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Blaze breathed another stream of flames over the small fire over which he held the fridge. The food he was preparing had a good smell, and it was proving to be a good way of helping. The Blaziken smiled to himself as he saw that he was doing a good work in the cooking. He was just preparing the material that would be the filling of some of these “tacos” they talked about.

Blaze was in the cooking area with a few other pokemon in there. Next to him was a Snivy, who was preparing some juice to serve along with the food. Blaze noticed that this Snivy had a scar over his left eye, and he was making an effort into doing this. And next to him there was another pokemon, it was a shiny Vulpix with one Explorer’s hat over his head. Blaze took only little time to recognize him as Alexis’, his name was Daniel, and Blaze could remember that he was somewhat shy, in a great contrast with his partner.

The Vulpix seemed to be much more clam now that he was not dealing with the immediate danger of a dungeon. He was actually smiling and humming softly at himself as he cooked a meatroot in the needle. He seemed not to mind one bit to being in the kitchen, and actually like it, but the Snivy seemed to rather be in other place, where it had a little more action. However, he also didn’t seemed to dislike cooking, he just seemed that he would like a little more action.

Blaze looked to his other side, to see the familiar shape of the green Doduo who was by his side, preparing tea.

“Now, the secret to the perfect cup of tea is not to let the leaves stay in the water for too long before it starts boiling.” Said Jin, the head of the left, while Gon was still keeping an eye for the tea, and he added some leaves to it. Cactus flower. They said the tea made of it was really good, and it was good to calming your nerves.

The Doduo had offered to help as soon as they heard of the Cookout. They said that they wanted to repay them somehow for all they had done for them. Of course, they said that they had some experience into cooking, and that they could be of good help into preparing food. And of course, Blaze accepted their help. It had already passed two days since the incident, and though their leg was still healing, now they could walk around a bit better. And besides, walking around, and going for a show that night, would be a good thing for them to relax.

Gon was still focused on the tea, using their leg, the one that had been hurt a few days before, to grab the teapot and gently take it off the fire as the water was boiling. They showed a great deal of precision and they made it almost as if it was some short of ritual.

“You take tea very seriously.” Blaze said, and Jin looked at him, and smiled as he said “Back in Iapon, serving and preparing tea is a ceremony. We used to have classes about the correct way to prepare tea and the adequate way of serving it.”

“It is almost a science, then?” Blaze asked, and the both heads smiled at him, and Gon said “It is very important. Knowing how to serve the tea is something important in Iapon. Serving it the wrong way in there is almost considered an insult.”

Blaze nodded. In the last days being near the Doduo he had learned a lot about Iapon. He was amazed to see just how much ceremonies and rituals they had, even for their daily lives. Blaze was having an impression that they were the kind of people who put tradition, family and honor above everything else, not in the precise order. And also, he had the strong impression that they wanted to be perfect. It seemed that all they made was based in the search for the perfection, form the moment they wake up until the moment they sleep. Blaze could just not cease to be amazed by the people who lived in there, and who created all these sets of traditions that now guided all of their lives.

Though, it were the same traditions that almost costed Jin and Gon’s lives, and that rendered them as outcasts.

That was something that for Blaze seemed the most unfair. They were truly wonderful people, and Blaze was just amazed at all of their talents. It seemed that their education was very extensive, and it didn’t involve only the scholarship. They also had classes regarding a lot of traditions, as they said it was usual in their homeland. They had been taught all these important things that you needed to know if you were to make part of the traditional Iapanese family. Blaze could tell that their early life was very busy with all these compromises. He could not imagine himself having twenty different classes in the same day. But, for what the twin bird had told, these classes were only for the rich families, the most traditional ones, who made more part of the social circles of the high society, like their family.

“Look out for not burning it.” Said Jin, and Blaze turned his attention back to what eh was preparing, and he quickly pulled the fridge out of the fire, and let it cool a little, before skillfully putting it inside the tacos that was previously prepared. The smell was good, and it made Blaze’s mouth water slightly.

“Well, these ones are ready.” Said the Blaziken, and it was just in the right moment, for in that same moment, His little bro came back, carrying a big empty dish in his head, which he was using to transportation of the food, to serve it to the various tables.

“Tyler, right in time.” Said Blaze as he looked down at his little brother. The small Tyrunt now was way bigger. He didn’t evolved, of course, but Blaze noticed that he had grew. Dammit, he would have to be blind not to notice. Two days ago he was around the same size as Dracyor, Slasther’s Charmander son. However, right now, the Tyrunt was actually up on his waits in height!

It was hard to believe that his little bro had grew up so much in the time of just two days! And it was literally overnight… well, over two nights. Yet, seeing him growing up so fast had somehow stunned Blaze. He had heard that Tyler’s species was naturally big, but he imagined that it was somehow an exception when it related to Tyler, since the small Tyrunt never grew that much bigger.

However, right now, it seemed that Tyler had gotten some “growth spurts”, and he had almost doubled in size since the day that Gon and Jin entered in their lives. Blaze got a little worried, he even took Tyler to the doctor, but he said that it was a natural part of the growing, and that Tyler now had the regular size of the others of his species.

Tyler was thinking it to be totally awesome. He had actually grew bigger! He was almost as tall as blaze now… well, not very much, but he was taller now! Taller than most kids his age! That was totally cool! He had even showed it to Dracyor, who also thought it to be quite cool! After all, the Tyrunt was almost as tall as his own father now, and that was something that did not happened frequently.

Sure, that also meant that Tyler was going to eat more than regular for being bigger, according to the doctor, and that was what worried Blaze. Tyler already ate a lot by being small, and now that he had doubled size, that meant that his appetite would double? Tyler shook his head as he thought that they were going to need to plan again all their plaining for their expenses with food. He might even need to talk to Luke about it, since most of their food was provided by the guilds. Maybe if he explained to the Swanpert he was going to approve the increase in their amount of food, though Blaze doubted that other teams were exactly going to be happy with it.

Focusing back in the present, Blaze placed the tacos he had just prepared into Tyler’s plate, and said “Three to table one, two to table seven and four to table five.”

“Alright, Ty!” said the Tyrunt as he turned around again, and he walked of, repeating what he ahd just been told. Or at least trying.

“Five to table four, Seven to table one and Three to table two. One to table four, five to table seven and three to table two.”

Blaze sighed, as he could already predict that there was going to be at least one complaint about the food being in the wrong table before the night would end. He sighed as Tyler walked away, and Jin and Gon were giving instructions to another pokemon was would be serving the tables, a Toarkoal, with an elderly appearance and a big scar over his “shell hole”, about how to serve the tea.

“And that is it.” Said Jin “Now, pay attention, because this is the complicated part.”

“I think I’ll get going now.” Said the Toarkoal as he turned around and started slowly walking away, and the two were about to go after him, when Blaze stopped them. “I think he know what to do. Relax a little.” He said, offering a smile, and they both blushed when they saw that smile, and they both nodded, and they went back on making tea.

Blaze smiled and he took passed to the next thing on the menu. It was table’s three asking, and it was some of these Dessert Sweetcakes. Blaze hadn’t much experience with sweet things, but he was good in following recipes. He just needed to follow what was in the book and he was going to make a nice work.

And indeed he was, and Gon even said “These things you prepare in here seems to be really good.” He said, and Blaze smiled at him “Yeah, I’m kind of learning new recipes in here. We all are.”

“Think we can make other things too? Besides what it has on the menu?” asked the head of the right, and Blaze looked at him and smiled “Well, Luke said that we could add our own recipes if we wanted, and also, I’d like to see what the cuisine of Iapon is like, from the way you talk so much about it.”

Both heads blushed, and Gon looked down, while Jin said, “Well, since it is like that, I guess we can cook up something.” He looked around “We may have to replace a few ingredients with what we have in here, but I guess it will be good.”

Blaze smiled “I can’t wait to taste it.”

Both birds blushed even more, and soon, they were looking around, searching for their own ingredients. While this, Blaze looked around, as he was needing some Figy berries to make the filling of the sweetcakes, and he saw some into a nearby bowl, which was by the side of a snivy. But it was not the same Snivy form earlier. This one was a girl, and she had a daisy in her head, and also, it was easy to notice that her color diverged just slightly form the regular for Snivies, but not very much.

Blaze was going to need the berries, and so, he got up, and he walked in direction to that young Snivy girl. “Excuse me?” he asked, and she made a jump, and  looked at him, with a hearty on her chest, and looking scared.

Blaze looked a bit surprised at her. He was scary? He didn’t thought he was. He recomposed, and he spoke to her “Excuse me, but I have to prepare a few things for an order, and I would like to ask if you could let me get some of these Figy Berries you got in there.” He said the most politely he could, pointing at the bow by her side.

The Snivy girl looked at the bowl, and back at Blaze, and she seemed to relax a little as she said, “Y-yes, sur s-sir.” She picked the bowl with a slightly shaky hand and she passed it to Blaze, who accepted with a smile, and said, “Thank you.”

“Y-you’re welcome.” She said, and she turned back at her own fire, and Blaze walked away, to see Jin and Gon with several ingredients. Among them some meatroot, a bag of flour, and also some pastries, or what looked to be pastries, fleshcaps, berries and some ingredients inside of some pods that Blaze did not recognized immediately, but that seemed to be mostly seasons and things of the like.

Blaze looked at them as they carried it all and they placed it into a small pile by their side, and they were now washing their foot with clean water, as if they were really getting ready to cook. “Wow.” Blaze said, as he looked at the pile of ingredients “It seems that you two want to make a real feast.”

They both blushed, and Gon remained focused while Jin looked at him “We have some recipies we would like to try. We learned to cook a lot back home. Our mother taught us.” And he looked down, along with Gon. Blaze immediately noticed that their mother seemed to be a touchy subject, and he decided to brighten up things only by saying “Well, whatever you can come up with I’ll love to try.”

The heads looked at him as both blushed furiously, and Jin said “Well… so… *ahem*, let’s get started, shall we?” and so, they both started making heir own fire, while Blaze chuckled as he sat on their side, and made his own sweetcakes.

He quickly noticed that the Doduo were very focused on their own cooking, and even more, as they seemed to be cooking several things at the same time. Blaze looked at they had made a few more fires, each one slightly different from the other, as they continued to cook with a different pan over each one of these. Blaze was amazed by seeing the skill with which the twin bird could take care of these pans at the same time, as they moved among them and they added some ingredients at a time. They put those ingredients and they also seasoned, and they seemed to be doing a really good work at it. Of course, maybe having two heads and, consequently, two brains and two sets of eyes and ears, helped a lot in the matter of taking care of so many things at the same time.

Blaze was so focused on them that he almost burned the pastry he was making for the sweetcakes, but he saved it just in time. After that, he was soon filling it with the massed berry pasta and he could not help but starting to feel the smell of whatever Gon and Jin were cooking. The smell was very peculiar, it was exotic, that was for sure. However, it was also truth that, whatever was that they were cooking, smelled delicious.

Blaze even ventured to ask them what was that, and their answer was a Iapanese name that was quite a mouthful for Blaze to repeat. For what they said, it was no doubt a traditional dish. Though Blaze could easily recognized most of the ingredients, the combination that they were making and the way they were being cooked made them seem somewhat exquisite to be a regular recipe that you made every day for your lunch.

This made Blaze had a growing desire of taste whatever it was. That was when a voice came “He lads! Whatcha cookin’ there?”

Blaze turned his head to look at Cassidy, Luke’s second in command. He walked close, and he took a deep sniff of the air, near Jin and Gon. “It smells good.”

The Doduo looked at him, Gon looked at the ground. Jin was the one who spoke “Well, it is some recipes from our homeland.”

“What is named?” the Floatzel asked, and the Doduo answered with the same name that he gave to Blaze.

“Gylo… Gazio-ro… Guil-o…” Cassidy tried to repeat a few times, but he ended up giving up “Well, tha name is kinda hard, but tha smell ain’t bad.”

“Thank you.” Said Jin, as they focused their attention back at the pans, and the Floatzel turned his attention to the Blaziken, who had just finished the sweetcakes.

“Ah, doin’ some sweets?” he asked as he inched closer to the dish that Blaze had just put the sweetcakes, and he saw the water-type lick his lips “Yah know, these were me favorites when I was a young lad.” He gave them a sniff “Ah really hope nobody screw up with them.” He said, offering a smile to Blaze, and the taller pokemon nodded at him. It didn’t sounded like a threat, but it seemed to be the kind of thing that was subtle.

“So, how long has yah being in dhis kitchen?” the Floatzel said, as if to change the subject. And Blaze said “A few hours. All of us.”

The Floatzel looked at the Doduo, who were seeming to be absorbed as taking care of their dishes, and he said “Well, yahr friends seem to have their thing’ to finish, why don’t yah take a break?” Blaze looke at him, and the Flaotzel smiled at him “Aftarall, we have more people who wanna hit the dishes, and the party is for everybody. Go enjoy yerself a little.”

Blaze looked at him, and back at the Doduo. They both looked at him, and Jin gave a single nod. That was enough for Blaze. “I’ll just leave this dish in the table that asked.” He said, Cassidy saluted him slightly, and they both parted ways. On his way out, Blaze passed by a female Drowsee with a purple hat dress hat and she seemed to be making some spicy food. Blaze looked at her, and he could not help but feel somewhat guilty for letting them working in the kitchen. However, there were other pokemon who son would take their places, and the party seemed like it was not going to end early. So, Blaze decided that it was time to relax a little and enjoy the party.

Soon Blaze was in the middle of the grounds in which the party was happening. There were tables set everywhere, and a few big fireplaces set around, and there was music and also some pokemon dancing around the fire. Blaze walked and soon he left the order in the table it had been ordered, which was one very grumpy female Meowstic, who was somewhat rude with him when he delivered her order, something about taking too long.

Blaze had to bite his tongue to not give her a reply and starting a fight in there, so, he quickly walked away, and soon sighted his younger brother. He waved to him, and soon, he and Tyler were together again. The Tyrunt even asked for Blaze to carry him over his shoulders like he always did.

And so Blaze did, though it was a little harder now, for the Tyrunt was not as little, and he was almost three times heavier. Blaze soon was getting slightly tired of this, and so, he suggested them both to take a seat in a table and enjoy the food. As they sat, Blaze stretched his muscles on his shoulders. If Tyler was already that big now… Blaze could not help but wonder just how big he was going to be when he actually evolved. The medics he visited guaranteed him that Tyler already had grew as much as it was possible for his current evolution stage. And Blaze really hoped they were right, if Tyler continued to grow at that rate he would soon have became bigger than Blaze himself, and that was a think that would greatly disturb Blaze, not to say that it would bring some troubles of relationship with the others. He was just seeing the time when someone was going to get intimidated by Tyler’s appearance and size.

But, despite that, Blaze was able to enjoy the time he was passing with his little brother. It took no time before Tyler started asking for dishes to the pokemons who were passing. Sure, his little bro also deserved a rest. And as soon as the first waiter came, Blaze knew that the ones who were in the kitchen would probably have no rest for quite a while.

Indeed, it seemed that Tyler’s appetite had grew along with his size, and he also wanted a lot to drink. Blaze had to make sure that Tyler was not going to ask for that “tequila” as they called it, and it proved especially difficult when a Korkorok with a lab coat passed near them serving that same drink to some tables.

Tyler wanted that drink that made everybody seem to become happy. Blaze had some trouble to make him give up that. Like hell he was going to let his little brother, who was underage and who was already too much active and had already lack of self control, drink even a single drop of alcohol. Blaze was able to convince him to have the juice they were serving, using the argument that it was sweeter than that other drink they were serving.

It took a while before their order arrived, and some people even looked at the big order that had gone to a single table which had only two pokemon. Five portions of tacos, seven big pieces of the Meatroot in the spike, and also a lot of these Dessert Sweetcakes for dessert. Blaze knew better that Tyler was probably going to end it in a few minutes, and these looks were soon going to turn into shocked stares.

Blaze laughed to himself as he accepted his order, just a small portion of these dry appetizers and a cup of tea.

“The young one seems to have a good appetite.” Said the one who served him, who was the same Torakoal who Blaze had seem in the kitchen, and Blaze smiled at him “Yeah, Tyler always had a good belly to eating. And I guess it will get better.”

The Toarkoal chuckled at this “Young ones need that to grow.”

“Believe me, I think he has already grew enough for now.” Said Blaze with a smile, and he watched as Blaze kept eating all of that, and the Toarkoal said “Yeah, I know that kids can be difficult sometimes. I have a granddaughter. Believe me, I know what I’m talking about. Well, enjoy your night.” He said, and he walked away, and Blaze waved to the elderly turtle who walked away, and he simply sat, as he could hear some people mumbling, and he looked over to see that Tyler had already devoured four of the seven big pieces of meatrood in the spike he had ordered, and the cactus spikes laid discharged in the ground.

Blaze chuckled as he watched his little bro digging in on his food, while he calmly ate his own. The small Tyrunt seemed to have a bottomless stomach or shorts. Blaze was used to it, while the people who looked around could only guess just where the rather small pokemon was putting so much food.

Blaze chuckled, as he knew that his younger brother was still going to give a lot of trouble to the cookers in the kitchen before that night was actually over.

And true to his thinking, soon Tyler was saying, “I’d like more food, ty!” and Blaze could only chuckle at the shocked faces of the people around, who just saw him eating that much and now were hearing him wanting more food.

Blaze was about to ask for more food to a waiter, when a voice came “Someone in here wants some food?”

Blaze immediately turned his head, to see two familiar shapes. A female Seviper and a male Zangoose. The Zangoose was shiny, and both had only one eyes. The Seviper had a missing tailblade and the Zangoose had a missing arm. Blaze didn’t needed to think too much to recognize both of them.

“Marcos! Sabrina!” he greeted, and both of them greeted him back. Marcos was floating some generous pieces of meatroot in the spike, which Tyler was soon looking wishfully at. Marcos smiled as he offered them to the young Tyrunt, who gladly took it and started eating immediately.

Blaze chuckled, and looked at the two “It takes a while since last time we saw each other, right?”

“Yes, since the Avalodge.” Said Marcos as he and Sabrina both took a seat “We barely had time to talk better after that, even in the Rollout. We were wondering how you were doing.”

“Fine.” He said, and he looked at his little brother “Tyler here gave a stretched.”

Marcos nodded “Yes, I was suspecting this was going to happen. It is a curious fact that sometimes a pokemon is born slightly smaller than the rest of the species, and after a while has these ‘growth spurts’ and reaches the regular size. Sometimes they happen in a way that the pokemon even becomes bigger, and sometimes they don’t happen at all. It is really very interesting.”

“Yeah, I just hope he has grew all that he had to.” Blaze said as he looked at the appetite of his younger brother, he didn’t imagined if he could deal with it if Tyler kept growing. Sabrina seemed to notice it, and she said “Relax, these cases are very rare. Besides, I think that Tyler is still adorable.”

Marcos smiled, and passed his arm around her neck and kissed her cheek. Blaze smiled to himself as he saw just how much these two loved each other. Blaze wished he had a relationship like that in his life… He sighed, as he looked at them again “So, you two are cooking in here?”

Marcos smiled “Everybody has to help in a way, right? We are cooking in here. We have some skills in it.”

Blaze smiled, and he said, “Yeah, I helped in the kitchen too, until Cassidy told me to take a break and enjoy the party a little. He says that everybody must enjoy themselves a little.”

“And he is right.” Sabrina said, nuzzling with Marcos “As soon as we get done with the cooking we will enjoy the night around here.”

Blaze smiled, and they kept talking while Tyler kept eating, the small Tyrunt was absorbed by eating his food, but he had time to look around to see the others who were in there. He saw a lot of pokemon that he didn’t knew, people from around Geoda. But he also saw a few teams helping in the serving of the food, or simply resting. He saw the two Skorupi and Castform who had talked to him a few days ago during the mission of the Merchants. Tyler thought about calling for them to talk, he’d like to thank them for talking to him when he was upset. But they seemed to be too busy attending the others, so Tyler decided to let them work. It was looking around that Tyler saw two other pokemon that he recognized.

“Blaze.” The young Tyrunt said, pulling at his older brother’s arm, but Blaze didn’t noticed. He was absorbed talking with Marcos and Sabrina.

“And I didn’t knew that it was possible. You know?”

“Blaze.” Tyler pulled his arm a little stronger, but once again he was ignored. It seemed that the topic that was being discussed was far too interesting. Tyler did not liked being ignored, and so, he decided to take an attitude.

“So, Luke had no choice but to- OUCH!” Blaze cried out as he suddenly felt his arm being bitten, startling a little Marcos and Sabrina. Blaze immediately looked over to see Tyler with his jaws around his forearm. “Tyler!” Blaze said, and the small Tyrunt said, with his mouth full of arm “You are not listening to me, ty!”

Tyler immediately let go of Blaze’s arm, and Blaze rubbed his arm “Tyler, what is it?”

“Look!” the small Tyrunt said, pointing at something, and Blaze looked, and he immediately understood. Tyler was pointing to two pokemon who were dancing together, and very close to each other. It granted a few stares from the pokemon who were around, not because of their closeness, but because they both were male.

“Ridley! Mac!” Blaze called out, making the Kadabra and Machoke look at him. Both pokemon smiled as they waved back at Blaze, and soon they were making their way to him.

“Well,if it isn’t our Explorer hero!” said Mac, and Blaze scratched the back of his head slightly “So, you two came?”

“Free food and dance? Of course that Mac would not lose it.” Ridley said with a smirk, and Mac gave him a playful punch in the arm, and Blaze said “Would you two like a seat? Food is one me.”

“Well, in that case.” Mac said, and both him and Ridley sat, and soon, Sabrina said “Blaze, are you going to introduce us to your friends?”

“Oh, right, Sabrina, Marcos, these ones are Ridley and Mac, we knew him shortyl after we came into Geoda.” He said as he gestured to the Machoke and Kadabra, and he then said, “And Mac, Ridley, these ones are Marcos and Sabrina, they form a Researchers team named Researchers of the Day.”

“Researchers, huh? Sounds interesting.” Ridley said, and Sabrina said, “Yeah, it is very much. We are the main responsible for all the technical advances, and we do all the scientific research back home.”

“Seems really interesting.” Ridley said, and Mac chimed in “You two really work together? Because I didn’t heard about Sevipers and Zangooses getting so along.”

Marcos and Sabrina shared a look, and a smile “Well, we really do get along fine.” Marcos said, as he passed an arm around Sabrina “So to say.” And he planted a kiss in her cheek, making her blush.

Ridley raised an eyebrow, while Mac looked somewhat shocked. Blaze could not help but chuckle at this.

“A Seviper and a Zangoose being a couple?” Mac said, and both Marcos and Sabrina nodded, and Mac whistled, and he then said, “Now I’ve really seem everything.”

Sabrina and Marco both chuckled, along with Blaze, and Ridley also smiled, and Tyler immediately said “Mac and Ridley are together too!”


Oh, boy. Was the thought on Blaze’s mind, as both Marcos and Sabrina got interested on it, and Mac and Ridley shared a look. Blaze sighed, and he said “Well, you see… Mac and Ridley here are together, like… like you two.”

“They are a team too?” Sabrina asked, and Ridley gave a smirk, and he reached to hold Mac’s hand over the table “Yeah, you can say that.” He said with a smile, as he kissed Mac’s cheek, juts like Marcos had done with Sabrina.

Realization immediately spread over Sabrina’s face as she said simply “Oh!” and she blushed a little. Marcos only seemed interested, and he looked curiously at the two pokemon in front of him while Sabrina looked to the ground. Ridley chuckled “Is okay, many people don’t get it the first time.”

“Well, at least you didn’t looked disgusted.” Said Mac as he smiled and Blaze chuckled to himself. Soon, they were all talking about. Marcos was at the most interested in their relationship, and he asked to them how they faced the society. Mac was more than glad to talk about it, telling that he would protect his dear Ridley from anything and anyone.

The same way, Ridley also was interested into the works of the Researchers, and he asked about it to the couple of Researchers, and they gladly explained about it. The talk soon went to the other guild of Andaluss, the Hunters. And soon, they all were talking a little about it, while Tyler eat his food.

The talk went for a while, before Marcos finally said, “Well, this talk is good, but we still have work to do.” And so, he and Sabrina soon were getting up from the table and starting to head back to their own chores, but not before Marcos leaned to Blaze, and whispered “There is someone watching you. Two o’clock at your left.”

Blaze blinked a little as the Zangoose and Seviper bided farewell and walked away. He looked for a few moments, and slowly looked over his shoulder, just in time to see a pokemon peeking at him. It was a Poochyena, and it looked away as soon as it saw that Blaze was looking at it. Blaze looked a little at it, and after a while, a switch clicked on his head as he kept looking at the female. One that had told him her name a few days ago, in a moment of trouble, in the same day that he first met Ridley.

“Arela?” Blaze asked, and the Poochyena immediately perked her ears and shivered, as she tried in vain to hide beneath a table, but Blaze insisted “I already saw you! Arela, is that you?”

The Poochyena perked her head from beneath the table, and looked up at Blaze, who was still sitting on his own table, while Tyler, Mac and Ridley looked curious.

“Who is this?” asked Mac, and Ridley said, “Hey, I remember her from the Canyon! She is an Explorer too, right?”

“Arela, what are you doing here?” Blaze asked, and for a moment, she seemed lost.

“I… I was… huh… Cleaning the tables!” she said, and she quickly got form under there, and she said “We have to make sure that everyone’s table is clean and ready for the next order, right?” However, Blaze didn’t bought it, and he looked at her “Were you following me?”

Arela looked nervous once again “Yes, I mean, no! I mean… maybe?”

Blaze looked at her for a few moments, unsure of what to say, and Arela sighed deeply, and she said, “I… I just… wanted to thank you… for what I did in the canyons, it was truly brave.” She said, with a light blush.

Blaze looked at her, and he said “Well…you’re welcome, I guess… but, you could have talked to me soon after, you didn’t needed to wait till now to tell me.”

“Is that a lot happened. I mean, you got into a fight with these three guys.” Arela said, and Blaze nodded, he knew that the news about the small brawl he had with the three goons had spread around Geoda, as it was expected. Blaze just hoped this was not bad for the Explorer’s credibility.

“Yeah, that was somewhat hard.”

“And after that you still took care of that green Doduo, Jin and Gon.” Said Arela

“Yeah, that was- wait a minute! How do you know about that!? How do you know their names!?” Blaze said, as he was pretty sure that the detail of the shiny Doduo had not exactly been the main topic, and he was sure that little people knew about it, and he was pretty sure that only he and Tyler had knew their names.

Arela got nervous again, and she remained silent as she looked to the sides, and Blaze looked at her “You have been following me since that day!?” he asked shocked, almost outraged, and Arela quickly got nervous.

“W-what? No! Of course not! This is ridiculous! If I were following you I would know that the Doduo came from Iapon and that now they are on the kitchen preparing some food from their country.” She said with a smirk, but slapped her paws on her mouth as soon as these words left it.

Blaze looked shocked at her for a few moments, and she suddenly said “I heard someone calling me, gotta go!” and she immediately rushed away, her face red with a vivid blush. There was an unnerving silence, before Mac spoke “Do you know her?”

Blaze took a moment to answer “Not really.” And he was just wondering into what he had gotten himself into this time.

“Well, it seems that she wants to know you pretty well.” Mac said, and Blaze could not help but chuckle nervously, as he still looked over his shoulder, as if to see if she had really gone or if she was hiding under a table and watching him with googles. Blaze was going to be watching over his shoulder a lot in the next days.

It took a while for Blaze to forget it and go back to focus on the talk he was having with Mac and Ridley, until Tyler said, “Blaze! Look at that, Ty!” and he pointed at the distance.

Blaze looked, along with the two other pokemon, and they all were amazed at what they were seeing.

Jin and Gon were on the first line, and they both seemed to be proud for being in there, almost like they were leading a parade. And it indeed seemed a parade. For right after them were coming a few of the saervents, including the Toarkoal and the Skorupi and Castform, along with others, including some of the ones who Blaze saw previously cooking in the kitchen.

They all were carrying a set of plates that carried some food that Blaze was pretty sure that was prepared by Gon and Jin, and there was quite some.

The Doduo soon greet them, and Jin said “Hello, everyone!”

“Wow, you did quite some dishes!” said Blaze, and he looked at all that was brought, so did the others.

“What is, ty?”

“Just some food that we learned to do back in Iapon.” Said Jin, and he added, “We had to replace some ingredients, but in our opinion the taste is just the same as the original recipes.”

“It smells nhumy, ty!” said Tyler, taking a deep whiff of the air and lolling his tongue out of his mouth as he drooled. Blaze had to agree, in fact, the dishes which were prepared did smelled really good. Some people were already looking as the dishes were carried to the table, and now, some of them were coming closer in order to have a better look at these strange foods, and also to feel the delicious aroma that came from them.

Some people were actually licking their lips at the aroma. Including Blaze.

“The smell is good.” Said Ridley, and both Gon and Jin looked at him and at his Machokie companion. Blaze quickly said, “Jin, Gon, I’d like you two to meet Ridley and Mac.”

“Hello.” Said The Kadabra, and the Machoke nodded at him. The Doduo looked at them, and Gon looked down, while Jin said “It is a pleasure to meet you.”

“The same.” Said Mac, and he said, “So, what do you have for us? I’m starving!”

“I wanna eat too, ty!” said Tyler, and Jin smiled, as he said “Just a selection of plates native from Iapon for your delight! Starting with Gyosa!”

“Who?” asked Mac, and soon, the Doduo picked a plate with one of the waiters that had came carrying their dishes, and served it in the table. The dish was filled with what seemed to be some kind of dumplings that seemed to be seasoned, and they smelled as if they had been grilled on a pan.

“This, is Gyosa!” said Jin, and the pokemon at the table looked at it, and so did some of the nearby tables.

There was a silence for a few moments, before Blaze finally reached one, and he gave it a bite.

He chewed for a few moments, and he felt the flavor of it in his mouth.

It was delicious!

It seemed that they had filled it with vegetables and fleshcap and covered it with some pastry to make the dumpling. The taste was really good.

“It tastes great!” said Blaze, and he added “You two have talent!”

The Doduo blushed deeply, and Gon looked at the ground, while Jin muttered “A-Arigato.”

After that, Blaze finished his and picked the other. Seeing this, the rest of the pokemon decided to try it out, and each one picked one and tasted it, and they agreed that it was delicious. Mac and Tyler finished it together rather quickly.

“So nhumy!”

“Very good!”

They said with their mouths stuffed with the Gyosa, as Jin had called them. Blaze still had troubles to say it, however, it was one of the dishes of easiest pronunciation that had been prepared, as they saw as soon as the rest of the plates was served.

There was Yakitori, which was pieces of fleshcap and grilled vegetables skewered on bamboo sticks. Tonkatsu, which seem dot be meatrood enveloped in breadcrumbs and deeply fried. There was also Ramen, which looked like some noodles served with a lot of ingredients, which included some pieces of fleshcap and some vegetables, all served in some short of soup. There was also Karaage, which were bite-size pieces of meatroot and fleshcap floured and dep-fried, and Korokke, which were breaded and deep-fried patties.

All of them had an exquisite and exotic look, however, they all had a good smell and an even better look.

And there was even some desserts in there. Like Daifuku, which seemed to be some kind of pink-colored cake. Chinzuko, which were like bicuits, and also some Higashi, which were some kind of cookie-like sweet which seemed to be powdered in sugar. And also, there was Monaka, which looked like some berries paste sandwiched between two biscuit-like crackers, and also some Suama, which was some kind of pink cake too. Nonetheless, they all looked like they were delicious.

And of course, soon they started attracting attention from everyone around, which were all looking at that food in there, and wondering just how it tasted. Blaze noticed, and he asked to Jin and Gon if they would mind if the food was shared. The two happily said that they didn’t minded at all, after all, the food was made to be enjoyed by everyone. So, they had absolutely no problem that others ate it.

That seemed to be the clue that everyone was waiting for, for in the moment that the Doduo said that, all the ones who were nearby walked to the table, to see which one of these exotic plates they would want to sample first. And of course, Blaze took a small bite of everything.

He tasted the Yakitori, and he savored that delicious things, and he also tasted each one of the plates which were served to him, including the deep-fried. And he was not the only one who liked the things that were served.

A lot of the pokemon in there were digging in into these delicious things, and some even picked up a few of the plates to take it to their own tables., so share it with the others who were in there. It seemed that Iapon cuisine was starting to make success, for there were a lot of people who were complimenting it, and it, in turn, made Jin and Gon both blush, as Jin politely thanked all the compliments, and Gon only looked to the ground as he blushed furiously, as he muttered an occasional “arigato” to everyone who complimented.

Not only the main food was good, but the sweets that were prepared as dessert were also delicious! The Daifuku was filled with berry pasta, and was very sweet, and the rest of the desserts was totally delicious. It was one very exquisite cuisine and everybody was appreciating it, some of the pokemon in there even asked to the Doduo if they could have more, or if they did these on request, or if they could have the recipe.

Of course, this lead some blushing from Gon as people seemed to really admire what he did, and Jin thanked politely to all of these, and saying that they wouldn’t mind sharing recipes if people really wanted it. Also, they seemed both to be really proud of themselves for making something that people like and being complimented by it, as it seemed that it was something that didn’t happened every day in their lives. They seemed to be really enjoying it, though Gon was really blushing.

Sure, there were a lot of people who were picking up their fill, and soon, they were going back to their tables, talking to themselves about the food and also taking some plates with them. Even the ones who brought the dishes to the table were serving themselves, and complimenting the food. At given moment, the table was becoming calm again, and Blaze looked at Jin and Gon “Aren’t you going to eat?”

The Doduo seemed surprised with this request, and Blaze smiled, as he said “You prepared it all, so I think you have the right to eat it as much as anyone else.”

They blushed furiously as the green in their faces became slightly pink, and they silently accepted as they both sat down. They both said, “Itadakimasu.” And they started eating the food that they made themselves, and Blaze smiled as he continued eating.

“Ah hear’ people like yer food.” Said someone, and the heads in the table turned to see Cassidy, looking back at them, andhe said, “Can I have a sample?”

“Sure!” sid Jin, and he and Gopn offered some food to Cassidy, and he ate it silently. After a few bites, he smile,d and he said “I’d like to visit Iapon only fer the food.” And he continued eating. This comment made both Jin and Gon glow with pride. Of course, they offered more food the to the Floatzel, wanting him to sample all their cuisine, and Cassidy ate it, and made special compliments to the sweets, though he took particular taste for the spicy things.

“People ar’ goin’ to be after yah now just to have more.” Cassidy said, and this made the Doduo blush as they thanked the compliment, and he smiled, and he looked at Blaze as he said, “Hey, lad, can we talk?”

“Huh? Oh, yeah, sure.” And he got up from the table, and he walked with Cassidy, while the others stayed behind, and Tyler seemed to be devouring the rest of the food that was set on the table.

They walked for a few moments, and Cassidy said, “Yah and yer brother have been doin’ a good job as team. At least, it was what Imma heard.”

Blaze smiled back at him, and he said, “Yeah, we do what we can.”

Cassidy smiled at him, and he continued, “If yah do such a good job like that only with two on yer team, I wonder what would yah do with three members.”

“Huh?” Blaze looked at him, and the Floatzel smiled at him, and he pulled out what seemed to be a card. What was that? Another evolution permission? Cassidy smiled at him, and he handed it to Blaze, as he said “This is a recruitment slip.” He said as Blaze took it “With that yah will recruit a new member to yer team.”

Blaze was takne back at it, and he looked at the paper he just god, and Cassidy chuckled “We have been givin’ these to tha teams who collaborate with the BBQ, it was Luke’s idea. Don’t ask me why.” Cassidy winked at him “I guess it can be good to have a new blood at yer team and at out guild, anyway. Of course, yah don’t need to accept it if yer don’t want.”

Blaze looked at him, and he looked back at Cassidy “No, it… it is okay.” He said, and the Floatzel smiled at him “So, I guess there will be a third lad or gurl at yer team. Yah have someone in mind?”

Blaze looked at it, and he pondered for a moment, and he said, “Actually, I think I might have.”

Cassidy smiled “Glad to know. So, see yah around.” He said, and he turned around to leave, leaving Blaze behind.

The Blaziken looked at the paper in his hand, and he turned around to walk back to his table.

He met Ridely and Mac in a talk with Jin and Gon, and Tyler was over the table, laid over a dish, and he seemed to be sleeping with his belly up, a smile on his face as he snored softly with his mouth agape.

Blaze chuckled at himself, as he approached, and he came near, as he could hear the last of the talk “And me and Ridley had been together ever since.” Said Mac, holding the Kadabra’s shoulders with his arm, and Ridley smiled as he rested his head on his body. The two heads looked at them, and Jin said “It seems… really nice.” And as he said it, Gon blushed furiously as he looked at the ground.

“So, you are having a talk?” said Blaze, and the heads all turned to him, and Mac said, “Yeah, your little friends here just asked how me and Ridley met. I guess they liked the story.”

As he said it, Jin and Gon blushed, and Ridley chuckled, and so did Blaze, and he said, “Well, I’d like to hear this story too, but later. Now I have something I would like to discuss with Jin and Gon.”

The eyes all turned to him, and after a few moments Ridley said, “Well, I guess that we wilkl be leaving now, let’s go, mac.” The Machoke soon followed suit, and they both walked away, leaving Jin and Gon alone with Blaze, as Tyler slept over the table.

Thewre wasa  silence as both Jin and Gon looked down, and Blaze said, “Ridley and Mac seems to be two amazing people.”

“Yes.” Said Jin “They seem lucky for having got a perfect pair on each other.” As he and Gon both blushed, and After a whole more of silence, Blaze said, “You to, seem to be amazing people.”

Their blush deepened and Jin muttered an “arigato” to Blaze, and the Blaziken looked down at them. “I see truly nice people on you, and I also trust you two.”

They blushed even more, and Blaze said, “So, I’d like to ask if you would like to join my team.”

The Doduo were taken back at this, and they both looked at Blaze, who smiled down at them, showing the recruitment slip. “It has been me and Tyler for a while, and I think that having you on our team would be great, and also, I think that, after the meal you did today, Tyler will not have a problem with that.”

The Doduo looked at him, speechless, and Blaze said “So, you two want to be part of Team Ancient Flame?”

There was a long silence, and then Gon said, “Yes!” and he almost jumped over Blaze, but was stopped by Jin. He said something to his brother in Iapanese, and he said to Blaze “We would be honored.” And he picked the recruitment slip, and Blaze said, “Welcome.” He said, and he could swear that he saw a small tear running down Gon’s face, as he said “Arigato… Arigato Darimasu.”

And here is another story, in this one I tried o explore the food of Iapon, using the Japan as base ^^ Hope yah all like, and if I made your mouths water with the description of the dishes, then JAKCPOT!

Recruitment Slip obtained and immediatelly used - New team member: Jin & Gon, the Doduo


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Team Wishlings wish it to be known that no thanks is necessary, they were glad to help! Thanks for the cameo again!

Iapon cuisine, Tyler getting bigger and a new interesting teammate...this has a lot going on but it flows really well.