holding them ankles and annoyed them to no end.

Blaze, however, was the one that was taking on more Gabite. He was able to mix his Agility with his Blaze kick, in order to turn into practically a hurricane of flaming claws that hit al which was around him. Each one of his kicks send a Gabite flying and left him dazed on the ground.

The true problem was that these Gabite seemed not to know when to give up. They stayed in the ground, dazed for a few moments, but soon they struggled to get up and go in direction to the pokemon again. Maybe the part of they don’t having any attack that was really very effective on them had something to do with that. Oh, how Blaze wished he knew an Ice Type move!

Meanwhile, the poor Zorua, Apollo, was failing miserably to thrown the hook up. It seemed that sports were not exactly his strong spot.

“Oh! For god shake!” cried out Kuro “Will someone please help that little guy?”

Blaze looked over, and he asked “Do you hold on in here?”

“You bet on it!” said Alexis as she trumped on more Gabite as a flaming wheel, and Kuro said “Yeah, these guys can help me get vent to my anger!” And he used Crunch in the arm of a poor Gabite, who cried out in pain.

Seeing they could hold their ground, Blaze quickly turned around and he ran to the Zorua “Hey, want help?” he asked, and the poor Zorua looked at him, and offered the hook. Blaze took it, and he looked up. He let the hooked end of the thing hang on his side, and he started spinning it.

He spun it for a few seconds, and he finally threw it up. The hook flew up several feet in the air.

Tyler gave one step back when he saw the hook hitting the edge of the canyon Tyler was in, and secure itself in place, it’s blade piercing the rock and getting itself stuck.

Down there, Blaze pulled the rope a few times, to see if it was really secured in place. Once he saw it was not letting go, he smiled at the Zorua “I guess you can take it from here.”

The Zorua nodded, and Blaze was turning around to leave, the zorua looked at them, and he assumed the shape of a Nidorino. He and the other nidorino then took turns climbing the rope while carrying the wounded  merchants in their backs.

Blaze and the others resumed fighting the Gabite, and they were giving a tough fight. However, soon they were seeing that they were all not able to pick up the fight, so, half of them had already fled. However, the ones which stayed behind seemed to be the strongest.

They were giving a though battle, and they were actually being able to push Blaze and the others back against the dead end, and actually cornering them. It also didn’t helped that two of them knew Dragon Meteor, and were making amazing uses of these attacks.

“They are too strong!” said Alexis, and Blaze turned to them “I’ll hold them back, you must go now!”

“I’ll not run from a fight!” said Kuro, standing his ground, but Blaze looked back “Your mission is to help save the merchants and that is what you are going to do! I’ll get you some time.” He said, his tone so firm that Kuro looked surprised at him. But it was only for a few seconds, as he then simply nodded, and he turned around, and soon Alexis was going after him.

“You too, girl.” He said to the young Pochiena, right after he delivered a Blaze Kick into a Gabiote who dared to come to close

“But, they are too strong, and you will be only one!” she said, and Blaze said “I know.” He smiled at her “What is your name, darling?”

When she heard him say that, the pochyena felt her face almost to the point of igniting, and she said “A-Arela.”

Blaze smiled at her “Arela, I need you to go to safety with the others.” He said to her, offering a kind smile “I promise I’ll met with you all up there, okay?”

The pochyena looked at his face, seeming to be hypnotized for a few seconds, and then she said “O-okay.” Blaze nodded, and he turned to the Gabite, his expression once again fierce “You want to fight? Then I’ll give you the fight of your lives!” he said, igniting his feet and jumping right against them.

Alera just stared at him as he jumped into action, and she let out a huge sigh as she said “What a hero!” in a dreaming tone her face all red with a blush, and her own paws resting in her chest. She was suddenly snapped out of it when Alexis grabbed her from behind saying “Are you deaf, girl? He told us to go!”

And soon, the three Explorers, along with the left Mareep, were begin carried up by the two Nidorino’s, one of which was a Zorua in disguise, to the top of the canyon, while Blaze stood his ground against the Gabite down there.

As soon as the two nidorino had just carried the rest of the people up there, they left their backs and both Nidorino fell to the ground, breathing heavily, as neither of them was used of doing so much physical work. One of them immediately reverted to the Zorua appearance, as they both panting as they recovered.

Many would have let them recover, but Tyler was not one of these “Where is Blaze, ty!?” the small tyrunt asked them “Where is my brother!?”

“He kept fighting the Gabite.” Said Kuro “To give us time to climb here.”

Tyler’s eyes widened in horror “You let him alone!?” he shouted, as he looked down, and he could see the shining dots that were his brother’s flaming feet while he kept dancing, dodging the attacks which were launched by the Gabites who wanted to hurt him.

“No! Blaze!” Tyler cried out, as it seemed that all he had feared in the past days was just about to happen.

Blaze danced across the battlefield, making turns and spins as he was able to land some blows of his Blaze Kick into these Gabite, enough to make them keep certain distance from him. Yet, these gabites showed to be strong and resilient, as they could shake off the stun and quickly recovered and start attacking him again. And as if it wasn’t enough, Blaze still had to jump and roll over to dodge the attacks from the Gabite, specially their Dragon Meteor, if that move hit it would be a serious damage.

Blaze was starting to sweat and pant due to the effort he was making, and he looked over his shoulder, and he saw that all the pokemon had gone up except by one. The Kadabra was still paying in there, groaning slightly as he tried to get up, but he seemed to be too tired and to wounded to really move too much.

Blaze knew that now was time to scramble, and so, he turned around to run to him and catch him up and then use his powerful legs to jump back. Another positive thing about having evolved into Blaziken was his new enhanced ability to jump. He could jump from the top of that cliff to the bottom and land safely, and he was pretty sure he would be able to jump it again with little effort.

However, as soon as he went in the Kadabra’s direction, he heard a sudden and very close explosion, followed by a sudden pain on his leg, which made him gasp and fall to the ground reeling.

“BLAZE!” Tyler cried out when he saw a Dragon Meteor hit Blaze on the leg, and making his older brother fall to the ground.

Blaze groaned, and he make a little effort to stand up, however, as soon as he got on his feet he felt a great pain on his right leg. He groaned as he fought to support himself as it hurt very much to try to stand.

Dammit! Now he could barely stand! It would be too hard, if not impossible, to jump. Blaze groaned as he was forced to stand in a single leg, and he barely had time to react when he saw another of the Gabite jumping to him, with a  Dragon Claw readied and aimed right at him. Blaze would not have time to dodge, and he knew it, all he could do was wait for the blow to hit him.

But it never came.

Suddenly, the Gabite was stopped in mid-air, much to his own and Blaze’s confusion. The Gabite flailed in mid-air, as Blaze looked behind himself, and he saw the Kadabra with his arm raised, using his psych power to keep him on the air. The Kadabra them outstretched his fingers, the star on his forehead shining, as the Gabite was suddenly propelled backwards, and landed right on one of his companions.

The Kadabra then slumped in the ground, panting heavily. Blaze looked at him, and back at the Gabite, who were checking on their two companions. Blaze used this chance to run the best he could with his wounded leg in direction to the Kadabra, and he picked him on his arms, holding onto his semi-unconscious form.

The Kadabra opened his eyes to look at him, and Blaze nodded at him, as if saying “Thank you.” And he immediately run in direction to the rope, and he grabbed it. He was about to start to climb, when he felt a sudden  weight on his leg which was wounded. He cried out in pain as he looked back to see some Gabite holding him down.

They all pulled together, and Blaze felt the rope he was holding give him as he fell back.

Up ther, the hook suddenly broke form the rock and fell backwards “No!” Tyler screamed as he tried to hold it, but it was too late. The hook was down there, along with Blaze, and he was in the hands of these meanies!

Blaze used his good leg to deliver Blaze Kicks in the Gabite which held him, and forced them to retreat. Blaze was able to get up, his leg still wounded and the Kadabra he just saved laying on the ground behind him, clearly too tired to fight. Blaze was on his own, and he knew that, in the current situation, he was not going to win.

“Now, we show you what happens when someone invades our territory!” said one of them, as he readied a Dragon Claw.

Blaze looked behind, seeing the Kadabra in there, sitting against the wall and looking up at him. Blaze looked at him for a few moments, and he turned, saying “I’ll not let you hurt him. He did nothing wrong.”

The Gabites looked at him, and one of them asked “Why risk your life for him? You don’t even know him!”

Blaze looked at him, and he said “Because he needs help.”

The Kadabra looked up at the Blaziken, and he wasn’t the only one. Up there, Tyler also heard what he said, and he looked down at Blaze “Ty?”

Blaze only kept there, and he said “When people have a trouble, and they need help, then someone has to have the courage to stand and help this person.” He had a smirk in his beak as he said it “That is why I wanted to become an Explorer, to help people who needed it.”

“Of course, it is dangerous, and there will be more than one time in which I or someone very close to me might be on danger. But, other people who are in danger, they are also someone’s loved ones, and they are important to someone, and their families and friends would be devastated if they never came back. That is why I’m standing in here.”

Blaze stood his ground “Years ago, I lost people who were important to me because no one stood for them. I lost them because others or were afraid or didn’t wanted to get himself in trouble. I don’t want anyone else to have to pass by this. So, even if it means risking my life, even if it means fighting all of you single-handed, for protecting someone who needs protection, then I’ll do it!”

The Kadabra was impressed with the Blaziken’s determination. Surely, that boy showed that he had a true Explorer’s spirit. Up there, the other pokemon also looked down there, and they had heard most of it, and they were all impressed.

“Wow! Now that was some speech!” said Alexis

“He truly is a hero!” said the female pochyena, with pink hearts froming around her and popping like bubbles.

Tyler, however, only looked down.

Each word of what Blaze said was the most absolute truth. It was the reason why they both had joined the Explorers, and it was indeed something they had discussed already.

For many times, he saw Blaze get worried about him, and afraid that he would get hurt, and always protected him. However, not even because of this, he tried to prevent Tyler from pursuing the dream of being an Explorer and helping people along with him. They both had discussed the risks and dangers of being an Explorer, and all the problems and trials they were probably going to face.

And they both had agreed that they would face it. And they would do it together.

Down there, the leader of the Gabites only looked at him, and he said “Well, if you want that way…” and he raised his glowing claw, which extended, and he got ready to deliver a powerful blow at Blaze. The blaziken, on his turn, could only smirk as he put himself in a fighting pose, ready to fight till the end.

“TYYYYYYYY!” the cry coming from above made every look up. Up there, Tyler had just thrown himself off the cliff, before anyone could have stopped him, and now, he was diving right down, going straight just like a bullet.

He hit the ground with a huge crash, raising dust and creating a small crater in the place he had hit.

Everybody gave a step back, completely taken back. For a long moment, they just looked at the crater, when the young Tyrunt pulled himself out of it, and he stood there “No one hurts my brother, tyt!” he said, and he immediately jumped in direction to the Gabite, and he delivered a powerful Headbutt right on his forehead.

The ground dragon cried out as he held his head in pain, stumbling down and almost falling to the ground. Tyler landed back on the ground, and Blaze said “Tyler! What are you doing!?”

The tyrunt looked back at his older brother, with that smile that Blaze was used too, and which he had missed in the past days “Doing my job as Explorer, ty! After all, we are a team, right, ty?”

Blaze looked at him stunned for a few moments, and he really didn’t knew if he should laugh or faint. The only thing he did was smile to his younger brother, and nod.

“You brat!” said the Gabite as he quickly got up again, and got ready to fight. Tyler immedaitelly turned around to that Jerk who had dared to hurt Blaze, and he growled as his face reddened so much that it seemed to the point of igniting, anf streams of smoke came out of his nostrils.

“TY!” Tyelr cried out as he started running like a train right to the Gabites.

The dragon-type barely had time to register what had happened before they were all taken down like bowling pines. The al fell all over the ground, some of them scattered, and Tyler turned around, still ready to fight.

“You…” the leader growled as he got up “You brat! You will pay for this!” he said, raising up his claw again, getting ready for another blow. Tyler got ready to attack again, and Blaze, at his back was also ready to deliver a blow, when a voice came from up there.

“Enough of ‘dis!” They looked up, in time to see a Garchomp coming down. He swiftly landed of each rock across the canyon, until he landed safely in front of the Gabite, between them and Tyler. He had a serious look on his face.

The leader of the Gabite said “Out of the way, old man! This is none of your business!”

The Garchomp grunted, and he said “The problem with the young lads these days. No respect.” And he stepped forward “What yer think yer doin’?”

“We are protecting our lands!” he said, and he talked again “By attakin’ poor lads who came here by mistake? By tryin’ to hurt a kid?” he sadi, gesturing to Tyler.
“He damaged us much more!”

“No excuse!” said the Garchomp “Look, I know what is like to be youn’ and dumb, and to feel on top of the world, but yah can’t just act like yah own the dessert.” He said, approaching.

Blaze looked unsure at the Garchomp, quite worried that he would have to fight too. The Kadabra behind him, suddenly said “Don’t worry.” As if he could read Blaze’s mind, and maybe he really could!

Blaze looked at him, as he smiled softly “He will have them apologizing in ten minutes. Maybe less.”

Blaze was not so sure of it, though the Kadabra seemed to be pretty sure. Blaze looked up to see the leader of the gabites practically roaring at the Garchomp, and he wondered if the fight was going to resume in less than that.

However, true to the Kadabra’s words, after eight minutes of talking, the Gabites seemed to have calmed down very much, and their leader was actually saying “Yeah… you are right. I think we got carried away. Sorry.”

The Garchomp smiled at them “Is just the age. Yer going to live a whole lot before ye can be full grown man. Ye still have a lot of time.”

In fact, Blaze was surprised and even more when the Gabite apologized to him and to Tyler for being so rude. That Garchomp really knew how to talk with the younger pokemon. For the first time, Blaze realized that many of these Gabite actually were about his age or maybe one or two years younger.

So, soon after that, Blaze was able to thrown the Hook up again, and made sure it was secure, before carrying both Tyler and the Kadabra on his back up, and the Garchomp found his own way up, by climbinh with his bare claws up there.

They kept almost in the same level “Good to see ye again, Ridley.”

Blaze looked at him, a bit confused, and then the Kadabra on his back said “Good to see you too, Bass.”

“So, yer little trip got a little troubled?”

“You could say that.” Was the Kadabra’s answer. By what it seemed, the Garchomp and Kadabra already knew each other.

“Glad to see yer fine.” Said Bass “Mac will also be happy. The lad has been askin’ around the whole village after ye.”

The Kadabra, Ridley, smiled “Yeah, I thought he would.” And the trip continued. Blaze felt like asking how did they knew each other, however, he felt like it would be intromission in their lives, so he kept to himself.

As soon as they got inside, Blaze was received with a lot of honors by the other pokemon. Alexis was jumping up and down, while Kuro stood by her side, and he simply gave a single nod at Blaze. The young female pochyena was looking at him with dreamer eyes, and for a moment, Blaze could swear that he saw pink hearts in place of her eyes.

After a while, Blaze offered the hook back at Galina, but the flying/fighting type told him  to keep it “After that attitude you showed down there, you deserve it.” Were her exact words, and Blaze simply accepted. He had to use the cart to move, due to his wounded leg. They would have to get back into the city in order to take care of it properly.

“That what you did was crazy.” Blaze said to Tyler, who was sitting right by his side “But I have to say, it was pretty awesome.”

“You too, ty!” said the small tyrunt. It seemed that Tyler had recovered his usual good humor. After a few moments, the Tyrunt said “I’m sorry.” Blaze looked at him “Sorry for being like that with you, ty. I overreacted.”

Blaze didn’t even knew if Tyler really knew what “overreacted” meant, but he accepted it “You were worried about me.” He said to his small adoptive brother “I guess it is normal for the family.”

Tyler looked up “I was scared of you getting hurt. You are the only family I have, ty.” He said, and he hugged Blaze. The blaziken looked down at him, and placed a hand on his back “And you are the only one I have.”

They shared a look “We are not alone, and we will always protect each other.” He said, smiling “We will face all that come up together.”

Tyler smiled at him, and he nodded enthusiastically. And for Blaze, even being, beaten, tired, sweaty and with his leg wounded, being able to see his little bro back to his regular self, made it all and much more worth it.

Fear keeps us focused on the past or worried about the future. If we can acknowledge our fear, we can realize that right now we are okay. Right now, today, we are still alive, and our bodies are working marvelously. Our eyes can still see the beautiful sky. Our ears can still hear the voices of our loved ones.
Thich Nhat Hanh
And here is my entry for the Explorer's task 1!

Hope you all like it.


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Also, you musyt have noticed that I added a quote in the end of the story. Is a new expericence I have been wanting to do with mys tories for quite someti-me, add a quote in the end which reflects the story.

I blame the series Criminal Minds ^^;

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confusedkangaroo's avatar
Awwwwwwww, thanks for the cameo! I'm glad that Cirro was there to comfort Tyler, and Ariz did his bit too. He also didn't seem too freaked out by the bigger Blaziken so he must be improving his fear!

As for the story itself, I felt that it had a lot of development and action. Hopefully these two will continue being great explorers!